My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 803

Serene Silas snorted and turned to look out of the window. “Please leave. I don’t want to see anyone now.” She wanted hide her humiliation, her wounds, all her helplessness and fear. She would never let others see her wounds, nor would she let others take the opportunity to laugh at her and insult her. The woman looked at Serene and said indifferently, “Miss Silas, it was my Young Master who asked me to help you clean up.” Clean up? Serene sneered as she heard that sentence. Was she going to show all the wounds that the devil had caused on her body to another stranger? Was she going to show those scars and bruises to others, and let others know what the devil did to her to torture her? She was already disgusted enough! She didn’t want to be reminded again. The woman approached the bed, “Miss Silas…” “I said I don’t need any help. Can’t you hear me?” Serene bit her lip. “Get out, don’t let me see you again.” The woman spoke again, “Young Master also ordered that if you don’t let me help you, he doesn’t mind cleaning you up personally. Unless, you would prefer that my Young Master serves you personally?” Serene felt a chill on her back. Who on earth was this devil? Why did he want to capture her? Why did he want to insult her? What good would it bring to him if he embarrassed her? The woman’s attitude was very cold. She didn’t want to talk to Serene too much. She immediately pulled Serene’s quilt. “What are you doing?” Serene panicked and instinctively grabbed the quilt tightly. She held the quilt so strong that it felt like she was protecting her last barrier of dignity. “Serene, do you think you are still the Young Lady of the Silas family?” The woman approached Serene and whispered, “When you came here, you have become only a toy. What do you have to resist? It’s your blessing that my young Master was willing to touch you. Don’t act all pitiful and sad, it’s disgusting to look at.” As soon as she finished her words, the woman pulled away the quilt on Serene’s body and threw it away. She threw the quilt to a corner of the room. There were many scars on her body, and she was shivering like mad. She didn’t shiver because it was cold, but because of anger. She could not allow anyone to insult her anymore. “What do you want to do? Who is that devil?” Serene screamed hysterically, her voice even turned hoarse. As she saw the many scars on her body that would only be caused by sex, the woman’s eyes darkened slightly, and she seemed to be thinking about something, “Miss Silas, open your legs a little, i’ll help you treat them…” This time, before Serene could respond, the woman reached out her hand to grab Serene’s thigh… Humiliation, hatred, and disgust… All kinds of emotions attacked Serene’s brain at the same time. Out of self defence, she slapped the woman hard. Slap This slap exhausted all of Serene’s strength. She glared at the woman angrily, and there seemed to be a raging fire burning in her eyes. “Even if I am no longer the Young Lady of the Silas family, I can’t let a person like you do whatever you want.” Yes, she admitted that she was not welcomed in the Silas family and was often used by the Silas family as a pawn. But she still had her self-esteem. If even she gave up on herself, who would feel sorry for her and protect her? Nobody! In the world, except for Jackie Leves, no one was willing to treat her well sincerely, no one was willing to protect her anymore. However, today, that devil-like man destroyed her last hope. The woman felt pain and instinctively wanted to hit back. However, as soon as she raised her hand, she heard a voice from her earpiece, “Touch her and see what will happen to you.” The man’s voice was low and hoarse, but she could not ignore his dominance and power. Hearing the master’s voice, the woman forcibly held back her hand, but the viciousness in her eyes became more and more obvious. She took a breath and tried to calm down. After a while, she tried to compose herself. “Miss Silas, I’ll give you a warm towel so that you can clean yourself.” Serene could feel her maliciousness towards her, but she had a sudden change of attitude. This made her question her intention and loyalty, but she didn’t want to think so much At present, she needed to clean herself up and change into a set of clean clothes. She still had to find a way to escape from there. Under the the woman’s gaze, Serene bit her lips hard. She endured the shame in her heart, cleaned herself up, and changed into the set of clean clothes. The person also said, “Miss Serene, I’ve changed the sheets and quilt for you. You can have a good rest now. If there’s anything you need, just press the button beside your bed and i’ll come over.” After that, the woman carried the dirty sheets and the dirty clothes away, leaving Serene alone in the room. As soon as the person left, Serene’s tense nerves could finally relax As soon as she tried to relax, she could feel sharp pain in some parts of her body. The part of her head where she slammed hard against the wall hurt terribly. She lay slowly on the bed and closed her eyes. She could still feel the tremendous pain attacking her. Did it hurt? Actually, it didn’t hurt that much. To her, no matter how intense the pain in her body was, it was still far less painful from the pain in her heart. “Serene, this is for you. Lying on the bed and being in a daze due to the pain, Serene vaguely heard the beautiful voice of that person again. She looked up and saw him smiling at her. She also smiled and said, “What did you give me?” He said, “Close your eyes.” She asked, “Why are you so mysterious?” But she did not hesitate as she closed her eyes. Soon, she could feel that he took her hand and put on something cold on her right hand’s ring finger. Then, he lifted her hand and kissed it. “You can open your eyes now.” Serene followed his words and slowly opened her eyes. She then saw a shining ring on her ring finger. “This is?” He smiled and said, “An engagement ring.” It was an engagement ring! That meant that he was proposing to her. Serene stroked the ring on her finger that symbolized their vows. She was excited as she said, “Nobody proposes that plainly like you do.” He raised his eyebrows. “What? So are you saying no?” She shook her head hard. He was a little anxious, “Serene, you promised to be my bride a few years ago. You can’t break your promise.” Serene smiled and touched his forehead. “Who said I don’t want to? I’m just saying you’re not thoughtful enough.” He added, “Then you have to wear the ring well. Before I change this to our wedding ring for you, you are not allowed to take it off.”

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