My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 804

He once told her personally that she was not allowed to take off this engagement ring before he put on her wedding ring The words that Jackie Leves said to her were still ringing in her ears from time to time, but she did not keep her promise to him. When she was engaged to Nathaniel Cooper, she took off the engagement ring that Jackie had given her. She tied the ring on a string and hung it on her neck. Since she couldn’t wear it on her finger anymore, she put the ring closest to her heart and waited for him to come back. She wanted to wait for him to come back and put on the wedding ring for her personally. However, she waited for a long time, but he still didn’t come back. She didn’t know how long more could she wait. Now that her innocence had been ruined, even if he came back, how could she face him? Jackie, where are you? Do you know how much I miss you?” She could only think about these words in her heart. Whenever she thought of Jackie, Serene always had a habit, which was to hold the ring that he had given her in her palm. At this time, she also stretched out her hand to touch her neck as usual, yet she couldn’t feel the ring that was always on her neck. Serene tried to touched it again, but she still couldn’t feel anything. She was stunned as she turned over and sat up. It was the only thing that Jackie had left for her, how could she lose it? Serene didn’t care about her wounds. She flipped the quilt away and looked for it all over the bed. She couldn’t find it on the bed, so she looked for it all over the room. In that small room, she tried to find every corner, but she still couldn’t find the ring she was looking for. It was not on the bed or in the room, where else could the ring be? Serene touched her painful head and thought for a while… Did the woman take it away when she was changing the sheets? That was very possible. Serene didn’t even care to put on her shoes as she rushed out of the room. When she opened the door, she just rushed out and didn’t check her surroundings. She rushed out and bumped into something The body was so strong that Serene was almost knocked out by him. She was so dizzy that she staggered and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, the man grabbed her and helped her stabilize herself, hence she didn’t fall to the ground. “Thank…Before she could finish saying the words “thank you”, Serene looked up and saw the masked man’s face. Everything that had happened earlier rushed into Serene’s mind like a flood, and she was so disgusted that she covered her mouth and vomited. The mere sight of him was enough to make her sick. The edges of the man’s lips curled up, and a cold smile appeared on his face. “Serene, Serene, before the Leves family was killed off, you threw yourself at me. When you were moaning seductively on top me, your acting skills were quite realistic.” After retching for a while, Serene wiped her mouth and turned to leave. She head his voice behind her, “Are you looking for this?” Serene turned around and saw the dangerous look in the man’s eyes. At the same time, he also saw the ring in his hand. He was holding the chain and the ring was hanging onto the string, as he swayed it in front of Serene’s eyes. “Give it back to me.” Serene reached out to grab it but the man moved faster than her. He dodged her slightly. “You want it?” He looked her in the eye, and he looked scary and unreasonable. “That’s mine. Give it back to me.” Serene rushed to him again, trying to grab her ring and her baby back. This time, the man didn’t even move his body. He raised his arm up high so that Serene would not be able to touch the ring. She was petite, and he was very tall. The man that was standing in front of her was like a mountain in comparison, and Serene could not grab it at all. She jumped, grabbed, and shouted, “Devil, give me the ring. Hurry up and give it back to me.” He raised the ring high as if he was playing with a monkey. “Serene, what makes you think this ring is yours?” Serene shouted, “It’s mine. I have always been wearing it on me. Give it back to me quickly, or else I will not show you mercy.” The man chuckled, “No mercy? Who do you think you are? You are only a toy that I brought back.” “Give it back to me!” Serene’s eyes was only focused on the ring. She did not care who the man was. Even if she annoyed him and made him break her neck, she didn’t care at all, as nothing was more important than taking the ring back. “Give it back to you?” He was still laughing, but his laugh was extremely evil “Give it back to me.” Serene was still trying to grab the ring, but she still couldn’t. “Give me a few reasons why I should give it back to you. If you are convincing enough, I might just give it back to you, he said. “Give it back to me. It’s mine. You have to give it back to me.” Serene had already lost her mind and couldn’t think calmly “I must give it back to you.” The man smiled evilly as he stretched out his hand and threw the ring out of the window. “Serene, you took this ring off yourself, so you are not qualified to have it again.” Serene watched the man throw the ring out of the window. She rushed over and wanted to reach out to grab it, but she hit the wall with her head. “No, no, no, you can’t..” She immediately turned around and rushed out of the yard. She saw a pool below the window where the ring fell into. Without a second thought, she plunged into the pool. The water in the pool was very cold, but Serene didn’t feel anything. She swam into the bottom of the pool and looked for the ring. However, she still could not find the ring. She could not find the ring that Jackie had given her. “Serene, are you trying to die?” This damned woman, she was still injured, yet she jumped into the pool. Was she trying to lose her life? Without hesitation, the man jumped into the water and held Serene as he dragged her out of the water. But Serene didn’t want to leave. She pushed and kicked him again and again so that he couldn’t get close to her. Whenever she had the chance, she once again swam into the bottom of the water to look for the ring. As he noticed that she was underwater for a long period of time, the man’s face became more and more upset. “Serene, if you knew that this would happen, why did you do it?” This time, he grabbed Serene tight and dragged her out. “Devil, what are you doing?” Was it not enough that he ruined her chastity? Did he have to destroy the only thing that Jackie had left for her? He said coldly, “It’s just a ring. Look at how anxious you are.” “It’s not just a ring..That was the engagement ring Jackie gave her. It was a token that provided her strength for the whole year. They didn’t know how important the ring was to her at all. It was something more important to her than her life. “But you’re no longer qualified to have it the man said.

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