My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 805

The man’s words were so gloomy and down that made Serene Silas shiver even more. She looked at him coldly and said, “Devil, who do you think you are? This is my business, when did you become the judge of me? Give my ring back to me, or I won’t let you go.” When he said that she was not qualified, he meant that she was already defiled by him… But even so, she still had to take back the ring that Jackie Leves had given her. That was the only thing that Jackie had left for her. When Jackie was not around, she was not qualified to be by Jackie’s side, but at least she could think of him whenever she had the ring. “Who am I? Ah…” The man sneered. This damned woman’s memory was so bad that she had forgotten about him in just a year. Even if his face had been disfigured, and even if he had changed his face, did she not notice anything similar to Jackie? Perhaps it was not because of her poor memory, but the man she fooled around with never remained in her heart. It would be strange if she could remember him. Just as the man was distracted, Serene gritted her teeth and pushed him away. She turned around and wanted to jump into the pool again. But as soon as she turned around, the man grabbed her and picked her up. “Then i’ll tell you who I am now.” “Don’t touch me and please let me go. Devil, if you touch me again, I will f*cking stab you to death.” Serene grabbed him and bit him again. He had already tortured her once, and she absolutely could not let this disgusting man touch her again. The man carried her up effortlessly. After a few steps, they were already upstairs and he threw her on the small bed in the room. The water all over her body quickly drenched the quilt and sheets on the bed. Serene’s head and body were full of injuries. Being thrown on the bed by him, she could only feel dizzy. Before she could turn over, the man’s tall and strong body leaned over. He reached out and firmly held her. “Get off me!” Although he held her hands, Serene lifted her legs and kicked the man, but the man dodged her attack, “It’s not like I’ve never f*cked you before, so why are you pretending?” The man stepped onto the bed and pressed Serene down. Then, he whispered in her ear, “Don’t you want to know who I am? Let me tell you now.” Realizing what the man wanted to do, Serene was so scared that her face turned pale. She wanted to push him away, but her hands and feet were under his control. She could not resist him at all. She could only watch the man do whatever he wanted again. “Can you feel it? Can you feel who I am? My pure and innocent Miss Silas, you have to feel me carefully. You have to feel how I’m going to f*ck you.” The man’s face revealed a bloodthirsty smile as he gave her a heavy blow. Serene closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and clenched her fists… She quietly told herself to just pretend she was attacked by an animal. He had better not give her an opportunity, otherwise, she would definitely tear him into pieces. If she didn’t tear him into pieces, she swore to not live anymore! A day passed very fast, and it was also very difficult to teach dozens of children in one class, but Karen Joy Kyle did not feel tired at all. As long as she thought about how she was helping Brother Lionel with educating these brights minds, she was instantly recharged After dinner, she took a bath and then she soaked her feet in warm water. Next up, it was Karen Joy’s happiest moment of the day. She could lie in her warm bed and chat with her Brother Lionel Dang dang dang.. She picked up her phone and sent a message to Brother Lionel, “Brother Lionel, my busy day is over. How much do you miss me?” Yes, this time, Karen Joy did not ask if he missed her, she asked how much he missed her instead. That way, even if he didn’t miss her, he still had to tell her that he did. Karen Joy felt that she was being so clever! After sending the message, Karen Joy stared at the phone screen, hoping that she could see a reply text as soon as possible. When she stared at the phone screen, a phone call came in. This was a very familiar name and number. In the past few days, she had been helping in the disaster area. After finishing her work, she only thought of her Brother Lionel, and she didn’t even call home. Just when her mother called, she felt that she was really not a filial child. Karen Joy answered, “Mom, you missed me?” “Yes, I miss my baby. I miss you so much.” At the other end of the phone, Karen Daly sighed. “I haven’t seen you in only a few days, but it feels like I haven’t seen you for years.” “Mom, I miss you too, but…” Before she finished her words, Karen Joy felt her nose tingle and she couldn’t say anything. What should she do? She didn’t think much about her mother usually, but when she heard her mother’s voice and thought that she was not by her parents side, why was she feeling so bad inside? “Karen, don’t worry about us. We are all living well… As long as you are taking care of yourself while away from us, your grandparents will be at ease. Perhaps, this was every parent’s wish. As long as their children were living well out there, every would be fine. “Mom, where is Dad?” Karen Joy nodded. She was probably the happiest child in the world, as there were so many people around her who loved her. “Your Dad is right next to me…” Karen turned her head to look at Kevin Kyle, who was pretending to be reading the newspaper and keep silent, “Your Dad seems very busy. Let’s not disturb him.” “Ahem.” Kevin pretended to cough and looked at Karen discontentedly. When did he say that he was busy? “Do you want to talk to her?” Karen pretended to be surprised, she acted like she didn’t figure out what he was thinking. Kevin frowned. If he didn’t want to talk to the child, why would be sitting there listening to the both of them? “If you want to talk to her, just say it. If you don’t say anything, how would we know what you are thinking?” Karen handed the phone to Kevin and said, “Talk nicely. Don’t make my baby angry.” This man was clearly thinking about his daughter every day, yet he still put on a cold attitude. If his daughter did not call him, he wouldn’t ask about her. Karen really wanted to break his defence, “Director Kevin, if you continue to act like this, you’re the one who’s going to feel uncomfortable, do you want that? “Dad… I miss you so much!” Karen Joy shouted through the phone. Kevin’s heart melted when he heard his daughter’s soft voice on the phone even when he tried to pretend he didn’t care or how dissatisfied he was. He couldn’t resist speaking gently. “Karen, it’s getting cold in Coast City. You must remember to wear a few more layers of clothes. Don’t catch a cold.” He was Director Kevin, the man of few words, yet when he spoke to his daughter, he still mentioned these trivial matters

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