My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 806

Karen Joy Kyle was taken out of her mother’s belly prematurely, so her health condition was worse than her peers. For more than a decade, her family had kept her in good care and made her practice Taekwondo and learn dancing. One of the main purposes was to strengthen her physical condition She was brought up by her father, hence, Kevin Kyle knew her physical and health condition better than anyone else. She easily fell ill, and she inherited her mother’s intolerance towards cold. Every winter, Kevin would make adjustments at home to accommodate to her needs. For example, when Karen Joy went out, he would definitely turn on the heaters in the car first. When it was warm enough, then only she would get in the car. At home, Kevin bought thermal sleeves for the cups, and proper insulators for other furniture or devices. Karen Joy never had to touch anything cold at all. Therefore, Karen Joy didn’t expect that she would survive in the harsh living conditions of the disaster area. It was no wonder that Jayden Elias Kyle would persuade her to go back in the beginning. “Dad, know I should take good care of myself!” Karen Joy lay in bed and put her phone close to her ear. “Dad, you should also rest more. Don’t be too busy with work and please take care of yourself. Jayden has done a good job these years, you can hand over some of your work tasks to him. Anyway, sooner or later, you will have to gradually hand over Rovio to them.” Kevin said, “Don’t worry about Rovio anymore. Take good care of yourself. When I see you next time, if you can grow a little chubbier, then ‘ll be happy.” Karen Joy stuck out her tongue and said playfully, “Dad, I like to be slim. If I get fatter, I will be called a chubby girl. Do you want me to be called a chubby girl?” Kevin said in a deep voice, “Who would have the guts to say that to my daughter?” Karen Joy said with a smile, “Of course… No one will say that I look bad, but I want to look prettier.” Kevin kept quiet He was a brilliant negotiator and a wise man, but he always lost his arguments to his wife and daughter… He was really willing to spoil them with his love. They were the women he cared most about in this world. Karen Daly continued as she saw that her husband kept quiet, “Karen, I’m not trying to side your Dad but, you do really need to put on a little weight. You seem so frail!” Kevin also continued, “My daughter, I have arranged for Aunt Anne to go over, please just let her take care of your nutrition in the future.” Karen Joy said, “Dad, Mom, don’t bother Aunt Anne. I can take care of myself.” What was her father and mother trying to do? They prepared a house for her in Coast City, and they also asked Jayden to stay here for work. This time, they even wanted to send the chef over. She was here to help Brother Lionel, not to enjoy life! Kevin demanded, “That’s it. There’s no room for negotiation.” Karen Joy was silent. Karen Joy couldn’t say no. If she did, her family would come here instead. That big family of hers really treated her like a child. “Fire! Fire!” Suddenly, people’s shouts came from outside the tent. Karen Joy got up and said, “Mom, Dad, I have something to do. I’ll catch up with you guys next time.” Before her parents replied, Karen Joy hung up the phone. She put on her coat and rushed out of the tent. When she rushed out of the tent, she saw flames from not far away, and the flames were burning up to dozens of feet high. Karen Joy stopped whatever she was doing and ran away. She took the bucket of water that she had washed her feet in. There was water and electricity shortage here, even a little bit of water was precious. She thought it would be better if she could help put out the fire a little. “Little Jar, where are you going?” Yaya just came back to the tent. “I want to help them put out the fire.” Karen Joy said while running “Wait for me for a moment. I’ll get a bucket and go with you.” Yaya got into the tent and grabbed a bucket before running to the scene with Karen Joy. A lot of people ran to the scene with buckets of water in their hands. Everyone wanted to help put out the fire at the same time. Karen Joy ran very fast, but the young men ran faster. Soon, there were a lot of people who ran past her. Just as everyone was running forward, Karen Joy found a person taking advantage of the chaos to sneak away. “Sister Yaya, take my bucket. I’m going to go back for a while.” Karen Joy handed the bucket to Yaya and turned to follow the sneaky man. The man looked back from time to time, but because of the large number of people, he did not realize Karen Joy was following him. So Karen Joy followed him out of the chaotic area and came to the back of the disaster area where there were usually not many people. Karen Joy was about to catch up with the sneaky man. Just as she was about to go forward and subdue the man, a few street lamps nearby went out at the same time. There was no moonlight tonight. As soon as the street lamps were extinguished, it was completely dark, it was so dark she couldn’t see anything. In an instant, Karen Joy felt that she was shrouded in darkness, as if she had returned to the time when she was four years old, when the bad people captured her and stuffed her into a bucket… “No, no, no… She wanted to shout, but she was so afraid that she couldn’t make a sound. She could only hold her head and let the darkness swallow her. “Turns out that this little girl is really afraid of the dark… No matter how powerful she usually is, now she is just a powerless little girl. “Stop talking nonsense. Get her back first and bring her to him. Then we’re done with our task.” The two men talked and approached Karen Joy slowly. However, they did not expect that when they caught Karen Joy, they were in trouble instead. When they screamed out of pain, a flashlight was shone onto them and the two men had lost two fingers each. There was a teenager who stood straight in front of them, protecting Karen Joy, who was so scared that she was curled up behind him. “Who the hell are you? Are you looking for death?” The two men didn’t even know how their fingers were cut off. They grabbed their bleeding hands, stared at the teenager in front of them, and shouted fiercely. As soon as he spoke, they felt a sharp blow to their faces… In just a blink of an eye, the two men were covered with wounds on their face. “You… Are you a human or a ghost?” There were no ghosts in this world, but the young man acted so fast that they couldn’t even anticipate his moves. Clap! Clap! As soon as they asked this question, they were slapped twice on their faces. They covered their faces with their hands, and their legs trembled with fear. They couldn’t even curse properly. Blake White said, “You may head over to 28th, White Family Lane. Head there and receive your punishment. Of course, you can also try to escape.” The White family? When the two of them heard this name, they were so scared that their faces turned pale as if they had saw a ghost. They dragged their trembling legs and ran away.

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