My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 807

The fear of darkness was an emotional trauma that Karen Joy Kyle had never forgotten for more than ten years. Over the years, in order to cure Karen Joy’s emotional trauma, Kevin Kyle had found a lot of famous psychiatrists and therapists to help treat her, but it didn’t help. Therefore, this was Karen Joy’s lethal point. As long as her opponents used darkness against her, she would fall helpless. But there were very few people who knew about this emotional trauma. Besides her family and her Brother Lionel, it seemed that no one else knew about it. Then what kind of person would take advantage of her weakness and try to take her away? Of course, at this moment, Karen Joy did not think about it. Even if Blake White had turned on the flashlight and lit up her surroundings, she was still immersed in the darkness and could not extricate herself. “Miss…” Blake tried to call her. Karen Joy couldn’t hear anything, what she still felt that she was trapped in darkness. She couldn’t get out of it. She wanted to escape, but she felt like she was being swallowed by the darkness. She couldn’t do anything. As soon as she stepped forward, she felt that several strong men lifted her up. Those people rudely threw her into a barrel and then covered her with the lid. “Kill this little girl and let Kevin pay for his arrogance!” “Roll the barrel. When Kevin gets here, he can take his daughter’s body back.” “Just a little kid and she fell into our hands. It’s easier for us to kill her than to kill an ant.” The vicious voices sounded again and again in Karen Joy’s ears, and she was reliving her worst memory, She was afraid, scared, and panicked… But she couldn’t do anything at her young age. Her little body was rolling along with the rolling barrel mercilessly. Those attackers did not show signs of helping or stopping “Karen.” Suddenly, a familiar male voice sounded. At the same time, the barrel was opened and she got out of it. “Karen, don’t be afraid. I’m here, and I won’t let anyone hurt you again.” Brother Lionel held her tightly in his arms and kept stroking her head to comfort her. After a long time, she regained her senses. She blinked her big bright eyes and looked at him. “Brother Lionel? Was it really her Brother Lionel? Did her Brother Lionel come to save her like an angel when she was most scared? She was not very sure who saved her, but she called his name out just to clarify if it was really him… She widened her eyes and waited for him to give her a positive answer. “Karen, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid..” Brother Lionel stroked her head and kissed her pale face, “I am your Brother Lionel.” It was her Brother Lionel indeed! She grabbed Brother Lionel’s clothes tightly, as if she had grabbed onto hope. Then she buried herself in Brother Lionel’s arms and cried out loud. “Karen..” As she heard such a familiar voice, Karen Joy’s body kept trembling as she continued crying. At the same time, she really felt a powerful hand holding her, and she was in his embrace. He patted her on the back and kept comforting her. “Karen, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. I’m here now. I’m here.” Karen Joy was confused. She could not tell if she was reliving her memory or she was experiencing it. “Karen, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Brother Lionel hugged her so tightly like he was worried that she’ll disappear. “Brother Lionel? Karen Joy blinked her big eyes and stared at the man who was holding her. Was he really her Brother Lionel? She was still in a state of panic, and she was not sure if she was hallucinating his presence. “Karen, it’s me! I’m Brother Lionell” Brother Lionel stroked her head and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. He kissed her gently, just like when he saved her when she was a child. He tried to calm her down. “Brother Lionel, are you here to save me again?” She blinked her eyes, and her tears gradually slipped down from her eyes. Seeing Karen Joy’s tears, Brother Lionel felt like his heart was hit by a heavy punch. He kissed her tears and said, “Karen, it’s okay. I’m sorry I was late.” Usually, Karen Joy was very confident and proud. Her eyes were always so bright. However, at this moment, she was like a lost sheep who could not find her way home. Nathaniel Cooper really hated himself. Why couldn’t he protect her all the time? If he was there, she wouldn’t have been targeted. “Brother Lionel..” When she finally believed that the person who was holding her was Brother Lionel, Karen Joy regained her composure gradually and she could think more rationally Every time she needed Brother Lionel the most, Brother Lionel would always appear by her side right on time, and cleared the terrible obstacles around her. He was like her knight in shining armour “Let’s go, let’s get in the car first.” Nathaniel picked her up and strode to the car that was parked beside him. Although Karen Joy was already an adult, when he held her, it was as easy as holding a child. Inside the car, there was warm lighting and the heater was turned on. Nathaniel personally poured a cup of hot water for her. “Karen, take a sip of water first.” Karen Joy did not open her mouth, she looked at him quietly as if she was looking at a stranger. Apparently, she was still wondering if Brother Lionel really existed and in front of her right now. “Karen, drink some water first,” Nathaniel touched her hand gently and reminded her. Karen Joy then obediently opened her mouth and took a small sip of warm water, which eased her cold body. Nathaniel knew what she was thinking, so he gently held her hand and placed it on his face. “Karen, touch me. I’m real, you’re not hallucinating or dreaming.” “Brother Lionel… She was so scared that her nightmare would happen again. She was afraid that she would never see her parents again, and she was afraid that she would never see Brother Lionel again. Fortunately, Brother Lionel came right on time. He pulled her away from her nightmare and brought her back to reality. “Karen, I’m here!” He answered her softly and then hugged her tightly, kissing the red mark on her forehead. This mark was left behind when she was kidnapped back then, and it was also the most powerful witness of her nightmare.

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