My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 808

“Brother Lionel, I… Why are you here?” Originally, Karen Joy wanted to say that she was afraid, but when she saw the worried look in Nathaniel’s eyes, she changed the subject again. She was no longer a little child and could no longer rely on her parents and Brother Lionel for everything. She wanted to bear responsibilities like an adult. “Because I miss you.” Nathaniel stroked her head and said softly When Karen Joy sent him the message, he was already on his way here, so he did not reply her, intending to give her a surprise. He didn’t expect that she would encounter such a thing when he was only ten minutes late… But he was also glad that he had arrived on time. If he hadn’t come tonight, he couldn’t bear to think about the consequences. However, there were very few people who knew Karen Joy’s weakness. Even the men who he sent to protect Karen Joy in the disaster area didn’t know about this, so who were the people behind this? Thinking that those people actually wanted to plot on her, Nathaniel felt alerted and looked wary. No matter who they were, he had to get rid of the root of the problem. “Brother Lionel… Why are you so kind to me?” Karen Joy always wanted to ask this question, but she always couldn’t find the right opportunity to ask. Sometimes, she would wonder if Brother Lionel was still trying repay her because of the long-ago incident where she accidentally saved his life? Nathaniel regained his composure and stroked her head. “Silly girl, why do you think I’m kind to you?” Karen Joy pursed her lips and said, “If you don’t tell me, how would I know?” “Because..” Nathaniel deliberately held back his words. Under Karen Joy’s expectant gaze, he said, “Because I like you.” She asked again, “Did you like me already when I was a child? “Silly girl, I’m not a pedophile. That kind of affection is certainly different now.” When he was rescued by the Kyle family when he was seriously injured, he proposed to stay by Karen Joy’s side simply to seek shelter for himself. Because he knew that as long as he stayed in the Kyle family, those people who were sent by his eldest brother to attack him would not be able to find him. Even if they did, with his own ability and the prestige of the Kyle family, those people wouldn’t dare to attack him easily. After that, he tried his best to protect Karen Joy because she was extremely likeable and he grew fond of her after spending so much time with her. Gradually, he instinctively wanted to protect her and take care of her, hoping that she could grow up safely and healthily. He had a different kind of affection then, and that affection changed as he watched her grow into an adult. Karen Joy added, “Me too.” “What do you mean?” Nathaniel asked. Karen Joy replied, “I also like you, and my current feelings are different from before.” Nathaniel looked at her with a burning look in his eyes. “How is it different?” “When I was a child, you were like my big brother who could protect me. Now, you’re the man I want to marry. I want to become your wife, I want you to hold my hand and walk with you for a lifetime. Just like my parents, I would want to be together with you, forever.” Karen Joy was very clear about her feelings for Nathaniel. She had always been a girl with a clear goal. Karen Joy had confessed to Nathaniel more than once, but she had never been this direct. Nathaniel felt so ecstatic, that he held her head and began to kiss her wildly. He thought that she tasted as sweet as honey. As long as he touched her, he wanted to eat her up and possess her completely. No matter how strong a man’s self-control was, his self control would be greatly reduced in front of his beloved woman. And at this time, his hormones dominated his brain, and he only wanted more of her. Gradually, and unconsciously, his hand began to wander up the hem of Karen Joy’s clothes. “Brother Lionel, I..” Karen Joy grabbed his hand and she was so nervous. She wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. Her face was as red as a blooming red rose. Because Nathaniel’s kiss was too intense, and with his sudden actions, her body trembled slightly. It was not that she didn’t want to give herself to Brother Lionel, but… this was all too foreign to her, so she was little afraid Although she grew up in New York and were around people who were very liberal, her family was more conservative… They were outside, and Blake White and Brother Lionel’s subordinates were around them… She was feeling shy and worried. “Karen, I’m sorry!” Nathaniel said softly. He knew he acted too fast and impulsive. How could he do such a thing to her when she was not feeling safe? “Brother Lionel, you don’t have to say sorry!” In fact, she was willing to give in, but she was not mentally prepared yet. Nathaniel let go of her, turned around and took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing the rage in his body… However, his desire for her was too strong, and he couldn’t calm down even after a long time. “Brother Lionel, are you very uncomfortable?” Although Karen Joy had no experience in this, she still knew a little about men’s physiology. “Yes, a little bit.” Nathaniel nodded. He did not look good, and she could tell it. Deep down, he was so uncomfortable that he felt suffocated. He wanted to sit in a cold bath to cool down. “Well, I.” Karen Joy blushed and said, “Would you like me to help you relieve that in some other way?” “Karen, don’t think nonsense!” Nathaniel’s face darkened and he said sternly. What kind of person did this girl think he was? “Oh, I’m sorry then!” Karen Joy lowered her head and was a little frightened by his fierce look. Seeing this, Nathaniel stroked her head again. “Don’t think about anything else. Tell me, why do you like me?” “Because..” Karen Joy also mimicked him and smiled mischievously. “Because you treat me well, because you are good looking, and because..” In fact, she didn’t know why she liked Brother Lionel. It seemed natural to her. She liked him when she was a child, and she liked him more after she grew up. Liked him because he was good looking? What kind of answer was that? If he became ugly, would she still like him? Nathaniel asked, “If I become old and ugly, then you won’t like me anymore?” “You will not become ugly Karen Joy patted her chest and said, “In my heart, no matter what you look like, you are the most good looking person.” “Okay, good girl!” He was very satisfied with her answer. Both of them had each other in their hearts, and they were sure that they wanted each other to be their partners in this life Even if their roads were tough, and there might be a lot of bumps along the way, but as long as he had her, and she had him, nothing could hurt them.

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