My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 809

Two days had passed but the rain at Misty Mountain hadn’t stopped yet. It was mostly drizzling, and the villas and mountains on Misty Mountain looked hazy and beautiful. This villa was named “Cold Mist”, and it was also the most dazzling among all the villas in Misty Mountain. It was not because of its majestic appearance, but because it had the longest history compared to other villas. This building looked similar to a typical European ancient castle-style building. It was built at the highest altitude of the Misty Mountain, and it faced the sea. It became a symbolic building of Misty Mountain Cold Mist was elegant, grand, and sophisticated. Inside the villa, there was a spiral staircase that sat in the middle of the villa. Overall, the villa mimicked a Victorian design. The rooms inside were small yet bright, and every room was equipped with proper facilities. Outside the rooms, you could see the magnificent view of the sea. There was a huge lawn, and there were a lot of different kinds of plants. Besides, there was a pond near the main door, setting off an elegant and unique feeling for the villa. Rumors had it that this villa was built by a European royalty more than a hundred years ago. He traveled to this part of town and built it for his beloved wife. However, no one would have expected that during the construction of the villa, the man’s wife died of a sudden illness, so the villa was not used in the end. Later, the owner of the villa kept changing. Until now, nobody knew who the real owner of the villa was. Half a month ago, a group of people came over to clean this villa. Apparently, the old owner of this villa had sold the villa away again The villa was cleaned thoroughly. New furniture was brought in and the lawn was mowed… Then, a few days ago the new owner came to the villa. At this time, an inconspicuous black car slowly drove toward Cold Mist and finally stopped in front of its gate. When the car stopped, an old man with a head full of white hair got out of the car. The butler for Cold Mist hurriedly went out to welcome him, “Old Master Leonard, you are finally here.” “What’s that kid doing again?” Old Master Leonard had a head full of white hair, but he did not look like he was over 50. “It’s Miss Silas… The butler only spoke briefly and believed that the Old Master had already understood the problem. “Bring my medical kit.” After giving the order, Old Master Leonard turned around and left. The butler took the medical kit handed over by the driver and hurried to follow behind him. He was afraid that the Old Master would be angry he was slow. He entered the courtyard and went upstairs. Then he heard a man’s exasperated roar, “You idiots can’t save a life. How are you all doctors?” Then came a series of banging sounds… “Is the girl of the Silas family sick?” Old Master Leonard frowned and asked while walking. “Yes, unconscious. The doctors don’t know what to do, that’s why I plucked up the courage to ask you to come. If anything happens to the girl of the Silas Family, I am afraid that our Young Master..” The butler was not worried about Serene Silas’ life or death, he was more worried for his Young Master if anything happened to Serene. The butler was one of the three survivors from the Leaves Family. He was the one who had gone through life and death with Jackie Leves. He knew exactly what Jackie had gone through the past year. Now their master finally regained his strength for revenge, so they could not allow others to destroy their plan. “Get out! Go to hell, all of you!” As the man shouted, a doctor in a white coat was thrown out. The doctor rolled around and got up. He stood at the door and didn’t know what to do. They didn’t dare to provoke his master when he was angry. “You can leave now.” When Old Master Leonard saw such a violent scene, he shook his head and sighed. As soon as the doctor saw Old Master Leonard, he almost cried with joy as if he had seen a God. “Old Master Leonard, you’re here.” “You can head down.” Old Master Leonard waved his hand and walked to the door. As soon as he reached the door, a glass flew out of the room, aiming at his head, He quickly took a step back and successfully avoided this fatal blow, but he was scared out of his wits. Smash—- The cup landed on the wall instead and broke into pieces. “Old Master Leonard…” The butler’s reaction was a little slow. When he reacted and wanted to help Old Master Leonard, he already pushed the butler away, Old Master Leonard said sternly, “You brat, are you going to kill me too?” As soon as he heard Old Master Leonard’s voice, the angry man in the room calmed down in an instant. He looked back and asked, “Why are you here?” “If I don’t come here in time, you are going to commit murder.” Old Master Leonard walked into the room and waved to the remaining two doctors to head out. He sat next to Serene, who was lying on the bed, and examined her promptly. With Old Master Leonard around, Jackie Leves’ anxiousness subsided. One year ago, Old Master Leonard was able to save him when he was seriously injured, then one year later, Old Master Leonard would be able to save Serene too. That woman was so vicious that she did not hesitate to sell her body for the sake of her family’s interests. Such a dirty and lowly woman would not die so easily. A whore and a shameless woman like her must be very tough. How could she die so easily? After some time, Old Master Leonard injected the last medicine into Serene’s body, and then he looked back at a very still and worried Jackie. Jackie clenched his fists. Although he tried his best to calm himself down, he still could not hide his nervousness when he asked, “Old Master Leonard, she…” Old Master Leonard glared at him and said rudely, “My child, her wounds have not healed yet, she also has a cold. Moreover, you even tortured her. I don’t think she will make it. You can prepare for her funeral.” Prepare for her funeral! These words exploded at Jackie like an atomic bomb, shattering his rational and logic soul into pieces. “No, no… Impossible!” Jackie muttered unconsciously. She owed me so much, how could she die? He caught her so that he could use her as a tool to take his revenge and make up for her previous wrongs. Before she paid off her debts, she could not die. “Since you hate her so much, you should just let her die. She’d be even then.” Old Master Leonard said very casually as he packed up his medical kit. “I won’t allow her to die! She must stay alive! She must stay alive to pay for my debts.” Jackie’s eyes turned red, like a irrational beast. “My child, it’s not that I don’t want to save Miss Silas, but it seems like you really want her dead. I can’t do anything about it.” Old Master Leonard shook his head and sighed. He was the only person who dared to talk to Jackie in such an attitude. Jackie punched heavily on the wall and shouted, “I want her alive. She must live… A woman like her has done so many terrible things. I can’t let her die so easily.”

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