My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 810

“Anyway, I can’t save her. If you want her to live, you can find someone else to help you… By the way, if you can get God to help her, that would be better. I heard that God can bring her back to life with just a snap of the finger.” “I’m an old man but I’ve never seen God save anyone before. Child, you can just give it a try. Beg God to save this little Silas girl.” After that, Old Master Leonard packed up his kit and left. When he walked to the door, he suddenly looked back. He looked at Jackie Leves and said earnestly, “Child, a year ago, you were seriously injured and even your face was unrecognizable. I brought you back to life. I know how tough your life was this year, but I still want to remind you that you only have one life, and this is it.” “Let bygones be bygones.” Jackie didn’t want to mention the sufferings he had gone through this past year, but he would always keep Old Master Leonard’s words in mind. Old Master Leonard added, “Child, you have lost a lot of your family, you should cherish the people you have left. Think calmly and don’t do anything that would make you regret for the rest of your life. Yes, it’s her fault that she betrayed you, but it was you who couldn’t let her go.” Yes, he couldn’t let her go. He was the one acting lowly. Because of her, his whole family was attacked ruthlessly. More than a dozen people died in the family.. Although he survived with two others, but they were also seriously injured. Especially him. Jackie reached out and touched his masked face. He had his face reconstructed for nearly a year now, but he still couldn’t accept his face. Love was a magical thing. It had the biggest control over you, and it could consume you thoroughly. It was not easy to control love It could go against you. The more you want to forget someone, the more you would remember that person. Perhaps love was the reason why so many went mad in this world Lying on the bed, Serene’s face was pale. She looked lifeless. If you didn’t notice the slight movement of her chest from her breathing, you might think that she was dead. After staring at her for a while, Jackie stepped to the bedside and sat down. “Serene, didn’t you say that you wanted to kill me? How can you kill me if you are going to die like this?” His voice was as hoarse as sand, and he sounded like he was in a lot of pain. “Jack, Jackie.” Serene opened her mouth slightly and murmured this name, like it was her automatic reflex, As soon as he heard his name, Jackie felt a surge of anger rushing to his head. He grabbed Serene’s chin and said, “Serene, you are not qualified to call out his name. You are not qualified to be close with him. When he heard her call his name out, he felt that she had tainted his name… But in his heart, he hoped that she would call him dearly This damned woman, why did she have such a big impact on him? He clearly found out what she had done, but he still stupidly tried to deny the truth. He wanted to believe that the news was fake. But how could it be possible? “Jackie.” She called out his name again. Jackie clenched his fists and restrained his anger. This damned woman could even call his name out in a coma, It was a pity she wasn’t an actress. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I couldn’t keep our.” Serene frowned and said painfully. “Sorry? Serene, you are so naive. Do you think your apology can do anything?” Jackie sneered and asked her. Could she make up for what she had done by saying sorry? Could her apology bring back the lives of his family? How ridiculous! “I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” In the dream, Serene was crying and tearing up. She cried so sadly, as if her world had been ruined. He took her back, tortured her, watched her cry, saw her repent for what she had done in the past… Wasn’t these things what he wanted to see? But why? When he saw her tears, he felt reluctant, and in pain. What a hateful woman. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Serene cried and kept saying these words. It seemed that she needed to let these words out to feel better. “If you had known it would be like this, why did you do it in the first place?” Jackie clenched his fists and stood up suddenly. He turned around and walked out, slamming the door shut. “Jackie, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I couldn’t save our child.” She was still having a nightmare and kept whispering. She felt sorry and terrible. She failed to keep their child. Now, she even lost the ring he gave her. Even her innocence was ruined. After the Silas family released the news about Serene’s murder, headlines of major newspapers and major news websites were all reports about Serene’s murder. As soon as the news was released, it caused a sensation, and even the foreign media were alarmed. Murder cases happened every day. Of course, Serene’s case received so much attention because she was the fiancee of the President of Country A. Although the news reports did not have the courage to publish her as “Mr. President’s fiancee” boldly on the headlines, but the citizens would gossip anyway. From office banters, to dinner topics, everyone was talking about the President’s fiancee. Soon, another piece of news came out. After Serene committed a murder, she was taken away for hiding. The case couldn’t even be investigated properly Just as the Silas family spread the news deliberately, everybody’s immediate reaction was that Mr. President had hidden her away There were two reasons. Firstly, Serene was Mr. President’s fiancee. The two of them had a good relationship. There was no doubt that Mr. President would defend the daughter of the Silas family. Secondly, in this world, only Mr. President could hide Miss Silas away and prevent any repercussions from her end. As a result, the citizens were behaving like Sherlock Holmes, talking about their views and doubts on this murder case. “The murder case by Mr. President’s fiancee is really a sensation. This murder case is related to our newly appointed Mr. President. If he is stupid enough to defend the murderer, I am afraid it will be hard for him to earn the people’s trust after this.” Yaya looked at the news on the Internet and expressed her own opinion. “Sister Yaya, if only all the netizens are as rational as you.” Karen Joy Kyle was also looking at the comments of those netizens, but this time, she was much calmer than the earthquake incident the last time. Those internet trolls were also very pitiful. They believed whatever kind of information others spread. They never cared what the truth behind the matter was. Anyway, they were all jumping on the bandwagon and trolling along.

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