My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 811

Since some irresponsible citizens began spreading rumors, and rumors spread like wildfire, many people thought that Serene Silas’ disappearance had something to do with Mr. President It was amazing how these bunch of keyboard warriors could jump to their own conclusion like they were witnesses to the case. They were so sure about their conclusion like they’ve witnessed the President saved Serene away. A lot of netizens believed in that conclusion. They argued that Mr. President was extremely powerful and protective of Serene too. Obviously, he would try to help her. Some said that the President that presented himself in front of the people as a gentle and elegant person might have done more immoral things in secrecy. A handful of them even argued that Nathaniel Cooper personally killed both his brothers in order to climb to the position as President. And there were some who expressed disappointment over their Mr. President. They could not believe that someone who looked so kind and handsome could perform so disappointingly. After looking at the phone for a long time, Karen Joy could not bear it anymore. She stopped reading the news and dialed Blake White’s number, “Blake, release the evidence that you have.” “Miss, Mr. Lionel said that you shouldn’t get involved in this matter, so you’d better not get involved.” Of course, if it had nothing to do with Karen Joy, Blake didn’t want to meddle in this matter. The family of three had received a favor from Kevin Kyle, and they needed to repay his kindness. They did not care much about others. The family of three only promised to protect Karen Joy so that Karen Joy would be safe in Country A during this period. “Blake, whose orders do you take?” Didn’t her father arrange for them to be around her? When did they start to take Brother Lionel’s orders? “Of course it’s yours” Blake said. “That’s exactly right. Release the evidence that you have as soon as possible, and there is no room for negotiation. Karen Joy hated to see Brother Lionel being misunderstood by others the most. Moreover, Karen Joy did not want Serene to be painted as a murderer Although she had only met Serene twice, Karen Joy could see that Serene was a good person. A good woman should have her own happiness, instead of being used like a pawn. Blake hesitated and said, “But Miss..” “Do as I say, Blake. No buts.” After that, Karen Joy decisively hung up the phone. At this time, there was new information going around on the Internet. Before Blake uploaded the clip, someone had already released the video of Serene’s murder incident. In the video, the filming angle was changed several times, which proved that someone saw Serene murder the person with their own eyes and continued to film. The camera was not at a fixed angle. As soon as the video was posted, some of them noticed the weird angles of the video, and soon enough, netizens were doubting if there was a person behind the scenes who witnessed the murder and did not stop it. More discussions came up. In the video, Serene was so emotional, she must have been triggered terribly that she suddenly went mad. Then what on earth was Serene triggered by? Who was the person who pushed Serene to the cliff? Soon, these discussions surrounded the incident. photo. Just when everyone was frantically sharing their personal opinions, a user by the name (I Know The Truth) uploaded a There were two people in the photo. One was a man and the other was a woman. They hugged each other tightly and stood under the white moonlight. The man turned his back to the camera and his face couldn’t be seen, but the woman looked at the camera, and her face could be seen clearly. The woman was tall and looked very young. Not only was she young, but she also had a very delicate face. In particular, the red mark in the middle of her forehead was particularly conspicuous. The netizens were not only powerful at spreading rumors, but their investigative skills were also top-notch. Soon, some people speculated that the man in the photo should be Mr. President Although they couldn’t see the man’s face, but the man’s clothes, hairstyles, and figures were very similar to their President Mr. President was Serene’s fiance. They often showed off their love in front of the camera… Then who was the young and beautiful girl in his arms? Had the President fallen in love with someone else? Or did someone hook up with their President? Rumors and questions spread around the Internet like wildfire. “Little Jar, is that girl in the photo you?” Yaya couldn’t believe it. She raised her hand and rubbed her eyes. Then she looked at the girl in the photo again to analyze clearly. “It should be me.” Karen Joy answered calmly. Of course, it was her, In this world, although many people looked similar to each other, but who else would share the same mark as her? Karen Joy stared at herself in the picture and looked at it repeatedly. She remembered that it was taken on the night when Brother Lionel and her reconciled. They didn’t take pictures that night, and they didn’t know anyone who was taking pictures of them. So how could there be a photo of them from that night? That night, the moonlight was very bright. They stood in an empty place, surrounded by Brother Lionel’s people. Logically speaking, if someone took pictures secretly at such a clear angle, his people would definitely notice it. But there was nothing unusual that night.. Karen Joy suddenly thought of something and looked to the direction she was facing. She got up and ran out. Yaya shouted behind her, “Little Jar, what’s wrong?” Karen Joy ignored her. She ran past many tents, and finally reached the tent where she and Yaya stayed in. She ran to the position where Brother Lionel stood at that night. She stood still and looked back at the tent, and then she studied the angle of the photo. Soon, Karen Joy found the problem. She ran back to the entrance of the tent and looked thoroughly. As expected, she found a pinhole camera. No wonder they didn’t find anything unusual that night. It turned out that the place where she lived had been spied on for a long time. Her every move was tracked by the enemy hiding in the dark “Damn it!” Karen Joy gritted her teeth and said in a gloomy voice. Those people were definitely seeking death. She would definitely teach them a lesson and show that she was not a person that could be messed with. Blake arrived just in time. He said worriedly, “Miss…” “Take this.” Karen Joy handed the pinhole camera that she found to Blake and said in a deep voice, “It seems like Brother Lionel’s phone call came ahead of time. Those people have already plotted against me long ago in the dark.”

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