My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 812

“It’s my negligence.” Blake White blamed himself. As a qualified bodyguard, he should take the initiative to inspect Karen Joy Kyle’s surroundings. However, he only thought of protecting her from attacks and ignored these little details. Karen Joy said calmly, “The discussions on the Internet will soon come to me. Find some evidence for me. Before the matter explodes, I want to know who the mastermind is.” After so long, just as Jayden Elias Kyle expected, what those people wanted to expose was not the murder case of Serene Silas, but the real murderer behind the scenes. They wanted to expose Karen Joy. How ridiculous! They wanted to use her to control Brother Lionel. She had little patience for those despicable people. Blake said, “Miss, someone has shared that you’re in the disaster area. For safety’s sake, you’d better go back to Coast City with me. We’ll plan everything else later.” “I promised the children at the disaster area that I would teach them for a month. I won’t go anywhere before that.” Karen Joy said sternly. She was not the one who committed any crimes. She was not afraid that those people would drag her into this. Since those people wanted to take advantage of her, she was willing to put up a fight. Blake frowned and said, “Miss, what happened last night is still very vivid. I’m worried that those people would do the same thing again…” Karen Joy interrupted him. “I know. Being afraid of the dark was indeed an emotional trauma that Karen Joy could not overcome. It was also the only weakness that the enemy could take advantage of. But she could not give up just because of this… absolutely not! [Karen, what are you doing? Brother Lionel is calling! Hurry up and answer the phone! Answer the phone! She heard Brother Lionel’s voice crisp and clear in this cold, chilly night. Of course, Brother Lionel did not come, but the ringtone was for his phone call. “Then I’ll head down first. You can call me if you need anything.” Blake knew what to do. “Okay.” Karen Joy nodded and watched Blake leave. She cleared her throat and answered, “Brother Lionel, aren’t you in a meeting at this time?” Nathaniel’s pleasant voice came from the phone. “Karen, no matter what happens, you don’t have to worry. Just stay put and continue teaching the children at the disaster area. Do you understand?” “Okay, I understand.” Karen Joy smiled and said, “Brother Lionel, you should focus on your work. Don’t always think about me in your meetings. I know you have me in your heart, and that’s enough. You don’t need to take the time to call me.” Nathaniel said, “Karen..” “Brother Lionel, 1 like you.” Yes, she was so smart that she knew that she could stop him with this sentence. Brother Lionel didn’t say anything for a long time. She thought that he must be secretly happy. After a long while, Nathaniel spoke again. “Karen, remember what I’ve told you. Just stay put and teach the children at the disaster area, don’t worry about anything else.” Karen Joy pouted and said, “Brother Lionel, you are so long winded. I already told you that I understand this point, and you’re still nagging about it, are you not afraid that I will be annoyed?” Nathaniel chuckled and said, “Will you be annoyed at me?” Karen Joy said, “Of course not. I like you.” “Okay, I know. Stay put at the disaster area.” “Brother Lionel, stop talking to me like I’m a child. I’m not a child anymore. I’m an adult now.” “But in my heart, you will always be a little girl.” “Brother Lionel, I’m going to be your wife in the future. Please don’t call me little girl again, or I’ll get angry.” “Mm?” On the phone, Nathaniel didn’t say anything, but Karen Joy could imagine that her flirtatious Brother Lionel must be sneering Thinking that he was secretly laughing, Karen Joy could not resist letting out a sly smile. No matter the obstacles that were approaching them, they could still talk and laugh because they had each other. In the afternoon, Karen Joy taught the children as usual. Because of her interesting teaching method, the atmosphere in the class had been very lively. The children always raised their hands to answer questions. Looking at their innocent smiles, Karen Joy had already forgotten the things that were on the Internet. Karen Joy did not care about the news too much, but Yaya had been feeling uneasy. She took the chance to talk to Karen Joy during the break in the middle of the class and said, “Little Jar, no matter what happens, we all believe in you.” “Sister Yaya, thank you all. But don’t worry, I’m innocent. I’ve never done anything wrong, so nothing would happen to me.” Yaya asked, “Does your brother know?” “Sister Yaya, you miss my brother, don’t you?” Karen Joy patted Yaya’s shoulder and smiled ambiguously. “Don’t worry. When we get back to Coast City, I will introduce you to him.” “Who said that I miss your brother?” Yaya glared at her. “I’m just worried about you, and he is your brother, so he needs to help you. You have to tell him about it and let him help you a little.” They also wanted to help Karen Joy, but they were just ordinary people. They couldn’t find anyone to help her, and they couldn’t help even if they wanted to. Karen Joy said with confidence, “Sister Yaya, don’t worry, There’s no need for him to worry about me too. I can solve this problem anyway She had the White family, whom her father had arranged for her, as well as Brother Lionel. There was nothing that she could not handle. Karen Joy was proud and confident. However, she did have a weakness, which was darkness. She didn’t find out the cause of the fire that happened last night, but Karen Joy had a hunch that someone deliberately set the fire up. Fortunately, there were no casualties last night, otherwise, she would have committed a big crime. “Little Jar, is the person in the photo really Mr. President?” Yaya finally asked after holding back for a long time. “What do you think?” Karen Joy smiled and did not answer directly “I think so.” Yaya did not want to lie. As early as a month ago when the disaster occurred, she realized that the President took care of Karen Joy a lot. In the end, Karen Joy was even called home in advance. “Well, if you think so, then that should be it.” Karen Joy raised her lips slightly and smiled, “Sister Yaya, I’m going to class. Karen Joy didn’t want to talk too much about Brother Lionel. Firstly, she didn’t want to cause trouble for Brother Lionel at such a critical time. Second, it was not the right time to publicise her relationship with Brother Lionel yet. Tonight, a number of people from the country’s Culture Department came to the disaster area to perform and cheer for the reconstruction of the disaster area. After a day’s lesson, Karen Joy had dinner early and helped Yaya and others rehearse the sketch in the tent. Yaya, Shane, and Burly performed a short sketch. As they had done it before, they only had to memorize the lines again Karen Joy prepared a solo dance, but she did not reveal her dance. She wanted to give everyone a surprise.

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