My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 813

At night. The disaster area was brightly lit. Although the stage that was built temporarily was not as big as the stage of the National Grand Theater, but it was quite a good set up. On the stage, they used steel as pillars, and a large red backdrop was erected behind it. The backdrop had the words “To rebuild a beautiful home” written across it. Under the stage, the people at the disaster area had already arranged the stools and sat neatly. Everyone was excited as they sat straight to look at the stage. On the stage, the leader of the disaster relief work was enthusiastically reciting the opening speech for the night. After the speech, the host took over the microphone and announced the first program. The first performance was a song sung by a famous national singer called “We Are A family”. As soon as this familiar prelude was played, the audience began to applaud. When the song reached its chorus, the audience sang together. The harmonious voice of the audience sounded so beautiful and warm. Next, there were shows, dance performances, and magic shows. The sixth program was Yaya, Burly, and Shane’s sketch “Sister Yaya, Shane, Burly, come on!” Karen Joy cheered for them as they were about to go on the stage. Yaya smiled and said, “Okay, you can continue cheering for us then.” Burly said, “Actually, I need an encouraging kiss. If Little Jar could give me an encouraging kiss, we can perform better.” Shane kicked Burly’s butt and said, “Don’t think too much, boy. Our Little Jar’s way beyond your league.” Karen Joy smiled and changed the topic. “I’m sure you guys will do so well and make them laugh!” Sure enough, as Karen Joy expected, when they were halfway into their performance, the audience below the stage were already laughing wildly. That was the second time the audience was so engaging in the performance. Seeing how happy the survivors were, Karen Joy also smiled gently. She thought that her lovely friends achieved their purpose of radiating joy and happiness. Having lived with the people at the disaster area for a few days, Karen Joy also witnessed how hardworking the people at the disaster area were to rebuild their beautiful home. Through this experience, she witnessed how brilliant and strong the citizens were. Of course, they were motivated and encouraged by their President’s kind leadership. Although Brother Lionel had only officially taken office for a short time, the public still thought highly of him, especially the people at the disaster area. They admired the President a lot. If the President didn’t personally lead everyone during the rescue, they would have suffered a higher number of losses. If Mr. President hadn’t personally issued an order to rebuild the disaster area, then there wouldn’t be a chance for everyone to work together to rebuild their beautiful home. Karen Joy was grateful. At such a young age, she already found a huge treasure, and that was Brother Lionel. She found him when she was about 3 years old. How could she know that Brother Lionel was a good person then? After thinking for a while, she really didn’t know how she saw through him at that time. Maybe this was fate. She believed in fate. She thought about how some people couldn’t even get along even after a long time. The best example was the relationship between Jayden Elias Kyle and her. Although Jayden was a great brother, but there was always some kind of resistance between them. “Little Jar, what do you think of our performance?” After they were done, they stepped down from the stage. Yaya wanted to listen to Karen Joy’s thoughts first. Karen Joy raised her lips and smiled, but she did not answer. Yaya continued to say, “Little Jar, why are you smiling and not saying anything? Are you implying that we did not meet your expectations?” Karen Joy still smiled widely. Her eyes were opened wide, but she still didn’t answer Yaya was a little anxious and said, “Little Jar, my sister-in law, don’t just smile. Say something, tell us how we should improve.” “Ah?” Karen Joy just came back to her senses/ She was stunned as she said, “Yaya, what did you ask?” Yaya was shocked at her response. It turned out that after asking her for a long time, Little Jar wasn’t listening to her at all. She poked Karen Joy’s head and said, “Little girl, you are so absorbed in your own thoughts. What are you thinking about?” Karen Joy said, “I think there are still many good people in the world.” Yaya was a little confused. “What are you talking about?” Karen Joy went on to say, “Yaya, I have lived for 18 years, and I never thought that I would feel this happy being around people who were not related to me. When I see everyone’s smiling faces, I feel so wholesome.” Yaya sat down next to Karen Joy and sighed, “Yes, when you give your good efforts and get so much happiness out of them in return, this kind of satisfaction is incomparable and irreplaceable.” Karen Joy said, “My mother used to tell me that everyone should be content and grateful. That made perfect sense now. Look at the fellow people at the disaster area. The earthquake destroyed their homes and some of their families passed away, but they were not discouraged at all. They worked together to rebuild their homes and they were happy every day. They were so content and grateful.” Yaya rolled her eyes at Karen Joy and said, “You’re just a little girl and you’re saying things like that. I can’t look at you the same way anymore.” Karen Joy smiled and stood up. “Three more programs until my turn. I’m going backstage to prepare. You guys can cheer for me later.” prepare. Yaya said, “I’m sure you’ll be fine. Break a leg!” “Okay.” Karen Joy nodded, turned around, and walked to the backstage. However, they did not expect to see a tall man standing in a corner not far away from the stage, hiding in the dark He stood there in his neat suit and shiny leather shoes. He had been standing there for a long time, but he didn’t move at all. He quietly observed Karen Joy’s every smile and move, nothing was missed. He looked at her, and his eyes couldn’t look away. In just a dozen of days, this girl seemed to have changed into another person. She didn’t look like a spoiled rich girl at all. She was a resilient helper and a kind individual. What didn’t change was that radiance she had. Wherever she went, she was like a little sun, always providing warmth to those around her. Karen Joy went backstage, and he watched her walked behind the stage until he couldn’t see her anymore. He was still reluctant to look away and just stared at the place where she disappeared to. “Young Master, do you want me to go over and greet her?” The man behind Jayden Elias Kyle asked tentatively. “There’s no need,” Jayden said. If she knew that he was also here, she would definitely not be happy… All this while, he was always an eyesore to her.

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