My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 814

 After all, fourteen years of companionship and care couldn’t be compared against the other person… Since the beginning, she eliminated him away from the race. She didn’t give him a chance at all. The man standing behind Jayden Elias Kyle said, “Two more programs until Miss Kyle’s. I just heard someone say that she is going to perform a ballet solo. I think it’s the one she was supposed to perform on her birthday.” Jayden did not answer him again. His eyes were still fixed on where Karen Joy Kyle disappeared. He squinted his eyes and looked so down. He hid a lot of emotions in his heart. Her annoyance towards her wasn’t the only barrier, his identity was too. He was her older brother by name. The two programs ended in a few minutes. The host announced loudly, “Next, our Little Jar will bring you a ballet solo. Everyone, enjoy!” As he spoke, most of the lights on the stage were turned off, and Karen Joy stood under the spotlight. She was wearing a white leotard with her ballet tights. Her graceful ballet costume highlighted her beautiful body in front of the audience. She bowed to the audience, then she smiled confidently and began her dance She was the only one on the stage. Everyone’s eyes were on her. Every time she rotated and jumped, she was trying to make the best of what she had learned in the past few years. Her professionalism perfected the ballet recital. Even if many of them didn’t know much about ballet, they were still fascinated by her grace. They didn’t understand the art of ballet, but they knew how beautiful she performed. She danced gracefully under the spotlight, and she was as beautiful as an enchanting fairy. The audience was in a trance and even forgot to applaud for her. The audience only came to their senses after someone awkwardly applaud from behind. Suddenly, a thunderous applause overshadowed the music on the stage. Jayden was still standing at the same place, staring at the dancing fairy on the stage with a sharp gaze. He didn’t notice that there was another person beside him. The man was as tall as him, and he wore a white casual outfit. The man’s eyes were also fixed on Karen Joy, who was still dancing on the stage. He looked enchanted by her grace and he did not hide his joy at all as he let out a subtle smile. His Karen Joy always brought him so many surprises. She was like a treasure. As long as you kept digging, you could find different surprises in her. After a while, Karen Joy finished her recital with a beautiful pose and bowed to the audience. The stage curtain slowly fell down amid the thunderous applause from the audience. Karen Joy only stood back up after the curtains fell down completely. However, as soon as she took a step, she stumbled and almost fell to the ground. It turned out that the stage was not as smooth as the ballet studios she was used to. When she was spinning around, the friction against the rough stage had lacerated her feet. She realized that her ballet shoes had red blood stains on them. When she was dancing, she showed the spirit of a professional dancer. She did not stop because of the injury on her feet. Instead, she still finished the whole dance perfectly with a smile. In front of the crowd, the host announced the next show. Under the stage, in an inconspicuous dark corner, the two men were still staring at the stage, as if the beautiful fairy in their hearts was still dancing. They didn’t look away until the next performance. At this time, Jayden finally noticed that there was another person beside him. He glanced at the man and said coldly, “It’s you.” Nathaniel Cooper looked him in the eye and smiled. “Nice show huh?” Jayden sneered, “Cooper. Don’t be too proud. There is still a long road ahead. We still don’t know who she’ll belong to in the end.” “She’s not an object. Of course, she won’t belong to anyone… But she’s the girl that I’m going to marry.” “The girl you want to marry?” Jayden curled his lips and smiled coldly. “Nathaniel, there are so many things happening around you, and you can’t even take care of yourself. Why should you marry her?” Nathaniel didn’t speak anymore. He had control over his matters, so there was no need for others to worry about him. Besides, it wasn’t completely up to him even if he really wanted to marry Karen Joy. “Don’t you want to say anything?” Jayden snorted and said, “My father will give you a year. One year is not very long. You’d better pray that you can handle all the things around you. When the time is up, no matter how hard Karen insists, my father will definitely take her back to New York.” “Thank you for your kind reminder, brother-in-law. Please don’t worry, one year is enough.” Those who played tricks behind the scenes were getting braver. They used Serene Silas’ murder case to cause troubles for him, and now, he could also use this matter to lure the snake out of the hole. “Who’s your brother-in-law!?” Jayden was so angry that his chest heaved up and down. He clenched his fist. If he hadn’t tried his best to restrain himself, he would have swung his fist at Nathaniel already. However, just as the two of them were arguing, Karen Joy came out from the backstage and appeared in the crowd. The two tall men walked toward Karen Joy almost at the same time. However, Jayden stopped after taking two steps. What could he do if he went near her? She would not even let him get close to her, and even more so with Nathaniel around. If he went to her, he would only witness their affection. No matter how reluctant he was, he had to stop However, seeing that Nathaniel was getting closer and closer to her, he felt more and more uncomfortable. He kept clenching his fists and kept taking deep breaths, showing his discomfort and distress. Nathaniel took a few steps to Karen Joy’s side, held her waist, and allowed her to lean on him. “Karen, what’s wrong? “Brother Lionel, why are you here?” Karen Joy asked in surprise. She was surprised as Nathaniel put on his disguise and pretended to be the passerby she knew, but also surprised that he took the time out despite the amount of negative news today. Why did he still have time to come to see her? Nathaniel did not answer her. He looked at her feet and saw that she was wearing a pair of big slippers, then he also saw the blood stains on her feet and the ballet shoes. “You..” Nathaniel was extremely worried and mad at the same time. Ignoring the eyes around him, he picked Karen Joy up and turned around to leave. “Brother Lionel, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Had she known that Brother Lionel was here, she would have changed her shoes and cleaned her feet before coming out. For him to worry about her was the last thing she wanted. “Hush!” Nathaniel said coldly. His face was so gloomy that it was scary. This was a cold look that Karen Joy had never seen before.

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