My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 816

“I wasn’t wrong!” Karen Joy Kyle shouted. “Nathaniel Cooper, do you think I’m doing this for fun?” This man didn’t understand her at all. Everything she did was for him, it was fine when he didn’t compliment her, but he even hit her. The more she thought about it, the more Karen Joy felt wronged. Her nose tingled and tears ran down her face. Karen Joy’s tears was like a nuclear weapon to Nathaniel. He couldn’t do anything to her. But he couldn’t just let her be, or else this silly girl will make the same mistake again, and injure herself again. She definitely didn’t know that in his heart, to have her safe and sound was more important than anything else, even more important than being a rich and powerful person. “When my Dad gets mad at me, the most he would do is not talk to me, he wouldn’t even lay a finger on me.” Karen Joy wiped off her tears and said. “But you Nathaniel Cooper, you bastard, you actually hit me.” Since she was little, she was the precious daughter in the family, her grandmother would be worried to death even something that was not worth mentioning happened to her. Today… Today, her favorite Brother Lionel actually hit her! She moved a little, her butt was still in pain, it showed that how harsh Brother Lionel was. “Do you know why I hit you?” Nathaniel lowered his voice while he gently massaged the place where he hit. “You bullied me.. Why do I have to know why you hit me.” Actually, if she calmed down and thought about it, she would definitely know why he hit her, but she just didn’t want to give in This time, if she surrendered and if anything like this happens again, he would still hit her again, she didn’t want that to happen. “So your butt doesn’t hurt anymore?” He asked as he lowered his voice, showing a fierce look. “Nathaniel Cooper, try and hit me again and you’ll see! See if I will still talk to you.” Hmph, this man was pushing his luck. Nathaniel was treating the wound on her feet, “Do not let anything like this happen again, or else you will bear the consequences.” “What does anything I do have to do with you?” She snorted, he hit her and now he was acting like a sweetheart. Did he think that she would sweep everything away and act as if nothing had happened? Nathaniel said, “You know that when your father gets mad at you, he couldn’t even bear to touch a strand of your hair and that is because you are his daughter, he loves you and cares for you, he doesn’t want you to get hurt. If he knew that you got injured like this, would he fly here from New York?” “Do not let them know.” Karen Joy tried to kick him, but she accidentally kicked the chair, which made her scream in pain. “Don’t move!” Nathaniel held her down. His voice was deep but still he couldn’t hide his deep concern for her. “If you get hurt, i’ll feel hurt too.” Karen Joy: “..” This man knew what her weakness was. After hearing what he said, she could not blame him. Nathaniel said: “Remember, no matter when or where, keep yourself safe.” “Nathaniel..” “Call me Brother Lionel!” “You called me by my name too, why can’t I call you by your name?” Humph, don’t think that if he said something nice, she will forget how he bullied her just now. “Good girl!” “I don’t want to be! “Huh?” He raised his eyebrows. “Brother Lionel!” She shouted quickly, and said, “You hurt me,” “Only pain will make you remember.” “Then let me hit you back.” “Okay,” he said, “When I’m done with your wound, I’ll let you do whatever you want.” Karen Joy: “.” This man knew where her weak spot was. Seeing that he was treating her so carefully, she couldn’t bear to blame on him. Half an hour later, Nathaniel had finished cleaning Karen Joy’s wound. After he had made sure that she was alright, he slowly raised his head and looked at her: “Alright, have you thought of how to deal with me already?” “Sit here.” Karen Joy patted on the seat beside her. “Okay.” Nathaniel sat beside her obediently. “Closer.” She said. “Okay.” He got a little closer. “Closer. You’re sitting so far, do you think I will eat you?” Did this bad Brother Lionel regard her as a little beast? “Closer?” Any closer, he would have to hold her in his arms, did she mean that? “Don’t you understand?” Karen Joy gave him a blank look. She didn’t believe that he didn’t understand what she meant. He must be pretending to wait for her to throw herself into his arms. “I understand.” He smiled and took her into his arms, he rubbed her head, “Is this close enough?” “Lower your head.” She was ordering him like a queen, and Nathaniel followed all her orders. Karen Joy hooked her hands around his neck, lifted her head and said: “My punishment is, I want to kiss you but you cannot kiss me back. I will take control.” “Little girl, you want to play with fire?” Nathaniel said lustfully “Not trying to play with fire, I want to punish you.” Karen Joy naively thought that this was the best punishment she could give him But she overlooked that her Brother Lionel was not a prey but a wolf. Just as her lips touched his, he immediately took control and kissed her aggressively. Karen Joy pushed him hard, but it was ineffective. It was agreed that she would be in charge of this game, but why did he become the ruler of this game as soon as it started? Sigh! At the scene of the cultural night. Yaya noticed that the man she had been thinking about for the past few days. When she saw him leave, she ran after him without a second thought. “Mr. Kyle, please wait a minute.” Yaya was a petite girl, so she had to trot to keep up with Jayden Elias Kyle. When she managed to catch up with him, she was already out of breath. “What’s the matter?” Jayden looked at the woman in front of him who was blocking his way. He had no impression of her at all. “Hello, Mr. Kyle! I am your sister’s friend. My name is Yaya. Yaya stretched out her hand while she introduced herself, thinking that she should shake hands with him out of courtesy It turned out that Jayden didn’t want to at all. He left without even saying a word. It was the first time that Yaya had seen such a rude person. She caught up with Jayden and blocked his way again. “Mr. Kyle, I have introduced myself. You should at least respond out of politeness.” “Simon!” Jayden ignored Yaya while he summoned his assistant who was beside him and stepped away from Yaya again. Simon Banks took the order and immediately stepped forward. He held Yaya back and said, “Miss, our Young Master is not interested in you. You’d better don’t embarrass yourself.” Yaya, “.” What the f*ck! She just thought that this man was good-looking and eye catching. She just wanted to look at him for a few more times. Who the f*ck was interested in him? He was really narcissistic! Yaya was so angry that she unintentionally kicked the rock beside her feet. She felt so much pain that she jumped up. “Who was this person? How can he be so delusional?”

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