My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 817

 Yaya was so angry that she kicked the small stones on the ground. How could the cute and sensible Little Jar have such a proud and arrogant brother? He shouldn’t think that he could get all the ladies because of his good looks. But then again, didn’t she fall for him at first sight just because he was good looking and elegant, “Ha ha ha..” Yaya heard Burly and Shane’s voices coming from behind. They were laughing hysterically. “What are you laughing at? Is it that funny? Do you guys have nothing else to do?” Yaya glared at both of them. “Yaya, you used to say that I was aiming for the moon. Why did you make such a mistake today?” Burly pointed to the direction where Jayden Elias Kyle had disappeared and said, “That person is obviously way out of our league. You should just daydream about it, why did you have to try and embarrass yourself?” On one hand, Burly was insulting Yaya but on the other hand, he only said it because Yaya was her long time classmate and friend. Some things and some people should only be appreciated from afar. Those who didn’t belong to you would never belong to you. Even if you one day you made up your mind on it, it would still be a difficult journey. Burly always thought that how great would it be if Karen Joy Kyle was his girlfriend, but it was only a thought. Even if Karen Joy really agreed to be his girlfriend, he might not have the courage to be with her. “I am aiming for the moon, so what?” Ya really didn’t believe it. She had already made up her mind to get to the moon, and that was, Jayden. What the heck! She looked to the direction where Jayden disappeared. She clenched her fists, as if she had decided to do something. “Young Master, that lady didn’t follow us.” Simon Banks stood outside Jayden’s car and reported the situation. “What is the progress on the background of these people that I have asked you to investigate on a few days ago?” Jayden asked Simon. Jayden rubbed his brows as he looked at the car in front of him. Although the car in front of them did a really good job on hiding where no one could see what the people in the car was doing, but it was obvious that what they were up to. Nathaniel Cooper’s driver and bodyguards were all guarding around the car. There were only two people in the car. What else could they do besides doing something intimate? Jayden’s hands that were hanging on the side of his body were still clenching very tightly that the veins on the back of his hands appeared, showing his anger. “Don’t worry, Young Master. Those people around Miss Kyle are from ordinary families. They are now studying at a university in Coast City. They started volunteering two years ago. They are not being used by anyone, they won’t cause any harm to Miss Kyle,” Simon said. When Karen Joy first came into contact with these people, Jayden had already asked Simon to investigate their backgrounds, so as to eliminate all the potential threats towards Karen Joy. The reason why he did this was partly because of his parents and it was also because of his own personal agenda. Jayden slowly withdrew his gaze and said, “Send someone to keep an eye on these people in the future. We must also find out the details of the people they have contacted. None of them can be left behind.” “Yes, I will arrange it.” Simon said respectfully. Jayden suddenly opened the door, got out of the car, and then moved to the driver’s seat. Before his assistant Simon could get into the car, he started the car and drove off immediately. His car were heading towards the luxury car in front of him. It was getting closer and closer… Nathaniel’s bodyguard noticed the danger and took out the gun he was carrying. When he was ready to aim at Jayden, Jayden turned the steering wheel and dodged Nathaniel’s car, about one meter away. The two people who were kissing passionately in the car were interrupted by this little commotion. Karen Joy pushed Nathaniel away and said with anger, “B*stard, you broke your promise They agreed that she would kiss him and he was not allowed to do anything. Just only when they started kissing, Nathaniel was already the dominating over her. He kissed her so hard that she couldn’t do anything. “You are playing with fire.” In the end, it was because this little girl was too naive. She didn’t know it was almost impossible to extinguish a man’s desire once it was provoked. Karen Joy said angrily, “Don’t kiss me again anymore.” Nathaniel chuckled and said, “Really?” “Without my consent, you absolutely can’t.”Karen Joy said. She couldn’t let him take any more advantage of her. If it went on like this, she would be eaten” by him soon. “My silly Karen!” Nathaniel stroked her head and laughed in a low voice, “You’re so silly and lovely.” “Nathaniel Cooper, do not say that I’m silly!” He thought that she didn’t know anything? No, she knew a lot. It was just that this stupid man thought she didn’t. “Nathaniel Cooper? Hmm?” she said. Nathaniel snorted while emitting threatening vibes. He didn’t like her calling his full name. “Brother Lionel, it’s getting late. Send me back home, or else my friends will be worried if they don’t see me around.” She knew what he was dissatisfied with, so she quickly changed the subject and smiled at him with her bright face. “Send a message to them. Just sleep in the car tonight, I’ll accompany you.” The injury on her feet had not healed yet. How could he let her to go back alone? “Brother Lionel, you, you… You still want to stay in the car?” Why did this man like to stay in the wilderness? Was it more exciting for a man to be in the wild? Nathaniel prodded her head. “Karen, what’s in your little head?” “Tofu.” He scolded her like this not so long ago, and she hadn’t forgotten about it. “You!” Nathaniel shook his head helplessly. He really didn’t know what to do with this little girl, who was full of funny ideas. “Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy snuggled up in Nathaniel’s arms and into his chest. “You are not allowed to be fierce at me again in the future. He said, “If you are obedient, no one will be fierce at you.” Karen Joy stared at him and said, “Obedient? I am a person, of course I have my own thoughts. Do you think you are raising a pet?” Nathaniel stroked her head and said, “When you get back, ll buy you one so you could raise it. With it, you won’t feel so bored.” “No!” Karen Joy refused immediately, and then quickly changed the topic. “Brother Lionel, how is Sister Serene’s murder case going?” “Don’t talk about others when we are together. You just need to know that you’ve got me and I can handle these things.” Nathaniel knew why Karen Joy changed the topic so he stopped talking about pets. When Karen Joy was born, her father adopted a Pomeranian for her, and named it Momo… Momo had been by her side and accompanied her as she grew up. When Karen Joy was ten years old, Mom died of old age and illnesses. After Momo died, Karen Joy was depressed for a very long time, and she didn’t even want to talk to anybody. Later, when her younger brother was born, she diverted her attention towards her brother and became lively again.

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