My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 818

Momo was a pet that had been by Karen Joy Kyle’s side since birth, she treated Momo like it was her sister. She had been raising Momo for ten years and she was not mentally prepared when it left her. How could she not be sad? Since Mom passed away, Karen Joy had never had another pet again, and she didn’t even allow anyone to mention Momo in front of her. Now Nathaniel Cooper knew that it was not that Karen Joy didn’t like pets anymore, but that she was afraid that history would repeat again, she was afraid of losing another pet. “Brother Lionel, where is Sister Serene? How is she doing?” Karen Joy did not know why she was so worried about a person whom she had only met twice. Perhaps she felt that no matter what, Serene Silas was still Nathaniel’s fiancee. Now that she was entangled with Nathaniel, she felt a little guilty for Serene. Last night, Karen Joy had a nightmare about Serene. In the dream, Serene looked unhappy Serene seemed to have fallen into a swamp. She was desperately waving her hands to call for help, but when Karen Joy rushed to save her, she was already drowned in the swamp In the middle of the night, Karen Joy broke out in a cold sweat because she was so scared of the dream. Nathaniel said, “Lucas said she was taken away by that man, he wouldn’t be wrong.” Although Lucas Mallory was a gangster, there was no need for him to deceive Nathaniel. “But Brother Lionel, you haven’t told me who that person is. Will he really take good care of Sister Serene?” If Karen Joy didn’t clarify with him, she would still be worried. “That person’s name is Jackie Leves, he is the man that Serene has been thinking about all this while.” Speaking of this, Nathaniel felt that it was enough information, there was no need for Karen Joy to know more. “So it’s him!” When Karen Joy heard the name, she recalled about the information on Jackie Leves that Blaire White had given to her. In the murder case a year ago, the former first lady died and the whole Leaves family was exterminated. The son of the Leaves family, Jackie was Serene’s lover. “You knew?” Nathaniel raised his eyebrows and asked in a deep voice. “I heard of this person from Samantha, but I don’t know much about him. I only know that he looks very handsome.” At this point, Karen Joy didn’t want to Nathaniel worry, so she had to use Samantha Lesley as a cover. “No matter how handsome he is, he is someone else’s man. Your man is right here.” Nathaniel was really petty. Not only was he jealous of Kevin Kyle, he would be jealous of whoever Karen Joy praised. “Yes, I know that! My dear Mr. President!” Brother Lionel was jealous, but she liked it when her Brother Lionel gets jealous. He looked very cute like this! He was so cute that he looked a little silly! On Misty Mountain. Looking at the latest information in his hand, Jackie was so angry that his hands trembled a little… It turned out that the woman was pregnant with his child and had aborted the child. Damned vicious woman! Was her heart made of stone? That was his child, and that was her child too. How could she be so cruel to kill her own child herself? “Young Master, there is also a statement from the doctor who aborted the child for Miss Silas. She can also prove that it was indeed Miss Silas who personally asked for the abortion. You can look at it here.” Jackie’s subordinate handed another document to him and took three steps back timidly. “Get out!” Jackie shouted while he threw the file away. He stood up and strode out. It had been two days since Serene woke up, but she didn’t say a word at all. She couldn’t even scold anyone. When someone brought her food, she ate obediently. After that, she fell asleep and wrapped herself in the quilt. She did not ask anything, nor did she say anything. She was like a living dead person She hid herself in her own shell and did not allow anyone to come close to her nor had she opened herself up to anyone. This was the only way for her to continue living. Bang Suddenly, the door was kicked open and slammed against the wall which made a loud noise. Serene was scared out of her wits, but she was still curled up in the quilt and didn’t even bother to see who came into the room. Jackie came to Serene’s bedside with his aggressive steps and looked down at the very thin Serene lying on the small bed. He ordered, “Serene, look up at me.” Humph… He asked her to look up at him, did she have to look up at him? It was just ridiculous! He was the devil that bullied her, what right did he have? Serene did not respond at all, which irritated Jackie even more. He stretched out his hand and removed the quilt away from her. “If you want to be deaf, I don’t mind helping you.” Serene was still motionless as if she really couldn’t hear him or hadn’t felt his anger. Perhaps she was not afraid of being deaf at all “Serene Silas!” Jackie shouted as he reached out again and lifted Serene up. He didn’t use much strength but he could easily cary Serene. She was so thin that he couldn’t feel her weight at all Just when he was distracted, Serene smiled at him. She had given up on herself, as if there was nothing worthy for her to be living in this world, it was a smile of relief. Suddenly, Jackie could hear Old Master Leonard’s voice in his ears, “Child, if you want her to die, then feel free to torture her. If you still care about her and can’t let her go, then treat her well. Don’t let her suffer, or else you too will suffer yourself.” While Jackie looked at the skinny woman and thought of what Old Master Leonard had said, Jackie slowly loosened his grip on Serene’s clothes and replaced her on the bed. “Not talking? Is this how you are protesting against me?” Jackie asked. She still didn’t bother to answer him! “Not talking?” He wanted her to say something. Jackie sat on the side of the bed, he picked up Serene and kissed her aggressively. He didn’t let go of her until Serene moaned in return He rubbed her swollen lips and said coldly, “Serene, remember, now you are just a toy of mine. Without my permission, you don’t even have the right to die.” Serene was kissed by him for a long time before she could catch her breath. Her pale face finally turned red too. She glanced at him coldly and immediately turned her head away. Not only did she ignore him, but she also applied the three-no’s policy against this devilish man. As long as he was no longer interested in her, maybe he would succumb to his conscience and let her go. Although Serene knew that it was almost impossible, but she wouldn’t lose hope However, when Jackie found that her face was ruddy, he would not let her go easily. He grabbed her head and said, “Serene, don’t act like you’re all innocent. Your body’s reaction is telling me that you are enjoying this.” Didn’t she abort his child? Then he would make her carry his child again so that she would never be able to get out of his control ever.

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