My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 819

 Serene Silas turned her head and bit Jackie Leves’ hand. She bit it so hard that her teeth sank into the flesh of his palm and blood gushed out. She looked at him furiously. Her eyes were like X-rays as if they were going to penetrate his body. “Get out! Don’t let me see you again!” Serene released his hand and spat out a mouthful of blood as she turned her head to the side. Her mouth was full of his blood, which made her feel extremely disgusted. “You don’t want to see me? Do you think this is something you can control?” Jackie smiled coldly, like a demon from hell. His smile made Serene tremble, but she still managed to straighten her thin body and looked at him coldly. “People like you who wear masks and don’t even dare to show their true colours are only fit to live in hell.” People who wear masks and don’t even dare to show their true faces are only fit to live in cold hell… She was right, this whole year, his days were worse than living in hell. But she knew who exterminated the Leaves family, who destroyed his face, and made him forget what he originally looked like. He could only hide under this mask and live in purgatory. It was not until Serene had mentioned about this, the blood for revenge in Jackie’s body was ignited. He was being such bully towards her and said “Then let me, a person who only deserves to live in the cold hell, play with you.” “Get out of my way! Don’t touch me! You animal! Beast! You will die a terrible death!” Like always, no matter how hard Serene struggled and resisted, she could never change her fate. Here, in this strange place, this man was the king, a master who no one dared to disobey. What about her? She was like a piece of meat on the chopping board. He could do whatever he wanted to her, and she could do nothing to stop him. Just when Serene thought that the world was going to perish, the man finally left her. He tidied his messy sleeves while he looked down at her and said “Serene, remember, you are just a toy. Don’t act like you are still the lady of the Silas family.” After leaving behind these cold words and taking a cold glance at her who was almost naked, he turned around and strode away “Young Master.” Nina greeted him as soon as he walked out of the door. It seemed like she had been waiting outside for a long time. “What’s the matter?” Jackie kept walking as he asked. Nina immediately followed up. “About Miss Silas’ murder case, the Silas family has already helped her to clear her name.” Jackie sneered and said, “Old Mr. Silas really cares about his granddaughter. She killed the grandson of the Silas family, and he could still help her to clear her name. This kind of love is unparalleled.” Nina hesitated and said, “Then we…” Jackie halted and looked back at Serene’s room door. “Don’t worry about anything else. Go and look after the woman in the room. If anything happens to her, you are responsible.” “Yes.” Nina took the order and looked at the door. The respectful look in her eyes suddenly became fierce, as if the person in the room was her sworn enemy. It was daytime, but Serene couldn’t see anything. It was so dark. She had fell into this dark world and couldn’t get out of it no matter what. “Jackie, where are you? I’m so scared. Can you please save me?” Knowing that she had already been defiled, she shouldn’t be fantasizing about Jackie. But he was the only person she could trust and rely on! Except for Jackie, she couldn’t think of anyone else who could save her from this hellish place. “Jackie, will you hate me?” Jackie loved her so much and cared for her. He would not hate her, but she couldn’t face him again. Jackie! Jackie! Jackie! She repeatedly called his name in her heart, as if this could make her feel a little bit of warmth and so that she could see the light again. In the darkness, Serene suddenly felt a heart-wrenching pain, which made her wake up from the darkness. She opened her eyes and saw Nina piercing a huge needle into her body. She struggled and asked, “What are you doing?” She wanted to push Nina away, but the woman was very strong. She held Serene’s hand but Serene had no strength to resist. Nina injected some drugs into Serene’s body, pulled out the needle and placed it on the side table. Then she opened a medicine bottle and forced a few pills into Serene’s mouth. “Eat it. Serene refused to open her mouth. As soon as Nina stuffed the medicine into her mouth, she immediately spat it out. She grabbed the used needle from the side table and stabbed Nina. Although she was seriously injured, weak and couldn’t fight against that devilish man, it didn’t mean that she, Serene, would allow anyone else to bully her without resisting at all. Serene stabbed Nina’s arm with the needle and shouted, “Get out! Get away from me, or I’ll kill you!” Nina was in pain and wanted to fight back, but Serene did not slow down. She raised her hand and stabbed the needle into the center of Nina’s palm. Nina took two steps back in pain. She knew very well that this matter had to be settled as soon as possible. Otherwise, if her master finds out, she would be in deep trouble. She adjusted her emotions and tried as much as possible to speak in a more relaxed tone. “Miss Silas, I did this for your own good. Don’t be ungrateful.” For her own good? Serene really wanted to spit on her. She was injected with an unknown drug and fed with unidentified pills. This was for her own good? Did this woman think that Serene was an idiot? Nina added, “Miss Silas, is it possible that you have fallen for my Young Master and want to give birth to a child for him?” “Bullshit!” Serene said in agitation. She wanted that man to die. How could she fall in love with him? It was even more impossible for her to give birth to his child. In this life, she only wanted to give birth to a child for Jackie, as for others, don’t even think about it. A child? Thinking of the child… Serene’s face suddenly turned pale, so pale that it was almost transparent. That demon had forced her several times into intercourse, and every time it was… and recently it seemed to be her ovulation period, so she was very likely to get pregnant. No! No! She could never be pregnant with that man’s child! Serene’s reaction caught Nina’s eyes. She knew that the opportunity had come and said, “This bottle is filled with birth control pills. It was my Young Master who asked me to give it to you. You’d better take it obediently. Otherwise, even if you are pregnant, my Young Master will not let you give birth to the child. At that time, it will be you who will suffer.” “Birth control pills?” Even though the bottle was not filled with birth control pills, Serene could not calm down and think properly. She quickly threw away the syringe and grabbed the medicine bottle. Without looking at its description, she poured a handful of the medicine and stuffed it into her mouth.

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