My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 820

At this moment, there was only one thought in Serene Silas’ mind, she must not be pregnant with the devil’s child. As long as she is not pregnant with the devil’s child, she would eat anything. Whether she could survive or not was not her priority “Miss Silas, it’s good that you understand.” Nina handed her a glass of water. The water was still steaming, so it should be very hot. However, Serene couldn’t care any lesser as she swallowed the pills with the piping hot water. The boiling hot water scalded Serene’s throat, she didn’t spit it out but forced herself to swallow it. She would never allow herself to be pregnant with that devil’s child! Nina took the medicine bottle that was left in Serene’s hand and put it back into her pocket. “Miss Silas, as long as you know what you should and should not do, then you won’t suffer that much. I will prepare the birth control pills for you in the future. Just take good care of my Young Master.” Only when her hand was empty, Serene had came back to her senses and stared at a corner of the room with her dull eyes. She suddenly felt that something was funny and even laughed out loud. After all, Serene was born into a well-known family. These years, she was a well educated woman who graduated from a renowned university. She used to be loved by her parents and her beloved man. What about now? What on earth was she now? Perhaps in the eyes of these people, she was not even a thing, she thought Clap Nina had just returned to the office. Before she could see clearly what was going on, she was slapped right in the face “Young, Young Master..” As soon she realized who hit her and saw the man who were sitting in the room, Nina knelt down onto the ground. “I…” She wanted to explain, but she was too scared that her whole body trembled. She was so frightened that she didn’t know how to explain. “Nina, who gave you the courage to mess with the Young Master’s woman?” The man beside Jackie Leves, Daryl Leves, asked. Daryl grew up in the Leves family and had been following Jackie around since then. When the Leves Family was exterminated, only the two of them and Nina survived. Although he hated Serene and the Silas family, he was more loyal to his master. Without his master’s order, he would not dare to touch Serene. At this moment, he dealt with Nina on behalf of his master. On one hand, it was to punish Nina for acting her own way. and on the other hand, he wanted to save Nina’s life. He knew how hard he slapped Nina, and that slap would at most injure her. If it was his master who punished her, Nina wouldn’t survive. Nina knelt on the ground and said with fear, “Young Master, … I did this for you. That woman of the Silas family betrayed you and had caused so many people in the Leves family to die. She doesn’t deserve to give birth to your child.” “She doesn’t deserve it!” Jackie got up and walked gracefully to Nina’s side. “Then tell me, if she doesn’t deserve it, then who does?” Nina was so frightened that she did not dare to look up at Jackie’s face. Before she could utter a word, she would bit her own tongue “Young Master!” Daryl knelt on the ground and said, “Young Master, Nina is still young and she doesn’t know how serious the matter is. Please forgive her this time for the sake of our loyalty to the Leves family. She will never do it ever again.” Daryl quickly nudged Nina with his elbow and told her to admit her mistake, so that she would stop agitating their master. They had been by their master’s side all this while. They knew clearly how much their master cared for the woman of the Silas family. Even if the woman had caused so much trouble for the Silas family and even if their master had said that he would kill the woman personally, the master’s couldn’t bring himself to do so when the woman was put before him. When that woman shed tears, their master felt sympathy for her. That woman was a typical femme fatale. But the master cared about her and was worried about her. They, as subordinates, therefore couldn’t do anything to that woman. Nina started sobbing out of fear, but she still hadn’t admit her mistake. “Young Master, it’s my fault to disobey your order, but I don’t think I did anything wrong. The death of our Master and Madam Leves has a lot to do with that woman from the Silas family. If she gives birth to your child, they would not die in peace.” At this moment, Daryl wanted nothing more than to cover Nina’s mouth. Didn’t she know that their master could end her life in the matter of seconds when he was angry? One year ago, on a pitch-black night, the Leves family was sleeping soundly. Someone had set off a huge fire and burned the entire Leves residence. That night, the firefighters arrived only when the fire had burnt through the whole house. By then, almost all of the Leves family members were burnt to death. Only the three of them managed to escape. A year ago, the police closed the case by concluding that it was a short-circuit in the Leves house which lead to the big fire. The Leves family slept too soundly and did not realize it in time, and it was already too late when the fire was brought to their attention. Following Jackie’s investigation, he learned that it was not that the Leves family had slept too soundly or that there was a short circuit. Someone had deliberately drugged them with sleeping pills, and set the house on fire. That was the reason why the fire exterminated the whole Leves family. And it was the Silas family who did all this, and it was the Silas family who set the fire. The person who made the Leves family fall into deep sleep with the sleeping pills could only be Serene, the woman of the Silas family. Jackie remembered clearly what he had went through on the day of the Leves family’s destruction. On that day, Serene volunteered to stay to have dinner with them. Before dinner, she was busy preparing dinner for them. Jackie felt sorry for her and held her in his arms. He wouldn’t let her go into the kitchen. “Serene, let the servants do it. Don’t tire yourself out.” She poked his chest with a smile and said, “I will become the daughter-in-law of the Leaves family in the future. Let me adapt to the life at my future home first.” At that time, after listening to her words, he was as happy as a fool and spun around a few times while he carried her. “Okay, wait for me!” She smiled and said, “For what?” He kissed her and said, “I will soon make you Mrs. Leves.” Mrs. Leves? Now that he thought about it, she had never cared about being called “Mrs. Leves”. Everything she had done including when she agreed to his pursuit, was just to help the Silas family destroy the Leaves family. What an evil woman! In order to help the Silas family destroy the Leaves family, she deceived everyone. Perhaps she had even managed to fool herself. “Young Master, Nina is right. Please consider on the dozen of lives of the Leaves family that were burnt alive.” At this time, Daryl was not willing to tolerate with Jackie’s foolishness in deceiving himself. All the evidences of the murder of the Leaves family were all pointed to Serene. It was only Serene that could drug their food with sleeping pills. He knew that that woman was the murderer, why should he defend her like their master did? Most of the time, Daryl wished that he could just stab that woman to death for his master. One was his subordinate who had gone through thick and thin with him, and the other was a woman who had betrayed him. Jackie would definitely side with the former. “Leave.” Finally, Jackie breathed a sigh of relief and as they got up and walked to the door, he added, “If this happens again, I will not let you off easily.”

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