My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 821

The news which claimed that Serene Silas’ was actually directed by another person to commit the murder had gone viral in country A. Many onlookers who didn’t know the truth began to organize investigation groups to search for the mastermind of the murder. But unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried to unearth the truth, they still couldn’t find any news about the girl except for the photo that had been exposed. Some people even suspected that the girl did not really exist. It was very likely that she was a smoke bomb that was deliberately used by a powerful and influential person, and the purpose was to get rid of the charges on Miss Silas. After such theories were released, they soon gained the support of a lot of people. Due to the analytical opinions by rational netizens, more and more people had come to support their view. Everyone had shifted their attention to the powerful and influential person that was behind all this in no time. To say that these people were the Sherlock Holmes of the Internet was not inaccurate at all. Soon enough, some netizens had already caught on the clues which led to the Silas family What a joke, to move the attention to Karen Joy Kyle was the most foolish thing the mastermind could do. Karen Joy was the girl that Nathaniel Cooper cared about the most, she was his weakness. It was right to take advantage of her to deal with Nathaniel, but they ignored an important key point. Nathaniel cared so much about the girl, and this was within his territory. How could he let his girl suffer from any slander? She did not only have connections with the President but she was also the daughter of the leader of Rovio, Kevin Kyle. Those who knew about him should know that this rich tycoon was a man who would spoil his wife and daughter to the skies No one could take advantage of his daughter without his approval Not only Director Kevin of Rovio would not allow that to happen, Karen Joy still had the brother that had been discreetly protecting her for 14 years. He protected this sister for his parents, he also needed to protect this girl who had been deep in his heart the whole time. With these countless layers of protection, who on earth would have the ability to plot against Karen Joy? Of course, the smart Karen Joy understood this. Therefore, no matter how chaotic it was, she did not take it to her heart at all. She still remained at the disaster area to teach classes and lived righteously. Except for the injury on her feet which was not completely healed yet, making it still a little inconvenient for her to walk, there was almost nothing else that made her feel uncomfortable. “Sister Jar, I would like to invite you to come to our house for dinner tonight.” After the classes had ended in the afternoon, Karen Joy was packing up the textbooks, Peter got onto the platform and pulled her shirt while he looked at her expectantly It was more than often that the people who came to the disaster area to teach would gather in the dining hall to eat together. Today, she heard that Peter’s father went to the city, so he probably would come back with some delicious food. Since Peter liked Karen Joy, he wanted to ask her to join them. Karen Joy knew that if she went, the food that Peter’s father brought back would have to be shared with more people. Karen Joy didn’t mind at all if she didn’t get to eat them since Brother Lionel would always bring her dinner, especially after she had been injured. She really wanted to reject Peter’s offer. However, Karen Joy could not refuse Peter’s offer when she saw the expectant look in his eyes, so she nodded and smiled. “Thank you Peter! You go back first, I will be there soon.” “Sister, Mom asked me to wait for you, she’s afraid that you won’t go.” He said what his mother had told him. “Okay, once I have packed up the textbooks and informed Sister Yaya and the others, then I’ll go with you.” Karen Joy pinched Peter’s face, as if she was pinching her little brother, Little Precious. Little Precious never liked it when she pinched his face. He always acted like a little adult and said women should not casually touch men. How old was he? Wasn’t he just an eight year old kid? A newly weaned child, how could he say he was a man? Compared to her Little Precious, Peter was much more lovely. When she pinched his face, his face would always turn red as he smiled shyly. Yes, an eight-year-old child should look like an eight-year-old child. Peter’s reaction was correct but Little Precious wasn’t Although she would say that Little Precious was not cute, but whenever she thought of him, Karen Joy always felt like going home and hugging him. Wuuuwuuu…. She really wanted to pinch the Little Precious’ face, so that she could hear him yell out ‘sister’. Peter’s mother had specially invited Karen Joy to their house to have dinner, mainly because she wanted to thank Karen Joy for sparking Peter’s interest in studies. Before that, he was well known as the naughty boy in their class. He was good at sports and had a critical mind, but he just didn’t like to study. When he was in primary 1, he couldn’t even distinguish between 6 and 9. There was one time, he scored 65 points for his drawing, but he proudly told his mother that he got 95 points. After seeing this, Peter’s mother did not know whether to laugh or cry. She knew that it was not because her son was not smart, her son was not stupid if compared to the others, it was just that he did not receive the proper education. “Teacher Jar, please sit down.” When Peter brought Karen Joy to his family tent, Peter’s mother quickly took a small stool and wiped it with her sleeve and enthusiastically invited Karen Joy to take her seat. “Auntie, you don’t have to be so formal to me. We have known each other for so long. Let’s just be casual.” Karen Joy liked to smile. When she smiled, she had two little dimples, which were particularly eye-catching. Other than that, she had a good character, so she had a very good relationship with the people in the disaster area. In fact, her real personality was not so approachable, but she was a flexible person. She knew what kind of personality to put out to interact with people under different types of circumstances. She wanted to be nice to the people in the disaster area because everyone was simple and sincere. “Okay, then make yourself at home too.” Peter’s father sat on the side and gave Karen Joy a bottle of yogurt drink. Although the government had tried their best to maintain the water and electricity supply as much as possible, the disaster area still found it hard to cope with this issue, so it was still inevitable that there would be occasional supply shortages. Sometimes, even drinking water would be scarce. For them, yogurt drinks were a luxury. Karen Joy took the drink with her both hands, opened it and handed it to Peter. “Peter, I like drinking mineral water. Can you drink this instead?” “Okay.” Looking at this bottle of yogurt drink, Peter’s eyes were glowing. Since Sister Jar said she didn’t like it then he would drink it on her behalf, A child’s world was just so simple and innocent. They just believed whatever the adults said and would not think deeper into it. Peter’s father said, “Miss Little Jar, thank you for making Peter interested in studying. If he can get into university in the future, you deserve the greatest credit.” She stroked Peter’s head and said, “Uncle, it’s not that my teaching method is good, but Peter is really smart. As long as he studies hard, he will definitely get into a good university in the future.” By the time Peter gets into university, she would have already become Brother Lionel’s wife. She could be Brother Lionel’s side to run his country and help his people flourish!

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