My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 822

Oh my God! At the thought of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy Kyle wished that Brother Lionel could appear in front of her immediately so that she could see him. Brother Lionel would come to the disaster area every night and he would return in the morning. Although she had just parted with Brother Lionel this morning, but whenever she thought of him, she felt like she had not seen him for a long time. This was the most honest feeling for people who were in love. Even if they were stuck together every day, they would still feel like it wasn’t enough. As a matter of fact, for her to teach at the disaster area, the person who suffered the most was not her, but her Brother Lionel. He had to come at night and go back in the morning, it would take him 4 hours everyday to come back and forth. “Yeah, I also think that Peter has a nimble mind!” In the past, Peter’s father would often scold Peter for being stupid because he didn’t like to study. After Karen Joy came here, they had a parents meeting. She made the parents realized what their children’s potential were and so that the parents could give their children more encouragement. That way, their children would certainly perform beyond their expectation. The parents took Karen Joy’s advice. They began to find out what their children were good at and they encouraged them more. Sure enough, the children made great progress. They had improved in their studies and they were more proactive in life. Many children also took the initiative to help their parents to help with the house chores. Peter was the most typical one among them, which indirectly proved that Karen Joy’s visit as a temporary teacher this time was a success. Karen Joy was very excited that her teaching method had good results and was approved by the children and their parents. After leaving Peter’s house, Karen Joy went to have a look at the residential area which was under construction. The houses here were almost complete, and they were about to become everyone’s new homes. It signified the start of the new life for the people in the disaster area. After such a major disaster, Karen Joy had done several rescue and disaster relief works and had also participated in the reconstruction of the disaster area. She had witnessed the earthquake with her own eyes. The disaster area was in a mess and corpses were everywhere, but the people in the disaster area were not beaten down. With the help of the government, everyone in the disaster relief group and the members of the construction team were very active and rarely complained. Now that the situation at the disaster area was getting better and better it was no doubt that her Brother Lionel was very good at running the country. When Brother Lionel just took office, he had already encountered with such a big event. He was calm and issued orders in an orderly way. He organized the army and the citizen to undergo rescue missions at the disaster area. He also organized the reconstruction of the disaster area. A series of measures were very well taken. Karen Joy sighed again. She had such a good taste. When she was a child, she had already fallen in love with such a treasure that was Brother Lionel. If she hadn’t let her father save the injured boy, she would not have such Brother Lionel who loved her so much. Thinking of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy couldn’t wait as she raised her hand to look at the time. It was only eight o’clock in the evening, Brother Lionel wouldn’t arrive so soon. Sigh! As she shook her head in disappointment, she felt a pair of thick palms had gently covered her eyes. Karen Joy instinctively wanted to attack, but the familiar aura surrounded her and she immediately knew who it was. She already knew who was covering her eyes, and the man deliberately lowered his voice and asked, “Guess who?” Karen Joy burst out laughing. Her Brother Lionel was sometimes really silly and cute, and most of the time treated her like an ignorant child. Pretty much all the time, she wanted to tell him that she was no longer the little girl who didn’t know anything. Now, she knew and understood everything. Karen Joy removed his hands away, turned around and threw herself into his arms. She snuggled in his arms and said, “There will be no one else except my Brother Lionel.” “Oh, you’re that sure?” Nathaniel Cooper rubbed her head with a smile on his face. “Of course, it’s because my Brother Lionel smells so good, other men are stinky. That’s how I know.” Karen Joy never stopped praising her Brother Lionel. Wouldn’t she be worried that her Brother Lionel would get too arrogant if she praised him too much? “What about your father?” It was his instinct, Nathaniel wanted to surpass him. Karen Joy pouted and said, “You petty bastard! Why do you want to compare with my father? Let me tell you, my dad is the man who loves me the most in the world, and you don’t even come close.” “It seems like I have to continue to work hard.” He wanted to work harder to love and care for her and let her know that there was another man who loved her more than anyone else in the world, other than her father. “Brother Lionel, let’s work hard together from now on.” Karen Joy placed her hand on Nathaniel’s. “Brother Lionel, it’s only eight o’clock now. Why are you here already?” Usually, he would arrive here at around ten o’clock at night at the earliest, but today he arrived two hours earlier. Was it because he missed her again? “Because I didn’t have anything else to do, so I got off work earlier to accompany you.” Because he had to go abroad for an official visit tomorrow, he would be away for a week, so he made time to accompany her now. He would be abroad for a week. Thinking that he could not see her for a week, he felt very down. He really wanted to take her with him, but the relationship between them was still unclear. What reason did he have for her to go with him? So he had to deal with his matters as soon as possible so that she co be with him openly, so that she ould accompany him wherever he went. “By the way, Brother Lionel, can I ask for a favour?” “Okay, go ahead.” “Why do you never ask what I’m going to ask for and just agree on it? What if my request is too much?” “Would you?” “Of course not.” “That’s exactly it.” Nathaniel took her hand and said as he walked, “Tell me, I’m listening.” “Brother Lionel, I have been here for a while. I am aware that their living conditions are really bad. Can you offer the people some preferential policies in the future to make up for the time they spent in the disaster area?” Speaking of which, Karen Joy was helping the people in the disaster area to seek benefits. But actually, she just wanted the people in the disaster area to admire their President more. Nathaniel nodded. “Well, that’s a good idea. But..” “Brother Lionel, can’t you do that?” Karen Joy interrupted Nathaniel eagerly before he could finish his words. “The relevant departments are already working on it, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Nathaniel smiled gently. “Oh, so you guys have already thought of it already, Brother Lionel.” She thought that she was very far-sighted. It turned out that Brother Lionel had already thought of it before she did. “Alright, let’s not talk about these things. Take a walk with me.” “Brother Lionel, what’s the matter?” “Nothing.” He just wanted to hold her hand like this. The two of them just walked around and talked casually, relieving him from all his fatigue. “Brother Lionel, do you know?” “I know.” He replied. “What do you know?” She asked. “Because what you want to say is exactly what I want to say to you.” Nathaniel stood still and held Karen Joy’s shoulder. “I want to hold your hand like this, for the rest of our lives.”

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