My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 823

The night was gradually getting darker! Karen Joy Kyle lay on the small bed. Without Brother Lionel’s warm embrace, she felt that there was something missing. She couldn’t fall asleep. This was only the first night since Brother Lionel was abroad. It was as if she hadn’t seen him for thousands of years. She was going crazy already, how could she survive for the next six days? Thinking of the fact that she wouldn’t be able to see Brother Lionel in the next six or seven days, Karen Joy wished she could grow a pair of wings and fly to Brother Lionel’s side. But she couldn’t be so capricious. She promised to teach the children for a month, moreover, Brother Lionel’s visit was an official affair, she couldn’t just stick around him. Sigh! Karen Joy let out a long sigh. She wouldn’t be so bored if Little Precious was by her side at this time to play with her. Thinking of Little Precious, Karen Joy remembered that she hadn’t contacted her family for a long time. Her grandparents must have missed her a lot. As she thought of the elders at home, Karen Joy hurriedly grabbed her phone and dialed home. The phone rang several times before someone answered, “Hello! Who is this?” “Little Aunt?” This voice sounded like her Little Aunt’s, but wasn’t her Little Aunt in Chatterton Town? At the end of the year, the whole family would go back to Chatterton Town to celebrate the New Year’s. Her Little Aunt shouldn’t be in New York at this time. “I thought it was someone else, turns out it’s our Baby Karen. You have no conscience at all. How could you call us only now? I thought you don’t even know the home number anymore.” Upon hearing that it was Karen Joy, Mia Kyle had a lot to say, “Your Grandma misses you so much she can’t even get out of bed. You have no conscience at all. Are you not going to come back and visit her?” “What?” Once she knew that her grandmother was ill, Karen Joy immediately sat up from bed. “Little Aunt, what’s wrong with Grandma?” “Karen, don’t listen to your Little Aunt’s nonsense. She’ll feel uncomfortable if she doesn’t cause chaos in the world.” Mama Kyle’s sweet voice traveled through the phone. “Grandma, are you really all right?” Karen Joy knew that her grandmother’s health had always been poor, so it was common for her to be sick. During the changing of the season last year, her grandmother forgot to wear a thicker clothing and caught a cold. She managed to recover only after being in bed for two weeks. Her grandmother had always doted on her so much. Supposedly, she should have stayed in New York to spend more time with her grandmother, but she abandoned them and came to Country A. When she thought of this, Karen Joy was so sad that she was about to cry. “I’m fine, Baby Karen. You have to take care of yourself over there and as long as you’re fine, I will be happy.” Mama Kyle said. Karen Joy nodded vigorously and said, “Grandma, I am living well here. I’m eating well and sleeping well. I have already gained a few pounds.” Mama Kyle said, “It’s good to gain weight. That thin body of yours has to be chubbier. You will look cuter when you are chubby.” Karen Joy said like a spoiled child, “Grandma…” “Hey, Karen…” upon hearing her granddaughter’s soft voice, Mama Kyle felt emotional and burst into tears again. “Mom, don’t be anxious. The little girl is talking to you, isn’t she?” Mia hurriedly stroked Mama Kyle’s back. “I don’t want to either, but it is something I can’t change for so many years,” she was obviously happy to hear her granddaughter’s voice, but she couldn’t help feeling sad. Karen Joy, who was on the phone, could only feel anxious. “Grandma, don’t agitate yourself too much. I’ll go back to accompany you soon. Mama Kyle wiped her tears and said, “Karen, I know. Why not we end the call? I’ll call you another day.” Worrying that she would affect her granddaughter’s mood, Mama Kyle hung up the phone, but her tears continued to flow down her cheeks. “Grandma, Sister is not at home, but I’m still here with you.” A child’s voice spoke. Karen Daly had returned home with Little Precious. As soon as she entered the house, she saw Mama Kyle crying heavily. At a glance, Little Precious knew that his grandmother must have missed his sister. Without waiting for his mother’s instructions, Little Precious hurried over to comfort his grandmother. “Yes, and our Little Precious is still with me. I’m very happy about that.” Mama Kyle smiled through tears and stroked his head. Karen Daly walked over and said, “Mom, Karen is doing well there. Don’t worry about her too much. Your health is more important. Since Mia is in New York, I’m going to cook for our distinguished guest.” “Sister-in-law, you’re getting more and more virtuous.” Mia stood up and gave Karen Daly a big hug. She didn’t forget to flatter her with compliments too. “Sister-in-law, your fashion design company has such a good reputation and you take great care of your family too. How did you achieve that?” Mia was thinking that she was also married for ten years, and even had a child. But she was still like a child who often fought with her ten year old son for attention This time, it was because she fought with her son for the attention that Neil Brown did not side with her. In a fit of anger, she flew from Chatterton Town to her parents’ home. No matter how many years had passed, Mia was still so carefree and unrestrained. She would do whatever she wants and Neil could only endure. What made Mia angrier was that she had been home for over 24 hours now, and that old man, Neil had not even called to ask about her. Mia had decided to be mad at him for the rest of his life. Let him raise their young son and grow old alone. “Don’t shower me with anymore compliments. Come over and help me prepare lunch. Dad will be back from fishing soon.” Karen smiled gently and raised her hand to look at the time. “Mm, your brother should be done with work, he should come home soon.” In fact, it was not that Karen Daly had took very good care of the family, but that they were good to her and made her feel the warmth a family should have. Especially her Mr. Kyle, who had doted on her for more than ten years and thought of everything for her, so that she would have more time to realize her dream. Speak of the devil, Mr. Kyle was now home. He was still wearing the same white shirt and black trousers that he wore all year round. What was different was that he had added a coat because it was cold outside. The coat was designed and made by Karen Daly herself. It was customized for him. At first glance, it was no different from any other ordinary coat, but the tiny details were what made it exclusive. For example, the threads that were used to make the coat were carefully selected by Karen. The lower hem of the coat was embroidered with the same color as the coat. It looked simple and poised, which was particularly suitable for Mr. Kyle. After Kevin Kyle had entered the room, he greeted Mama Kyle first and then walked towards Karen Daly. “Sister-in-law, i’d better help you later on.” Mia had seen how loving these two were. To not torture herself, she thought it would be better to avoid them. He walked towards her and although he was still a distance away, Kevin’s eyes fell straight on Karen, he could see nothing else except her.

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