My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 824

More than a decade had passed, their child had already grown up, but Kevin Kyle still looked at Karen Daly the same way he used to. No, it wasn’t only the same as he used to, it was with more affection than before, as if he only had her in his eyes. He walked gracefully to Karen’s side. Karen pursed her lips into a gentle smile and said “You’re back!” Kevin nodded. “Yes.” After for more than ten years, Director Kevin was still a man of few words, but he did change a little. He not only responded, but also walked to Karen’s side and pulled her into his arms to embrace her. “You must be hungry.” Karen said with a smile. “Mm.” He nodded without saying anything. “Then go get changed. After that, we can start eating.” Karen escaped from his arms and said. Kevin said seriously, “Help me with that.” “You need me to help you change your clothes? I don’t even need to help my eight-year-old son to change his clothes. Director Kevin, aren’t you ashamed?” Sometimes, Karen really had no way to deal with this man. Because he already said it, so if she didn’t help him, he would pester her so hard that she wouldn’t be able to do anything else. This man was getting more and more childish. Sure enough, Director Kevin said, “I asked my wife to help me. Why should I be ashamed?” “Okay fine, I’ll help you.” Karen immediately raised her hand and surrendered. Then, he led her upstairs. His palms were very big and Karen’s were small. His big palms could easily hold hers, and he held it tightly. Over the years, as long as they walked together, he liked to hold her hand. Just like what he had said before, he will hold her hand and keep walking, until they grow old. Karen took out Kevin’s loungewear from the wardrobe. She then turned around and saw Kevin staring at her with deep affection, as if he was looking into her mind. Karen smiled and said, “Why are you looking at me like this?” Kevin stretched his hand towards her face and drew an outline of her face with his finger. “Nothing, I just want to look at you like this.” He could just stay here and looked at her without doing anything else. He could look at her until the earth ends and it would still not be enough for him. “You’ve already looked at it for more than a decade and I’m already getting old. Haven’t you gotten tired of me yet?” His words warmed Karen’s heart. She smiled even more brightly “It’s only been more than ten years. In the next few decades, I will still look at you like this.” He wanted to look at her and accompany her, and grow old together. “Director Kevin, you’ve become more eloquent recently You’ve been sweet talking to me this whole time, did you do something behind my back?” Of course, she believed that he would never do anything that would hurt her. She just wanted to tease him. Sure enough, as soon as Karen said this, Director Kevin’s face darkened. “What nonsense are you talking about?” He couldn’t take a joke at all. Especially when it came to the issue of loyalty, if she ever mentioned it, he would definitely get anxious. Karen smiled proudly and said, “I was just teasing you and yet you had a huge reaction. Do you really have a woman outside? “Karen Daly!” Director Kevin was really angry. “Mm?” Karen looked at him with a smile and said “Director Kevin, is there anything that you want to order your lady to do?” “I’ve told you before, other than you, nobody else is worthy.” Kevin stroked her face and said slowly. Although Karen was not the most outstanding woman in the world, but in his heart, she was one of a kind and no one could replace her. “Mm, I know.” Karen was very satisfied with his reply and let Director Kevin express his love for her indirectly She knew? Shouldn’t she also confess her love to him? Kevin looked at Karen with dissatisfaction. His face was gloomy, like a big boy who was upset. Karen said in a gentle voice, “Me too.” Upon hearing Karen’s words, Director Kevin’s face brightened a little. Sigh, this man was really childish. He was much more childish than their Little Precious. To her, it was like raising two sons at the same time. Kevin held her in his arms again. Karen snuggled up in his arms and suddenly thought of something, “By the way, Kevin, let’s find a time to visit Baby Karen and Jayden. I’m still worried about the both of them.” Kevin nodded and agreed, “Alright, let’s go there as a family to accompany them once you are done with your fashion show” When he mentioned about the fashion show, Karen suddenly thought of something that she hadn’t completed. “Kevin, come and take a look for me.” Karen dragged Kevin to her studio, turned on the computer, and showed him the design draft of her newest collection, “This is the theme for my main collection for this season. What do you think?” Although Kevin did not know much about fashion but his taste was not bad. Karen often asked him for some advice, and Director Kevin was also very happy to do so. He studied through the design draft carefully and looked at some of the samples of the ready-made clothes. As he looked at them, he nodded and said, “It feels like your style. It’s simple, poised and elegant. I think the market will also have a good response.” “I’m really flattered to have Director Kevin of Rovio to praise me.” Karen smiled sweetly. In fact, she felt happier to be recognized by Kevin, than getting recognized by the people in the fashion industry. She added, “Alright, go get changed quickly. I’ll go downstairs to help out for lunch.” Kevin said, “I also have something for you to see.” Karen asked, “What?” “Come.” Kevin took Karen’s hand and went back into to the room. He took out an exquisite box from the desk drawer. He opened the box and there was a necklace mounted with sapphire gemstones resting in the gift box. He asked, “Look, do you like it?” “Is this for me, again?” In the past few years, he had given her countless of expensive gifts. She had so many necklaces that she almost could not fit any more jewellery into her cabinet. “Yes. Do you like it?” Kevin looked at Karen expectantly. If she paid attention, she could see that he looked way more anxious compared to the previous times when he had given her a gift. This was because he didn’t tell her that the gemstone necklace was designed and made by him for her. “I like it. If it’s from you, I will like it.” Karen was very fond of it, but she felt that she couldn’t use it. “But don’t waste your money on these things. I have way too many pieces of jewellery, I can’t wear them all.” “What do you mean wasting money? Isn’t it natural for me spend money on my wife?” Kevin personally picked up the necklace and put it on for Karen. He approached her, and she could feel his warm breath on her earlobe. She couldn’t help but blush. “I’ll do it myself.” However, Kevin ignored her. He insisted on putting it on for her and took two steps back to look at her. Her skin was fair and she had no wrinkles at all. She looked stunning in the sapphire necklace. Kevin could not help but lower his head and kiss her. “Answer me, do you like it?”

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