My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 825

“I like it!” Whether he was referring to the gift he gave her, or his kiss, she liked them all. However, Karen Daly deliberately chose the former, “Didn’t I just tell you that as long as it is a gift from you, I will like it.” Kevin Kyle’s face darkened slightly and said with dissatisfaction, “You already know that I’m not asking about that. Karen blinked, and acted like she didn’t understand. “If that’s not what you’re asking, then what is it?” Kevin, “.” He was referring to something else! Karen smiled and snuggled into his arms. She held his strong waist and snuggled. “Kevin, do you know how happy! am?” He definitely didn’t know how happy she was, and the man who gave her all these happiness was the one who had been by her side throughout the years. Kevin rubbed her head and said softly, “Silly, why are you saying this all of a sudden?” “For so many years, you have always supported me, this allowed me to spend more time and energy on my fashion career. All the achievements that I have today, half of it was because of your full support that you have given to me.” With Kevin’s backing, and the whole family by her side, Karen could devote herself into her work to fulfil her childhood dream. “I am your husband.” Kevin’s answer couldn’t be any simpler, but it was the warmest answer one could hear. Karen raised her head slightly to look at him. “Kevin, do you know? I feel happier than I would be if I have the whole world. Thank you for being by my side. Thank you for giving me Baby Karen and Little Precious. Kevin gifted a lot of things to Karen, including houses, cars, jewellery and so on. However, what Karen loved the most were their treasures-Karen Joy Kyle and Julien Glover Kyle. With Kevin and their children, only then was their family the happiest and the most complete. “I am your husband.” Kevin’s answer still could not be any simpler. The word “husband” was definitely not just an identity to Kevin. When she promised to marry him, he became her lifelong and most solid support. “Of course I know you’re my husband.” Karen smiled and snuggled into his arms again. “t’s precisely because you’re my husband that I feel so happy. If she didn’t meet Kevin, her life would turn out differently, and she couldn’t bear to even think about it. She was glad that she had met him and accepted his marriage proposal. She was even more grateful that he was her husband and someone that she could rely on for the rest of her life. At the same time, a taxi slowed down and stopped in front of the Kyle family’s mansion. The passenger paid the fare, opened the door, and got off the car. The door opened and the passenger got off, it was a ten year-old boy. He looked up and said to the security guard at the guardhouse with a serious face, “Please ask Mia Kyle to come out.” As soon as the security guard saw the Little Master, he recognized him and hurriedly greeted him. “Little Master Brown, are you alone?” “Is it strange for me to be alone?” The little boy glanced at the security guard and said, “If you don’t want to ask her to come out, that’s fine too. Then pass on a message to her for me. Her husband kicked her son out of the house, so please ask her if she still wants her son. If she doesn’t want her son, her son will run away from home.” “Little Master Brown, wait a minute. We’ll inform Miss Mia immediately.” This little one was the Little Master of the Brown family. No security personnel would dare to neglect him, so they quickly called Mia and informed her. Mia was chatting with Mama Kyle when she received the news. She almost couldn’t believe it when she heard that her son was alone outside of the house. Although Mia couldn’t believe it but she still came out. There was still a distance until she reaches the gate, but she could see her son standing in the cold wind with his hands clasped behind his back. The wind was a little strong today, so the little one only wore a thin coat while standing in the cold wind. Although Mia always quarreled with her son and stole his food and toys… But no matter how capricious she was, she was still the child’s biological mother. Seeing such a little child standing in the cold wind, Mia’s heart ached. She quickly ran over to the little one and held him in her arms. “Brat, why are you here alone? Where is your stinky father? “If I’m not alone, who else would be with me?” The little boy looked arrogant, but as soon as he was held in Mia’s arms, he immediately snuggled in her arms like a baby, and said as if he was wronged, “That old man, Neil, kicked me out of the house. He asked someone to buy a ticket and sent me here.” “Why did he kick you out? I gave birth to you, not him. How could he kick you out of the house?” Hearing that it was Neil who kicked the child out, Mia was so furious that she wanted to fly back immediately and blow up Neil’s camp. “Ahem..” the little one coughed and said, “Mom, you could only give birth to me because of Neil’s small contribution. But I know that you are the one who suffered the most.” “Even if he contributed, he still can’t kick you out of the house like that. Only I can bully you, he can’t.” Mia was the typical only I can do it and no one else is allowed to kind of person. At home, she could bully the little one, but Neil couldn’t. The reason why Mia ran away from home this time was that she and the little one had fought for attention, but Neil didn’t side her. York. She was so angry because the father and son had joined hands to bully her. In a fit of anger, she flew back to New York. At this moment, knowing that her son was being bullied by Neil, Mia couldn’t wait any longer to go back to Chatterton Town to confront him. She turned to the security guard and said, “Please tell my parents, brother and sister-in-law that I’ll go back to Chatterton Town first. I’ll come back to see them another day.” Mia’s was always so impatient, in a fit of anger, she wanted to rush back as soon as possible to Chatterton Town to see Neil. After a nearly 20-hour journey, they finally returned to Chatterton Town. When they got home, they found Neil sleeping soundly on the bed. The mother and son had been extremely exhausted from all the travelling. Not only did he not call to ask about them, but he was sound asleep. At the sight of this, Mia was so enraged that she pulled off the quilt that was covering Neil’s body and kicked him. “Neil, you old bastard, how can you sleep so soundly? How can you drive my son and I out of the house?” “Just use the word bastard. Why do you have to add the word old’ in it?” Neil sat up and looked at Mia with his sleepy eyes. “Who drove you and your son away?”.

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