My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 826

“Huh.. Neil, I just reached home, and you already kicked my son out. Why can’t you just admit it?” Mia Kyle was so angry that she raised her foot and was about to kick Neil Brown. However, before she could kick him, he reached out and held her in his arms. He stroked her hair lovingly, “You two just came back, have a good rest. Don’t make a fuss.” “Make a fuss? If you didn’t kick us away from home, did we have to suffer for nearly 20 hours?” The more Mia explained, the angrier she became. “I kicked you away from home? Didn’t you book a ticket and left on your own? I asked someone to stop you but it didn’t work anyway.” Neil said innocently. “Neil, if you helped me when my son bullied me at that time, would I be so angry that I left home?” Anyway, Mia would not think that she was wrong. Neil just kept quiet This woman was becoming more and more unreasonable. But who was to blame? It was all because he had spoiled her so much over the years, so now, he had to suffer the consequences. Mia was stubborn but she had her soft spot. If he just went along with her, then nothing bad would happen. Neil was clear about that. He patted her on the back and calmed her down. “All right, all right, little tigress, let’s just end this right here. We will compromise more from now on.” “What? What did you call me? Neil, repeat yourself.” Did he think that she was a tigress and that she was very fierce? Did he think that she was not feminine anymore? Neil turned to look at the little one at home and said, “Son, serve your mother a nice cup of tea. It’ll help with cooling down her temper.” The little one seemed to know what his father needed and he had already prepared a nice cup of tea. He handed her the tea and said seriously, “Mom, drink this. Let’s discuss together. Is there anything we can’t talk about? Why did you have to go back and cry to your family?” “Who said I went home to cry? I didn’t even mention that you two made me angry…” Speaking of this, Mia suddenly realized something and looked at the father and son with wide eyes. “Good on you Neil Brown. Good on you Nyle Brown. You two are tough now huh, you two can bully me together now.” “Mom, don’t be angry!” Levi Brown climbed into Mia’s arms and sat down. “Mom, I promise I won’t fight for attention with you anymore. Dad will side you from now on. Don’t be angry at me and Dad.” “I know you love me the most!” Mia rubbed his head and looked at Neil discontentedly. “Old man, learn from your son You should know that women should be spoiled, not bullied.” “Mia, do you want to be..” She always called him an old man, which made him very unhappy. Neil blurted out these unpleasant words. However, because his son was there, he forcibly swallowed back the other half of his message. Levi was very sensible. He quickly jumped out of his mother’s arms and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m quite sleepy. I’ll rest up first. Good night!” When he left, he also closed the door for his mother and father very considerately, so that the two of them could whisper sweet nothings to each other. As soon as the door was closed, Neil hugged Mia and said, “Mia, you are in your thirties already. Although he looks and acts like a ten year old child, he is actually only seven this year! You are not even as sensible as he is. Aren’t you embarrassed?” “My son thinks for me, is there anything wrong with that?” Mia said proudly, “I’m the only woman in our family. Of course, you have to give way to me.” Neil said, “You are just like that, you just don’t want to change.” “Neil, you old man, how can you talk about me like that?” Mia bit her lip and thought that this old man deserved to be punished. “Old? I’ll show you who’s old. I may be old but I still got it.” Neil pressed Mia down under his body. Mia still wanted to say something, but Neil pounced onto Mia and kissed her. She didn’t want to be bullied by an old man like him, so she struggled to move away, but Neil’s strength was too strong. He held her down so strongly that she became powerless. “Neil.” “Neil, um..” Neil’s actions completely shut Mia off. He showed her that age was just a number, as his performance was still so extraordinary that it blew Mia away. When Neil let go of Mia, there was only one thought in Mia’s mind: Neil was an old fox who was only getting stronger and stronger. She was bullied yet again! One day, two days, three days… five days… Today was the fifth day since Brother Lionel left. It was only five days, but Karen Joy Kyle had already felt like the whole world was collapsing. She was getting agitated. “Brother Lionel..” She lay on her bed and silently called out Brother Lionel’s name. “Your Baby Karen misses you very much. Do you know that? As if responding to her calling from the bottom of her heart, Brother Lionel’s pleasant voice suddenly sounded, “Karen, what are you doing? Brother Lionel is calling! Hurry up, answer the phone! Answer the phone!” Hearing Brother Lionel’s voice, Karen Joy regained her senses and sat up happily. She answered, “Brother Lionel, are you back already?” “Karen..” Nathaniel Cooper called her name and didn’t say anything else for a long time. Karen Joy guessed that Brother Lionel must have extended his trip because of some circumstances, so he could not come back on time. He was probably worried that she would be disappointed, so he was too embarrassed to say it. She immediately said, “Brother Lionel, I’m a little busy these days. I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to think of you. You won’t blame me, will you?” “Silly girl!” Nathaniel Cooper scolded softly. “You can do whatever you want. Why do you need to be so busy and suffer so much?” Karen Joy smiled and said, “Why would you use the word suffer? I like you a lot, so I have to support your work. If your schedule is delayed because of work and you can’t come back on time, I’ll just wait for you.” Karen Joy’s sensible and generous words made Nathaniel speechless again. After a while, Karen Joy added, “Brother Lionel, you are the President of Country A. You are not only bearing the weight of your own fate, but the fate of the whole country. And I am willing to accompany you through this journey Nathaniel took a deep breath and asked, “Karen, how did you learn to be so sensible and kind?” She could have acted like a spoiled child. She should have gotten used to ordering people around her. She should have gotten used to being served… However, for him, she had already spent almost a month volunteering at the disaster area which had very difficult living conditions. She exceeded his expectations, and he saw her in a new light Karen Joy pursed her lips and chuckled. “Because I want to be a woman who can stand alongside you, not a woman who will drag you down.” She worked hard for a simple purpose, she wanted to be a competent First Lady.

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