My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 827

“Silly girl, how could you drag me down?” She didn’t even know how much strength she had given him, how would she drag him down? “Brother Lionel, don’t worry, just carry on with the national affairs. Don’t worry about me. I am doing well in the disaster area. When you come back, I will be back in Coast City soon too. At that time, you don’t have to come here to see me every day.” Karen Joy clearly hoped that Brother Lionel could come back to her side immediately, but she still said such words to comfort him sensibly. “Mm, okay. You’d better go to bed early and don’t catch a cold.” He reminded Karen Joy again, and then Nathaniel Cooper hung up the phone. Looking at the dark screen on her phone, Karen Joy stuck her face to the screen, as if she could still hear Brother Lionel’s voice. “Brother Lionel.” She shouted for him silently. It was such a terrible feeling to miss someone who was so far away. “Little Jar, were you calling your lover boy again?” Yaya just came back from outside as she saw Karen Joy staring at her blank screen like a fool. Karen Joy turned over and looked at Yaya. “Sister Yaya, have you ever liked someone so much that you lose your appetite and mood when you can’t see him? Yaya thought for a moment and answered, “I don’t know.” Karen Joy pouted and asked, “What do you mean you don’t know?” Yaya said, “There was a man who made me lose my appetite for several days before, but I don’t know whether liked him or hated him.” Karen Joy became curious and immediately asked, “Oh, tell me, Let me analyse too.” Yaya said, “Little Jar, let me ask you a question first.” Karen Joy nodded confidently, “Ask away.” Yaya scratched her head and asked, “Is your brother a person who rarely talks and doesn’t like to talk?” “How is that possible?” Karen Joy never thought Jayden Elias Kyle as a quiet person. “Sister Yaya, let me tell you, he is a very nosy person. He gets nosy about everything. From time to time, he will nag a lot, sometimes he would nag more than my mother. Of course I’m not saying that my mother nags a lot, but my brother is really a nosy person.” When it comes to Jayden, Karen Joy could complain about him for a whole night and it might not be enough to release all the resentment in her heart. As she spoke, Karen Joy realized something. She widened her eyes and asked, “Sister Yaya, have you really fallen for Jayden?” Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Jayden was such an annoying person. How could there be anyone who liked him, especially such an excellent girl like Yaya? Yaya shrugged helplessly. “That’s why I said that I don’t know if I actually have a crush on any guy…” She was not the kind of person who would be easily attracted to guys. However, Jayden did tickle her heart. In the past few nights, she dreamed of that man. In real life, he was cold and didn’t want to talk much, but in her dreams, he was much lovelier. “Sister Yaya, do you know a lot of men?” Karen Joy thought that if she really fell in love with Jayden, there could only be two reasons. Firstly, Yaya might have a problem with her eyes, and secondly, maybe Yaya did not know of many men in her life. Yaya said discontentedly, “Little Jar, what do you mean?” Karen Joy hurriedly explained, “No, Sister Yaya… There are so many men in the world, you really should choose carefully. I’m not trying to talk bad about him, but he is really a very annoying man.” Well, she admitted that she shouldn’t speak so ill of him in front of others, but she didn’t mean to. She was just speaking the truth. She didn’t think it was right to say good things about him and innocently involved Yaya in a terrible love situation. Yaya sighed and said, “But I just have a f*cking crush on him. If I don’t get him, I will feel so bad all my life. “Sister Yaya, are you serious?” If Yaya really was interested in Jayden, Karen Joy could consider matching them up. “So what if I’m serious? So what if I’m not?” Thinking of Jayden’s cold attitude that night, Yaya felt very irritated. “If you really like him, then you can go after him. Although he is nosy, he is a very capable person.” Karen Joy hated Jayden for being nosy, but she still acknowledged that he was a capable person. Yaya lay on the bed and lifted her legs up against the wall. “Hmph, if I can have him…” She would definitely make him pay for that night when he ignored her. “Sister Yaya, I’m going to wish you all the best. If you can marry him, you and I will spend lots of time together in future. No..” Karen Joy suddenly blushed. “I’m going to marry someone in the future too. It’s still difficult for us to be together every day.” Yaya laughed and said, “Little girl, how old are you? You’re already thinking of getting married. Aren’t you thinking too much?” “Marriage is a common thing, no?” Karen Joy said confidently. “It has nothing to do with how old I am. The most important thing was that I have locked my eyes on a single target since I was a child. Now that I’m older, I don’t need to go through the tedious process of choosing a man anymore.” Since she had targeted Brother Lionel since she was a child, she had to take full advantage of this opportunity. She could not let others snatch him away. The two of them were chatting fervently inside the tent. They did not know that a man was silently listening outside.. Listening to the conversation between the two of them, he put on a straight face. He seemed unbothered by their conversation, but his clenched fists sort of gave his emotions away. Humph… Karen Joy knew him very well. She knew clearly what he wanted, but she still wanted to push him to another woman. Before, he was wondering why Yaya would suddenly approach him. Now, he understood why. As he clenched his fists, he was so agitated that his veins on his head were also protruding. “Young Master.” Simon Banks, who was standing behind Jayden Kyle, felt the anger coming from him and said with fear, “She is still young and ignorant. When she gets older, she will see through your efforts.” “Still young? When she gets older?” Jayden sneered. She was already in a complex relationship with Nathaniel. When could he ever score Karen Joy? No, there was no time for him to wait any longer! He didn’t want to wait any longer anymore. He had been protecting this girl for fourteen years. How could he allow that Cooper guy to take advantage of her? Absolutely not!

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