My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 828

On Misty Mountain. Misty Mountain always appeared hazy and misty on most days, hence it lived up to its name. The mountain was shrouded in fog and mist, like a fantasy fairy realm on earth. Therefore, some people would refer to Misty Mountain as a ‘fairy mountain’. It rained a lot there too. Serene Silas remembered that it had been nearly a month since she arrived there, and it had been raining for more than half the time she was there. Whenever it rained, it seemed like it would never stop. Serene sat by the window of the room and looked blankly out of the window. Looking at the falling rain, she tried to stretch her hand out to feel it. Today, the weather in the Misty Mountain was very cold. When the window was opened, a cold gust of air rushed straight into the room, which made Serene shiver. But she didn’t seem to feel cold. She collected the rain in the palm of her hand, then she released it to the ground. She did this over and over again. She was playing with the rain like a child. After a while, a vague smile could be seen on her lips. A smile? Yes, it should be a smile. After being assaulted that day, the devil didn’t come for her again. She didn’t have to suffer that inhuman torture anymore. She should be happy But with a careful observation, you could see very clearly that the smile on her lips was not a heartfelt smile, but a helpless, bitter smile. She was a bird being imprisoned. She couldn’t escape from the cage and couldn’t fly away to her deserved freedom. How could she not feel helpless? Having lived here for nearly a month, she did try to find ways to escape. She knew that her freedom was limited to her room and the balcony outside. Whenever she tried to walk somewhere else, someone would always appear behind her and stop her. She even thought about jumping out of her window. But there was nothing hard in this room to tear down the steel bars on the windows She could not escape, so she could only wait. She needed to wait for an opportunity to escape from here. She only hoped that the day would come sooner. She was afraid that her physical condition would not allow her to hold on for too long. “Little Rain, can you hear me talking?” Serene held a handful of rainwater and asked softly, but she felt that she was too ridiculous. How could the rain hear her out? She must be going crazy “Little Rain… What a beautiful name!” Serene looked at the rainwater in her palm and said gently. In a trance, she felt like she could see a child lying in her palm. A child who had just been born, naked and pitifully small, lay quietly in her palm. Looking at the imaginary figure, she suddenly burst into tears. “Little Rain, are you a girl or a boy?” “It doesn’t matter, I will like you anyway, because…” She wanted to give this beautiful name to the baby she lost, imagining that her baby was lying in her palm. She could imagine the child’s touch and skin. She could even imagine that the child was responding to her words. Serene slowly raised her hand, holding the handful of rainwater close to her face, as if she was near her baby. miss him a lot too.” “Little Rain, can you feel me? I really miss you. If you can hear me, and if you can see Daddy, please tell him that I She whispered in her heart. Although she was not by their side, her heart would always be with them. At the same time. On the third floor, in Jackie Leves’ study room. He saw Serene’s every move through his computer screen. These days, she always sat alone by the window in a daze. He sat in front of the computer and looked at her, wondering what she was thinking. Was she repenting for what she had done before, or was she thinking about how to escape? Or was she thinking of ways to help the Silas family benefit more from Nathaniel Cooper? In the past, he thought that he had read this evil woman thoroughly. He felt that he knew her very well. He felt that she was like a transparent sheet in front of him, and he could see through her at a glance. Only now did he know that she was not what he had imagined. There were many unknown things in her heart that he had never understood. “Serene..” He had told himself countless times that she was his enemy and a woman who betrayed him. Her heart was as vicious as a snake or a scorpion, but when he looked at her face, he still found it hard to resist approaching her. Suddenly, unconsciously, he reached out his hand and gently stroked her thin and pale face through the screen. She was already very thin, and after staying here for a month, she became much thinner. Even though he touched her through the computer screen, he could imagine it, as if he was touching her bones instead. “Serene, what is your heart made of?” He really wanted to read through her heart to see her deepest thoughts. Maybe her heart wasn’t a human’s heart. Maybe the blood that flowed through her body was black… Thump! Thump! The rhythmic knocking on the door interrupted Jackie’s thoughts. He quickly withdrew his hand and said in a low voice, “Come in.” Daryl Leves walked in. He handed him a document and said, “Young Master, we have found out about the information you want. The girl that was involved in murder case of the woman of the Silas family, is the daughter of the ultra rich, powerful leader of the famous Rovio group. She’s Kevin Kyle’s daughter, Karen Joy Kyle.” “Karen Joy Kyle?” Jackie repeated the name in silence. It sounded familiar, but he didn’t remember when he had heard of this name. Daryl reminded him, “Young Master, do you still remember that a decade ago, the President, who was only a teenager at that time, used a disguise to go to Chatterton Town because he was hunted by the eldest son of the Cooper family? “So it’s her!” The missing puzzle piece clicked into place when he was reminded of that story. It was more than a decade ago when Nathaniel was seriously injured and returned to the country. Jackie received the news and he secretly went to see Nathaniel. At that time, Nathaniel was holding a photo in his hand. In the photo, there was a cute little girl. The little girl had two braids, and she looked so adorable that Jackie could also remember her. Jackie remembered that Nathaniel told him that he was seriously injured in Chatterton Town and almost died. The little girl in the photo, Karen Joy Kyle, saved his life. What left a deep impression on Jackie was that the seriously injured Nathaniel was so happy when he was talking about this little girl, as if she was his heart’s treasure.

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