My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 829

“Karen Joy Kyle!” Jackie repeated Karen Joy Kyle’s name again, knocking on the folder rhythmically with his slender fingertips. “How can Nathaniel be willing to allow his treasure to get involved in Serene’s murder case?” Daryl Leves replied respectfully, “There was only one photo on the Internet. After that, no one found any other news about the girl, so we can see that Mr. President was really trying his best to protect the girl.” “Did Nathaniel really not send anyone to look for Serene during this period?” After a month, Jackie still did not believe that Nathaniel would turn a blind eye to Serene Silas disappearance. Daryl replied, “Young Master Mallory has passed your message to Mr. President. He must know that Miss Silas is here, so he didn’t bother to do that.” Jackie asked again, “Is Nathaniel back from his visit abroad yet?” Daryl responded, “He returns this afternoon.” Jackie tilted his head and glanced at the calendar on the table. “It’s only two weeks till November 20th. It seems that it’s time for me to meet him. Daryl was a little worried. He wanted to hold his concerns back, but he said out loud anyway, “Young Master, there are some things that we’re not sure yet. Should we slow down? If this is a trap, what happened a year ago will repeat again if you meet him.” “The entire Leaves family died a year ago, and his mother, the former First Lady died that night too… I intend to give him a chance to explain.” Jackie suspected Nathaniel’s intention behind the incident, but no matter how much he tried to make sense of the situation, Nathaniel could not be the mastermind behind the murder case a year ago. The Leaves family was the most loyal supporter of Nathaniel taking up the position of the President. With the support of the Leaves family, Nathaniel’s promotion to the throne became easier. He would not be stupid enough to destroy his supporter. Jackie had also theorized that Nathaniel did this to get Serene and to get the support of the Silas family, but he would not be so inhuman as to kill his own mother. Daryl said, “Young Master, but…” Jackie interrupted him. “No buts. Just do as I told you.” Daryl replied, “Yes.” No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop his master. He didn’t want to persuade him any further. As soon as Daryl left, Jackie thought of the man, a person who had grown up with him. They were born in the same year and shared the same birthday. They went to school together, joined the army together, and fought against the enemies together. They did a lot of things together… In Jackie’s eyes, Nathaniel had a closer relationship with him than with his own brother. They once said that they would share weal and woe with each other for the rest of their lives. Jackie had also secretly made up his mind that he would stay with Nathaniel for the rest of his life. He would help him become the President and run the nation with him. He regarded Nathaniel as his blood brother, but Nathaniel got engaged to his beloved woman when he wasn’t even sure if he was alive. When the two of them got engaged, did they ever think about him? Even if they only thought of him for a second, they would probably not do such a thing as to betray him. Perhaps, Nathaniel did not share the same sentiments as Jackie. Maybe Nathaniel only regarded him as a pawn that could be used Jackie had been so suspicious of Nathaniel for many times, but he still wanted to give him a chance to explain. If Nathaniel denied the allegations, he was willing to believe him. “Jackie, Jackie.” Just as Jackie was lost in thought, he heard Serene’s voice from the computer. She called his name so affectionately, as if she was still the Serene whom he deeply loved. “Jackie, where are you? I really miss you. I miss you so much! If you can hear me, can you just answer me?” She stood by the window, looking blankly outside the window and murmured. She missed him? She probably wanted him to die. Jackie curled his lips and sneered. Could it be that this woman had discovered something and deliberately put on a show for him? He didn’t forget how vividly real this woman’s acting was. If she decided to pursue an acting career, she might even be crowned as best actress. But just as he looked at her from the computer, she suddenly smiled and slammed her head against the window. “Damn woman, do you really want to die!” Jackie did not hesitate and immediately rushed out. He rushed outside of Serene’s door kicked her door open. She was still standing calmly in the room, with no signs of suicidal attempts. At the same time, he felt a surge of anger in his heart. Was this woman playing with him? She stood by the window and reached out to touch the rain. With a faint smile on her face, she kept muttering something He didn’t bother her these days. She obviously lived a comfortable life. He barged in and she was still in her own world, she didn’t notice him at all. She lied to him. She was the culprit of the Leaves family’s extermination. How could she live so freely? Gradually, Jackie rose with anger. He lifted his foot and kicked the door again to shut it tight. When the door was slammed shut, he saw Serene’s body stiffen up. When she looked back and saw him, her face Instantly turned pale as if she had seen a ghost. “You, don’t come here. If you come over, I will kill you.” Serene trembled and hid in the corner, as if the man standing in front of her was like a beast that wanted to eat her up. Jackie looked at her thoroughly. It seemed that she was not pretending to be afraid of him. She really hated him so much. Ah.. He almost forgot that this woman was good at acting. At this time, it was hard to tell if she really was truly afraid of him. Perhaps she was trying to use the same method again, but it was not impossible for her to seduce him through this way. “Jackie? Did you call for Jackie earlier?” He stared at her and stepped forward. “Don’t come near me! I said, don’t come near me!” Her body trembled violently and she glared at him with hatred in her eyes. He came to her side, grabbed her chin, and said in a low voice, “Don’t say that name ever again. I don’t want to hear the name ‘Jackie’ from your mouth, and don’t think about him again. Because a dirty woman like you don’t deserve him.” “Oh, who do you think you are?” This demon was really ridiculous. He controlled her personal freedom, did he want to control her thoughts too? She could tell him that she would remember Jackie until the end of her life. “Who am I? It seems that your memory is not very good. I should do something to remind you.” He held her with one hand and soon, she was under his control. This time, it was still the same as before. When he attacked Serene, she was defenceless… In the end, she heard him say, “I’ll make you my child’s mother!”

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