My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 830

“I’ll make you my child’s mother!’ This sentence exploded in Serene Silas’ mind like an atomic bomb. She wanted to give up the fight and stop resisting, but all of a sudden, she struggled with all her remaining strength. “Devil, get off!” However, no matter how Serene struggled, she could not get out of his torturous act. “Jackie..” She closed her eyes in despair and thought of Jackie in her heart. She even ridiculously imagined the man on her body as her Jackie. She felt a little better and she had a little courage to stay alive. This devil seemed to know what she was thinking. He tortured her more aggressively over and over again, and he was merciless. After some time, the man finally let go of her and said coldly, “Serene, this is the price you should pay.” She aborted his child, so she should return another child to him. She needed to bear his child. If he could not be happy, then he would drag her to hell with him. None of them would be able to escape from this conspiracy game. As soon as Jackie left, Serene dragged her exhausted body into the bathroom and washed herself up repeatedly. However, no matter how hard she washed, she couldn’t erase the trace of the man on her body. She didn’t dare to think about her future. What if she was really pregnant with the man’s child? No, she could not stay here any longer. She needed to find a way to escape. She needed to be out of his control. She would have to think about ways to escape and never fall into this devil’s hands again. After two weeks, Nathaniel Cooper finally ended his visits to several countries and returned to his own country. Of course, it was impossible that Karen Joy didn’t know about the news that Nathaniel returned to Country A. She had completed a month’s job and received the news three days ago. Today, she went to the airport early and waited for her Brother Lionel to return. She knew when Brother Lionel’s plane would arrive at Coast City International Airport, but she still arrived at the airport two hours earlier to wait. She couldn’t wait to see him. She planned to run up to him and give him a big hug after he got off the plane, telling him how much she missed him. However, reality expectation would often not live up to one’s When she arrived at the airport, she remembered who she was just a commoner, so she could only wait in the crowd at the arrival hall like everyone else. Then she remembered that a public figure like him would have had his own secret passageway. She wouldn’t be able to see him at the arrival hall. So Karen Joy went to the place where there were more security guards. She thought that as long as she could see Brother Lionel, she could find a way to say hello to him just to let him know that she was waiting for him. However, the reality did not live up to her expectations once again. Brother Lionel’s plane had not yet landed yet, and the airport had already made the most rigorous preparations. The special passageway that he was bound to use was surrounded by many special forces. The security work was done so well that even a mere fly couldn’t fly past them. Therefore, after Brother Lionel arrived, Karen Joy did not even catch a glimpse of him. The special vehicle for the President had already left under the escort of the guards. As she watched Mr. President getting farther and farther, Karen Joy lowered her little head depressingly. She was so upset, she was about to cry. She could not stand by Brother Lionel’s side openly, and now she couldn’t even see him in public. This was a really uncomfortable feeling. “My lovely Miss Kyle, what is making you so sad?” Suddenly, a beautiful male voice echoed next to her, which made Karen Joy startle. She looked up and saw Brother Lionel, who was in disguise, standing in front of her and smiling at her. She was very surprised and asked, “Brother Lionel, why are you here?” She clearly saw Brother Lionel’s car leaving not long ago. How could Brother Lionel appear beside her? Did he use a doppelganger? “How can I abandon my Karen here and leave her alone?” Nathaniel smiled and took her into his arms, then he lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “But I clearly watched your motorcade leave?” Karen Joy reached out and pinched Brother Lionel’s face. She found it difficult to believe that this was really him. “Silly girl, the motorcade left, does that mean that I left too?” Nathaniel pinched her face and laughed at her silliness. Karen Joy was ecstatic: “Does that mean you didn’t get in the car?” Nathaniel nodded. “Yes, smart girl.” Karen Joy held Brother Lionel’s waist and snuggled in his arms again and again. “Brother Lionel, I miss you so much.” Nathaniel patted her little head gently and asked with a smile, “How much?” Karen Joy began to express her love again. “I miss you when I eat, when I sleep, I miss you all the time. Touch my face, I think I missed you so much that I lost weight.” “Yes, you really lost weight. We need to do something about that.” Nathaniel liked her response, yet he felt a little sad. He couldn’t resist raising her head up and kissed her affectionately, “Brother Lionel, we’re at the airport, and a lot of people are looking at us.” Karen Joy really wanted to kiss him passionately too, but she couldn’t shake off the gazes of others. Nathaniel chuckled and said, “Mm, let’s find a place where no one is around and continue.” Karen Joy just smiled. Although that was what she thought in her heart too, but she was still a little shy to hear his words. No. 88, Greendale Road, Donder Street. This was Nathaniel’s private residence. Looking at the tall figure who was busy in the kitchen, Karen Joy felt as sweet as honey in her heart. She had never imagined this day would come. She was relaxing in the living room and Brother Lionel was busy in the kitchen. He was busy preparing a home meal for her. After staring at Brother Lionel for a while, Karen Joy got up and walked to the kitchen. “Brother Lionel, you really don’t need my help?” Nathaniel responded without looking back, “You watching TV in the living room will be my greatest help.” “But I really want to help you.” Karen Joy took another step into the kitchen, and Nathaniel turned back and glared at her. “It really smells from the cooking in the kitchen. Don’t come in.” “Brother Lionel, aren’t you concerned of the smell too then?” He was the President and had a reputation to maintain “I’m a man.” He gave her such a simple reason. Because he was a man, and he was her man, so he was willing to spoil her with love and care. This was just the kitchen. He was even willing to fight bandits for her, let alone tackle some cooking!

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