My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 831

Because I’m a man! Although his answer was simple, Karen Joy Kyle understood that Brother Lionel was indirectly telling her that he was just an ordinary man in front of her, not the President. Karen Joy ignored Nathaniel Cooper and stepped into the kitchen. With her hands, she held his strong waist from behind. Being hugged by her soft body, Nathaniel’s body wash slightly stiff, and even his hand that was holding the spatula was stiff. He didn’t know what to do. He was Nathaniel Cooper, the dignified President of Country A, the leader of the country, no one had seen him being so nervous before, even on the first day he took office, but this little girl was capable in doing so. “Brother Lionel.” Karen Joy called him, as her face rubbed against his back. “How good would it be if we could live a simple life like this.” The two of them would go to work and get off work together. After work, they would go home together, or just like today, they could go to the supermarket to buy some groceries before heading home, and cook a delicious meal for their beloved ones. It was something common to everyone else, but for people with such high-profile backgrounds, it was a luxury Today, Karen Joy finally understood why her mother would always make time to cook for her family. She also understood the real reason why her father would accompany her mother while she was cooking, even when he was busy. Now that she had understood, their parents were just expressing their love for each other and their family in such a simple way Since young, she never hoped that the love she would receive from her lover could exceed the love her parents had for each other, but deep down she really wished for such relationship. “Of course, as long as you are willing to, we can live like this for the rest of our lives.” Nathaniel said those comforting words while continuing with his cooking. At work, he was the President, the leader of the country, When he got home and returned to Karen Joy’s side, he was willing to be her man, an ordinary family man. “Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy hugged him more tightly. Her soft and delicate body clung tightly to his back. Nathaniel’s heart was slightly stirred by her teasing. He wished he could put the spatula in his hand down, stop cooking and eat this “little snack” who was beside him. Men, especially men like Nathaniel, who were extremely controlling, would always act beyond their own imagination. The idea had just passed through his head, but his body was faster than his thoughts. He turned around and quickly pulled Karen Joy into his arms, followed by a hot kiss. Karen Joy was still holding him, while some messy thoughts were running in her mind. Suddenly, she felt dizzy, and the next moment she was held in his arms and he was already kissing her. Oh no! Karen Joy secretly exclaimed it seemed that she had overestimated Brother Lionel’s willpower. She didn’t do anything. How had she turned Brother Lionel on? Karen Joy thought in a daze. After thinking about it for a while, she finally realized where she had led Brother Lionel on. Could it be… “What are you thinking?” Nathaniel suddenly let go of Karen Joy. She breathed smoothly, and Brother Lionel’s slightly husky voice rang in her ears. “Karen, if you don’t focus during this time, I will be very angry. If I get angry, you will immediately feel sorry for what you have done.” “Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy knew that she had accidentally lit a fire, so she quickly pushed him away and stood aside. “Brother Lionel, the food in the pot is burnt.” Yes, she felt that she was smart. At such a critical moment, she could come up with such a good excuse to escape, turning the situation around. Nathaniel looked at her with his deep eyes. He did not utter a word. His eyes looked like they were on fire, as if he would turn into a beast and swallow her in the next moment. “Brother Lionel, I.. I am hungry!” One move did not work, Karen Joy thought of a second move. This time, she was sure that Brother Lionel would not blame her for inadvertently running away. Nathaniel said in a hoarse voice, “Go to the living room and sit there. Don’t go anywhere, or you’ll have to bear the consequences.” “Sure.” In order not to provoke Brother Lionel again, Karen Joy nodded and turned to run away. In the living room, Karen Joy found the best spot that she could look at Brother Lionel without any obstruction She could not help but sigh as she constantly looked into the kitchen. Her Brother Lionel was not only handsome, but he was also extremely attractive when he cooks. How did she have such a good taste? she thought. So unbelievably good. Not long after three dishes and a soup were served on the table. He made grilled fish, potatoes, a salad and some mushroom soup. These simple dishes were not casually made by Nathaniel, but he did it according to Karen Joy’s palate. “Brother Lionel, how did you…?” It was incredible. Karen Joy originally thought that Brother Lionel wanted to cook because he was worried that she didn’t know how. However, looking at the dishes that Brother Lionel cooked, Karen Joy was very surprised. She couldn’t believe what she had saw. “What do you mean how did I know how to cook?” Because the weather was cold, Nathaniel filled a bowl of hot soup for Karen Joy and handed it to her. “Drink the soup to warm your tummy first.” “Brother Lionel, how did you know how to cook?” As the President of the country, his meals were often sent to his table by special personnel. How could he possibly know how to cook? “Do I need a reason to know how to cook?” He couldn’t tell her that he knew how to cook because he knew that she couldn’t. He had to learn. “It’s just that I didn’t expect you to know how to cook.” Karen Joy picked up the soup bowl and took two big mouthfuls. Then she picked up some fish and sent it into her mouth. She nodded while eating, “Mm, Brother Lionel, delicious..” “Brother Lionel is delicious?” Nathaniel smirked at her comment, as he looked at her in a flirtatious way. Karen Joy had never seen him like this before. “Brother Lionel, what are you laughing at?” She understood his evil smile, but blinked her big bright eyes, acting like she didn’t understand anything. “Come here.” Nathaniel patted the seat next to him, indicating Karen Joy to sit next to him. Humph, bad Brother Lionel, couldn’t they just have a quiet meal. What kind of tricks did he want to play now? Did he want to make her his appetizer? “Hmm?” Nathaniel raised his eyebrows. Karen Joy quickly got up and walked to his side. As soon as she was beside him, she was pulled towards him and forced to sit on his lap. “Brother Lionel is here. Don’t you want to have a taste of me?” “Taste Brother Lionel?” Karen Joy’s face turned red. Was Brother Lionel trying to do something dirty? She was very happy deep down, but she was still a little shy. She was so nervous that she put her hands against his chest and said, “Brother Lionel, don’t be like that.” “Like what? Hmm?” Nathaniel lowered his head and looked at her from a close distance, so close that Karen Joy could feel his warm breath.

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