My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 832

She didn’t expect that Brother Lionel would play dumb with her! Well, since he wanted to play dumb, then she would play along. She wanted him to know that she was no longer the four year-old girl he used to know. “Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy Kyle touched his chest with her both hands. “What on earth do you want to say? I really don’t know. Nathaniel Cooper grabbed her small hand and said in a low voice, “Girl, it seems that you don’t know how dangerous it is for you to do what you just did.” “Dangerous?” Karen Joy blinked her innocent bright eyes, she pulled her hand away from his and put it on his shoulder. “Brother Lionel, if you don’t explain it, how would I understand?” Her voice was soft and her face was tender. She looked really cute and naive. No one would think that, deep down, she was planning on something. “What you did would make a man want to have a ‘snack before his meal” Nathaniel said in a hoarse voice. “Oh, a snack before the meal? Is it delicious? Can I eat it with you?” Hmm, as she expected, Brother Lionel who was a wolf in sheep’s fur, really wanted to eat her up like a snack. In fact, she didn’t mind if Brother Lionel treated her as a “snack” before meal, but. would Brother Lionel really do it? Karen Joy looked at Nathaniel, she suddenly wanted to know if Brother Lionel could no longer control himself and do something to her. “Karen, do you know what you are talking about?” Nathaniel held her waist tightly, and it seemed that he could break her slender waist with just a little force. “Of course I…” Karen Joy approached him and kissed his earlobe, his body trembled. She pursed her lips and said, “Brother Lionel, do you like me like this?” Yes! He liked it very much! Nathaniel had always been a man of great action. He held her waist with one hand and the back of her head with the other. He pushed her towards him and kissed her aggressively Brother Lionel seemed to be a very gentle and elegant person, especially in front of the camera. In front of the whole country, he was a typical gentleman Only at this time, did Karen Joy know that her Brother Lionel was not what he usually looked like. He was domineering and powerful, and he had his own means. Especially when he kissed her, she could feel deeply how strong his possessive desire was. The kiss seemed to have lasted for a hundred years. Just as Karen Joy felt that she was about to drown in his kiss, he finally let go of her. Looking at her blushing cheeks, he couldn’t help but reach out and pinch them, “Karen, tell me, do you like it?” Karen Joy was still catching her breath as she shook her head inadvertently “You don’t like it?” Nathaniel’s face darkened. It seemed that if she really dared to say that she didn’t like it, he would conquer her with his actions again. “I don’t hate it.” Karen Joy gave him a clever answer. “Just don’t hate it?” Nathaniel was still dissatisfied with her answer. Ring, ring, ring Suddenly, Nathaniel’s private phone rang. Karen Joy took the opportunity to say, “Brother Lionel, your phone is ringing. However, as if he didn’t hear the phone ringing, Nathaniel was still staring at Karen Joy. It seemed that if she didn’t give him a satisfying reply, he would never give up. Sigh, men were so stubborn and petty sometimes. She was just joking with him, but he was so persistent for her answer. Karen Joy kept quiet, but she did what he did to her. She held his head with both hands and pecked him on the corner of his lips. “Brother Lionel, this is the answer I’m giving you.” Finally, Nathaniel smiled. He held Karen Joy’s head and gave her a passionate French kiss, and then he went and to answer the phone call that was ringing for the second time. Karen Joy didn’t know what the phone call was about. In the end, she heard Nathaniel saying, “Okay, get to the appointment on time. Send some people secretly to ensure his safety. This time, I won’t let anyone hurt him again.” After Nathaniel hung up the phone, Karen Joy immediately asked, “Brother Lionel, what’s the matter?” She was worried about him. Although worrying wouldn’t solve the problem, she just couldn’t help worrying about him. “It’s just something about work.” Nathaniel straightened his clothes and said. “Silly girl, let’s eat.” “Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy wanted to ask him if it was really just work, but she knew that he would not tell her even if something happened. When she was about to say something, she immediately changed the subject. “Are you sure you want to have dinner now?” “Do you still want to be my snack before dinner?” This little girl should be glad that the phone call came in, or else he didn’t know whether he could stay sane. “Let’s eat!” Karen Joy scratched her head. If they didn’t eat, the food would get cold, then she might have to trouble Brother Lionel to heat up the food again. She didn’t want him to do so much. The next day. Karen Joy was still in her slumber, and she dreamed that Brother Lionel was about to do something shameless to her, and suddenly, an annoying phone call came in and interrupted her dream. She narrowed her eyes and rejected the call without even looking at the caller ID. She crawled into the quilt and tried to continue her sweet dream” that had yet enter the climax. She didn’t know why she had such an embarrassing dream. She was shy but also excited about this dream. It was probably because she had not slept in such a comfortable bed for a month. She had not snuggled in such a warm bed for a long time. It was rare for her to sleep so comfortably like she did today. After she was comfortable in bed, she began to think about a lot of things. Maybe it was because Brother Lionel was lying beside her last night. She breathed in his unique masculine aura and fell asleep, which made her dream of such an embarrassing scene. However, as soon as Karen Joy put the phone back, the phone call came again. She was so annoyed that she wanted to smash the phone. “Damn it!” Who was interrupting her beautiful dream? She would definitely remember who it was and mae them pay back for disturbing her. When she picked up her phone and saw the words “Sister Yaya” on the screen, she could only sigh. If it were anyone else, she would take revenge. However, she couldn’t do anything to the kind, gentle and generous Yaya. Karen Joy answered the phone and said feebly, “Yaya, what’s wrong?” Burly’s voice came out from the phone, “Little Jar, all of us are here. We’re waiting for you here. Hurry up. If you don’t come, we will starve to death.” Karen Joy just remembered that she promised Yaya and Burly to have a meal together today, but she actually…

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