My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 833

Karen Joy Kyle immediately looked at the time. It was 12:30 noon. No wonder they were calling to ask her to hurry up. She apologized, “Burly, why don’t the three of you go ahead and eat first? I’ll be there a little later to meet you guys.” Yaya grabbed the phone and said, “The four of us are a team, we can’t do anything without you. You come here now, we will wait for you no matter how late it is.” “Okay, I’ll be right there.” Karen Joy suddenly sat up and hurriedly packed up, so that the three of them wouldn’t be waiting for a long time. Just as Karen Joy got out of bed, she looked out from the corner of her eyes and inadvertently saw a note on the side table. She picked it up and saw two lines written on the note – Karen, there is breakfast in the keep-warm container and some strawberries in the refrigerator. Remember to eat them. Don’t starve yourself. I’ll try to get off work early. It was signed off as ‘Brother Lionel. “Brother Lionel, you are so silly! Do you really think I am still the four-year-old child from long ago?” Most of the time, Karen Joy felt like Brother Lionel took care of her like she was a child. He remembered that she liked strawberries, so he often gave her fresh strawberries and asked her to eat them as snacks. He remembered that she was afraid of the darkness, so there were several dim lights in the room so that whenever one goes out, there would still be other lights on. “Silly Brother Lionel, you are so good to me. How can I not like you?” Karen Joy said silently while putting the note left by Brother Lionel into her bag. Everything that Brother Lionel left for her was extremely precious to her. She collected these seemingly unimportant things so that in the future, when they grow old, she could bring it out and reminisce on their memories together. Karen Joy arrived at the restaurant an hour later. Yaya, Burly, and Shane were lifelessly resting against the dining table, and their stomachs growled from time to time. Burly touched his belly and wailed, “Little Jar, if you don’t come now, I’ll really starve to death.” Karen Joy stood at the door and happened to hear what Burly said, she smiled and said, “Burly, don’t worry. I can’t bear to let you starve any longer.” Upon hearing Karen Joy’s voice, the three of them sat up simultaneously and said, “Oh my god, you are finally here.” “I’m so so sorry for making you guys wait for so long!” Karen Joy sat down on the seat they had left for her. She was apologising, but she didn’t look sorry at all. Speaking of which, because she had regarded Yaya and the other two as her close friends, hence she didn’t feel guilty at all for being late. Otherwise, she would definitely behave like a well-taught young lady from a rich family so no one could pick on her faults at all. “Waiter, please serve the dishes. The sooner, the better. After notifying the waiter, Burly turned around and looked at Karen Joy with a sad face. “My dear princess, if you let me starve for another five minutes, I’m afraid you will never see me again.” Burly casually put his hand on Karen Joy’s shoulder while he was talking. Karen Joy avoided on reflex. She said, half jokingly. “A gentleman may speak but not touch!” She was able to chat and joke casually with them most of the time, and everyone seemed to enjoy being friends with each other. However, there was always minimal physical contact between them. Karen Joy had been brought up conservatively by her family. She knew that even if she had a good relationship with a male friend, she had to draw clear boundaries when it came to physical contact with them. Yaya understood her intentions and praised, “Girl, your lover boy is so lucky to have you as his girl.” Karen Joy raised her cup and took a sip of water. She said happily, “Actually, I think I’m the lucky one.” “If he doesn’t like you, he must be blind.” Burly stood up and shouted. After all, Karen Joy was the goddess in his heart. If someone she likes doesn’t like her back, that person must be visually impaired! Shane snorted and said, “You guys are so tacky!” “Tacky?” The three of them looked at him at the same time. “Wise Mr. Shane, explain to us, what’s not tacky then?” They prompted sarcastically. Shane felt awkward. “The food is served! I’m going to eat. I’m not going to talk to you guys.” “Okay, let’s eat.” As soon as the dishes were served, the famished youngsters picked up their cutlery and began to eat without any hesitation. While they were still eating, Yaya said, “Little Jar, my tour pals organised an adventure activity, for the next two days. Would you like to go with us?” Karen Joy swallowed the food in her mouth and asked, “What kind of adventure?” Yaya explained, “Northwest of Coast City, more than 300 kilometres away, there is a mountain called Misty Mountain. This mountain is surrounded by clouds and fog all year round, and the scenery is very beautiful. But because it’s underdeveloped it does not attract a lot of tourists, only some of my friends have gone there before.” “Has anything happened to tourist going there?” Karen Joy asked again It was not because Karen Joy was timid, but she knew that she was not alone. She had a family, and she also had her Brother Lionel too. She could not risk getting injured on such trip. What if something happened to her on her adventure trip? She was worried about her parents and Brother Lionel, so if the adventure was too risky, she would not go. Yaya said again, “Not to that extent. Communication is not a problem there, and there are often patrol teams going around. There were a lot of travel buddy groups who have gone there over the years. Everyone came back safely. Burly interrupted, “It’s called an ‘adventure’, but it’s actually just a hike. These years, the air is really bad in the city, so all of us should make some time to explore the nature and breathe in some fresh air.” Karen Joy agreed, “Okay. If you guys are going, then count me in. I have nothing to do these days anyway.” Just like today, Brother Lionel would sleep with her at night, but Brother Lionel would be gone before she wakes up. Not to mention how depressing it was to experience that almost every single day. Instead of being like this, it was better not to see Brother Lionel at night, so that she wouldn’t feel so down. Yaya said, “They said that the scenery on Misty Mountain is like a painting. Bring your cameras and prepare some nice clothes. Let’s go take some nice photos there! Maybe we can even start our own photography exhibitions in the future.” Burly said, “A beauty like Little Jar doesn’t need to bring a camera. Just be my model. I will be sure to take the most beautiful photos of you.” “Our Little Jar is naturally beautiful. She was born beautiful. Just by standing there, she can be as beautiful as a painting. She doesn’t need you to take good photos of her.” It was Shane who spoke, he just had to go against everything Burly said. The three of them started arguing with each other. Only Karen Joy did not say anything because she was thinking of her Brother Lionel If the person who accompanied her on the trip was Brother Lionel, and the person who took pictures of her was Brother Lionel, and the person who praised her for being as beautiful as a painting was Brother Lionel too… how wonderful that would be!

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