My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 834

Of course, Karen Joy Kyle could only think about it. She was aware that Brother Lionel still had a lot of things to deal with. He was busy with official work and his own private affairs, so he really had no time to accompany her to go on such a trip. Since Brother Lionel couldn’t spare any time for her, she had to work harder so that she could stand by Brother Lionel’s side as soon as possible. Then if he were to go abroad for a visitation, she could accompany him as the first lady and travel around the world with him. By accompanying him for work, that could be regarded as a vacation for them too. Yaya raised her hand and waved at Karen Joy to catch her attention. “Little Jar, we are all here, but you’re only thinking about your lover boy. Do you really think that is okay?” Yaya said jokingly. “I wasn’t thinking about him.” Although she refused to admit it, the expression on Karen Joy’s face betrayed her. Other than thinking about Brother Lionel, was there any other man who could make her display such a joyful expression? “By the way, Yaya, how’s your job search going?” Burly remembered the resume that Yaya had sent out two days ago, so he wondered if there was any update on this matter. When Burly mentioned this, a vague blush appeared on Yaya’s face. She quickly waved her hand and said, “We are here for a fun time, why do you have to mention about work? Don’t spoil the fun.” She definitely would not tell them. She had secretly checked on Jayden Elias Kyle and found out that he was now a general manager in a finance company, working at the Coast City branch of this firm. The general manager was looking to hire a secretary. After hearing the news, she immediately sent in her resume, hoping that she could work for Jayden. She had it all planned out. As long as she could work for him and get close to him, love would come in time, then she wouldn’t have to worry that he would not fall in love with her. Because of this wishful thinking in her mind, Yaya had sent in her resume and planned everything in her head. But one day, she learned that the man’s heart was already taken by another woman. She realised that her plan may not succeed. When a person did not love you, no matter how hard you worked, even if you had to sacrifice your life for him, he would still not look at you differently. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! As she spoke, Yaya’s phone rang. She saw that it was an unknown number, but she answered politely anyway, “Hello!” “Is this Miss Skylar?” An unfamiliar male voice came from the other end of the phone. It was a very rigid and formal tone. Yaya nodded. “It’s me. Who am I speaking to?” The person said, “I am an executive from the human resources department of Rovio Real Estate, a company under Rovio Corporation Inc. You can call me Mr. Parks. You had sent in an application for the position of a secretary at our company, and after reviewing your resume we would like to invite you to come for an interview at 9 o’clock in the morning on next Monday.” “An interview? Really… is it real? You’re not kidding right?” Yaya raised her voice excitedly and asked again. Perhaps the other party had experienced too many of such reactions, so he answered calmly, “Yes. On Monday, at nine o’clock in the morning. We will send you what you need to prepare and the address for the interview to you via email later. Please remember to check your inbox.” “Okay, thank you! Thank you so much!” Yaya was still in a state of disbelief even after she had hung up the phone. She couldn’t believe that good news would come so suddenly. Did she hear it right? Did they ask her to go to Rovio Real Estate for an interview at 9 o’clock next Monday? Did it mean that her plan would soon come true? The news came so suddenly that she had no time to prepare at all. Her heart was pounding so fast that it felt like her heart was going to burst. “Yaya, they are only asking you for an interview, they didn’t say that they are going to hire you. Look at you, you are so excited that you have already lowered your own value before you even started.” Shane, who had been silent, suddenly said such a reasonable statement. “Shane, you’re right. I should calm down, but I really can’t.” Thinking that she would be by his side soon, she couldn’t calm down at all. She just wanted to stand by the window and shout “Sister Yaya, what kind of company can make you so excited?” It was Karen Joy who asked. She didn’t have any experience in job searching, so she wanted to know what kind of work could make Yaya so excited that she couldn’t even bother trying to be cool any more! Yaya said, “Don’t ask. Just wait for my good news. I’ll let you know next week if succeed. If I don’t no one can bring up this matter.” Burly and Shane snorted simultaneously. “You are just looking for a job. Why do we have to be so secretive?” Yaya waved her hand and said, “All right, all right, let’s get ourselves ready after this meal. Let’s wish for the best for my interview next week, and also that it will be a smooth hike up Misty Mountain.” They raised their glasses and knocked each others, under Yaya’s lead, hoping that everything would go well. On Misty Mountain Over the past year, Jackie had never worn other colors except for black, and it was to mourn for the dozen of lives lost during the Leaves family massacre. Today, he deliberately took off his black clothes and changed into some white clothes. Everything on him was white. The reason was because he was going to leave Misty Mountain to meet someone. This was also the first time he would go out to meet someone since coming here a year ago. He hid in that place that was as dark as hell for more than a year. He almost forgot what the sky and the outside world looked like. He stood in front of the mirror and slowly took off the mask on his face. The face under the mask was a good looking face, but unfamiliar. He couldn’t recognize it even when he saw himself in the mirror. Having stared at that unfamiliar face in the mirror for a while, he slowly raised his hand and touched his face with his fingers. There was warmth and he could feel the touch… It proved that this face was really his, not an illusion. And all this had something to do with the woman downstairs. If she hadn’t taken advantage of his feelings for her, the Leves family wouldn’t have been massacred a year ago. “Jackie, Jackie!” He sneered and said, “She caused your family death, but you still have fantasies about her.” Having captured Serene Silas for more than a month, he had crafted some fantasies about her more than once. Perhaps she didn’t know anything at all about those evil plans. Perhaps the so-called evidence that was pointed to her was fabricated by others. However, who would make up such a story to frame her? The Silas family? It was ridiculous to think about it. Was it possible? Why would the Silas family frame her? He knew that his thoughts were ridiculous, but he would still foolishly think about it, just as he used to think that she really loved him and really wanted to be his Mrs. Leves. Thump! Thump! Daryl Leves knocked on the door and came in. He said respectfully, “Young Master, Nina had a bout of diarrhoea for the entire night. She doesn’t even have the strength to even get out of bed. I’m afraid she won’t be able to go with us today.” “Mm.” Jackie nodded and said kept silent, but Daryl knew what his master meant. He silently allowed Nina to stay back He added, “Young Master, the car is ready. We can depart now.” Jackie nodded, he replaced the mask on his face, and hid himself behind it.

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