My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 835

An inconspicuous black sedan slowly drove out of the garage. Serene Silas stood by the window and watched as the car slowly diminished from her sight. These days, she often stood by the window to see what was going on outside. There were always vehicles coming in and out, but not this one, It was the first time she had saw this black sedan ever since she was locked up in this damned place. She couldn’t see who was sitting in the car, but she could vaguely guess that the person in the car should be the owner of this place, the devil-like man whom she was most afraid to see. It was the first time she had seen this man go out ever since she came here. Usually, he would stay in this cold and quiet villa, and occasionally he would torture her for pleasure. Every time she thought of that devil, she would think of what he had done to her. Serene gritted her teeth in hatred. If she could, she would kill him with her own hands, deskin him, and pull his tendons out vengefully. Bang Just as the idea flashed across Serene’s mind, the door behind her was kicked wide open. Once again, she shuddered in fear Could it be that the man knew she was cursing him and came back to pick on her? Before she could look back, a voice filled with maliciousness came from behind. “Serene, do you still want to stay here or do you want to leave?” This was a woman’s voice, she was almost yelling at Serene. From her voice, you could feel how much she hated Serene. Serene didn’t have to look back, and she could already tell that the woman who was speaking to her was Nina. Not long ago, Nina was worried that she would be pregnant with the devilish man’s child, so she took the initiative to give Serene some birth control pills. After that, she never appeared again. Who knew what made her come today? Serene’s fear quickly disappeared, as Nina wasn’t as terrifying as that devilish man. She turned around to face Nina and asked. “Whether I leave or stay, what does it have to do with you?” That devil bullied her, and she had no way to resist. It was useless to resist, but it didn’t mean that anyone could just walk over her. Serene’s cold and arrogant attitude annoyed Nina, but there was no time for her to muddle with Serene any longer. She glared at Serene and said, “Young Master went out today and he wouldn’t be coming back so soon. If you want to leave, this is the best time.” Her eyes were full of disgust and hatred as she looked at Serene. She couldn’t wait to push Serene to her death. “Why are you helping me?” Having been in the Silas family and being used as a pawn for so many years, Serene had very well understood the weakness of human nature. Someone who had no blood relation to her, and even hated her to the bones, suddenly came and wanted to give her a helping hand. There must be something behind it, it wouldn’t be this straightforward. It seemed that Nina had expected that Serene would ask her this question, so she answered honestly, “Because I fancy the Young Master. I don’t want to see any other women being close to him. Are you satisfied with this answer?” Nina admitted that she liked that devilish man. Serene absolutely believed it. She had always knew that Nina was hostile to her, and she also knew that the birth control pills were Nina’s idea and not her master’s. Otherwise, that devil would not have said that he wanted Serene to give birth to his child. A woman hating another woman for getting pregnant with a man’s child. Other than being in love with that man, Serene couldn’t think of any other possible reasons. She would die sooner or later if she remained here. Although this might be Nina’s plan but at least to Serene, it was a chance for survival. Serene contemplated for a short moment, and immediately made her decision. “Of course I want to leave.” She didn’t ask Nina how she could get out of here, because she knew that Nina would definitely point the way out for her. That was the reason Nina came to her. Sure enough, as soon as Serene finished speaking, Nina took out a simple map and said, “I’ll give you two minutes to memorize the route. You can go according to the instructions on the map and then leave this place.” Serene wasn’t stupid, she knew that Nina would not allow her to bring the map with her, because she knew that Nina would definitely not leave any evidence behind for her master to get his hands on. It was a matter of life and death, and Serene understood that this map was the only thing that could save her, so she mustn’t be sloppy. She carefully memorized the route that was drawn on the map. A couple of minutes had passed, Nina put away the map and said, “In ten minutes time, you can go up to the third floor. The first office on the third floor is my Young Master’s. There is a back door in the office. If you go out from there, you will find yourself at the backyard. Continue walking and you can escape from this place. After that, you’re on your own.” After briefing Serene on the escape route, Nina turner around and left without saying anything else. Just as Nina got back to her room and lay down on her bed, the surveillance system in the villa had been impaired. The system was down for ten minutes. That short period of time was perfect for Serene to escape. Because it was such a short time, it would be hard to notice any flaws in the system unless it was analyzed by a professional technician. After Nina had left, Serene wanted to change into thicker clothing, but there were none, only two sets of very thin pajamas could be found in this room. That was to say, that devilish man had expected that she might escape. He never prepared any clothes for her so that she wouldn’t be able to escape. Even if she managed to escape, but in the thin pajamas, she would freeze to death in such a cold weather. The strong desire to escape made Serene very sober. Since she did not have any thick clothes, she decided to take off the bed sheets and wrap them around her body so that she could prevent herself from freezing and being injured. After wrapping herself in the sheets, the precious ten minutes were almost gone. Serene took a deep breath and stroked her chest, which her heart was beating very rapidly. “Serene, you went to hell and came back. What else are you afraid of?” After telling herself this, she calmed down a little. She walked to the door and gently slid it open. She looked around and made sure that there was no one around before exiting the room. She squeezed out of the door and gently closed the door. She then followed the route Nina had briefed her on and went to that devil’s study room which was on the third floor. The room she was detained in was on the second floor. On the left side of her room was the stairs leading to the third floor. The devilish man’s room was right above hers. That was to say, all this while, the distance between her and that devil was only one floor apart. She could always hear his footsteps from above. Serene gently raised her hand to reach for the door handle, but she didn’t have the courage to open the door. She was afraid that once the door was opened, there would be that man that she was terrified of, sitting in the room.

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