My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 836

However, her strong desire to live had suppressed the fear in Serene Silas’ heart. She took another deep breath and carefully turned the door knob to open the door. When the door was opened, she could sense that the room was filled with a terrifying masculine aura which she was familiar with. She instinctively took a step back in fear. As soon as she stepped back, Serene remembered that she was escaping from this prison, and quickly suppressed her fear. She stepped into the room and locked the door from the inside Serene was not in the mood to appreciate the decoration in the room, her eyes were busy searching for a door that would lead her to the backyard. Just as she looked around, she saw a photo frame on the desk. The woman in the photograph who was wearing a beautiful smile was obviously her. How could there be a photo of her in that devil’s study room? How could it be? Serene was confused. She instinctively stepped forward, trying to figure out what was going on. As she got closer, she found that there were a few words written at the bottom of the photo-Love of my life! However, the words were cancelled out with red crosses. It seemed to have been marked in red angrily Serene’s attention was not on the red crosses, but on those four words, “Love of my life”. Jackie! It was him! She would never forget his beautiful handwriting for the rest of her life, it was definitely written by Jackie. She wouldn’t be wrong about this. Moreover, Serene could still recall that this photograph was taken when she was with Jackie, because only when she was with him, she could smile so brightly. In the past, when she wouldn’t smile, he always had his unique way to make her laugh… Whenever she was with him, she could get rid of all her worries. Serene picked up the photo frame with her trembling hands, and held it tightly at her chest. She murmured, “Jackie, Jackie, are you there? If you are there, please answer me, okay? Please take me away, away from this horrible place, okay?” No one answered her. The study room was dead silent except for her own voice. Just as Serene was gasping for breath, an exquisite jewelry box which was lying next to the photo frame had caught her attention. She picked it up and saw a ring resting in the box. It was the engagement ring that Jackie had given to her but was snatched away from her by the devilish man. “Jackie? Jackie? Are you there? Are you there? Are you there or not? I beg you, answer me!” Serene shouted Jackie’s name like a crazy woman, but no matter how she loud she called out for him, there was no response. Serene was overwhelmed by desperation, as her frail body fell on the cold ground. It was not her Jackie, Jackie was not here. How could be possible that Jackie was here? She smiled bitterly and laughed at herself for thinking about him. She was about to lose her mind and was on the verge of becoming a crazy woman. Since Jackie was not here, why would that devilish man have her photo? Why did that devil keep the ring he had thrown away? What was this all about? Could it be that he was Jackie? The idea flashed across Serene’s mind. She was so petrified that her face turned pale and her weak body shuddered with fear. No! That was impossible! Absolutely impossible! That devil was so horrible and violent. He would definitely not be her Jackie. Most importantly, she could see that that devil’s face wash not the same as Jackie’s, how could he possibly be Jackie? Jackie was not here, so she could not be wasting any more time. After thinking it over, Serene immediately held the photograph and the ring tightly in her hands, as if she was protecting her most beloved man. Sure enough, as Nina said, there was a back door in the study room There was a narrow wooden ladder on the other side of the door. Down the wooden ladder was the way to the backyard. Through a small door in the backyard, she had finally escaped from this horrible prison. Before Serene could catch a breath, she was faced with another obstacle. This was the back of the mountain and there wasn’t any flat road. The fog was so thick that her vision was limited. She didn’t even know how to get out of this unfamiliar place. In such a harsh environment, Serene had no choice. She had nowhere else to go. She could only move forward, then only could she have a chance to live. In order to survive and to see Jackie, she was fearless, even if the chance was narrow. However, she never thought, or maybe she did, in order to stay alive to meet the person that she had always wanted to meet, she had no choice but to do so even if it was a trap plotted against her. After walking for less than ten minutes, she had accidentally stepped on an animal trap that someone had planted, her right foot was trapped. In an instant, the injured foot had started to bleed, She could feel a tremendous pain throughout her body, which made her break out in cold sweat. Serene sat down and tried to remove the snare that was stuck to her foot. However, it was too big that she couldn’t remove it on her own. She didn’t have the strength to remove it, so she had to move forward with the snare on her foot. Her body condition was already poor, in addition to the cold weather and her famished body, another injury to her body had indeed drained all of her strength. However, Serene couldn’t surrender just like that. She gritted her teeth and endured the pain as she continued to move forward. Two steps in, she could feel a jabbing pain on her foot which made her whole body go weak. She instinctively reached out to the big tree next to her. However, as soon as her hand was pressed against the tree, something sharp had pierced into her palm. In an instant, her fair palm was marked with a few cuts, and blood gushed out. With the snare on her foot and her injured hand, the thin and frail Serene hadn’t show any intention of giving up, even if she would die on this mountain. However, her body could only do that much and she was losing too much blood due to her injured foot. As she continued to search for the way out, she could feel her head gradually getting heavier and her vision had blurred. The next thing she knew was that darkness had engulfed her and she had collapsed on the ground followed by her body uncontrollably rolling down the slope. Her body hit the trees several times. The trunks blocked her body, but it only slowed down the speed. Her body was still rolling down until she had lost all consciousness. Her world was left with darkness. Jackie! I’m coming to keep you company! Before the darkness came, she did not panic, and a smile of relief appeared on her lips.

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