My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 837

“Misty Mountain is really what people say it is. I have never seen such thick mist before! Please stay in the group. Don’t go missing.” The leader of the group who was standing aside reminded everyone as he counted the number of people in the group “Captain James, you need to be careful too. Don’t let the fairies in the mist drag you away.” One of the tour pals jokingly said. “If the fairy drags me away, I will stay here and be with all these pretty fairies. Then there will be a place for you all to stay whenever you guys are here.” Captain James said. “If there is really such a thing, I’d stay too.” Burly joined the conversation because he didn’t want to be left out. But as soon as he finished, Shane slapped him in the head. “If any fairy falls for you, she must be blind.” Everyone burst into laughter at Shane’s reply. Laughter penetrated the mist and echoed in this quiet and dusty valley. Everyone got more excited as they hiked. On Misty Mountain, there was only one main road leading to the villa area. The other paths that were already explored by the other tour pals were all very narrow and difficult to hike on. The main reason for them to hike up Misty Mountain was to see the misty scenery, they would occasionally stop during the hike to admire the view. Everyone had a great time during the hike. Half way through the hike, the girls couldn’t take it anymore. The leader of the group decided that all of them could take a break and have some food before continuing the journey. Everyone removed their backpacks. They were each responsible for different tasks. Some laid the mats on the ground while some took out the food from their backpacks. The team captain said, “Since we’re having a break, let’s play a game together.” Someone immediately said, “Okay, let’s do it.” Karen Joy didn’t know what game they were going to play. While drinking some water, she looked at the captain. She was quite interested in the game that he introduced to the group The team leader added, “Let’s play charades. Two in a group, and each group will go against another. Then the winner will of each round will go against the other winner’s until the final winner is determined.” As soon as the leader finished his words, everyone had already found their group. Karen Joy and Yaya formed a group without any hesitation Yaya patted Karen Joy on the shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Little Jar, I’m going to find a place to pee. Do you want to go with me?” Before Karen Joy could speak, Shane whispered, “Little Jar is also a girl, she can’t protect you! If you want her to accompany you, you might as well let me accompany you.” Yaya raised her foot and kicked at Shane. “Get away from me.” Shane felt very wronged. “You don’t see me as a man, and I don’t see you as a woman anyway. We’re buddies! Why can’t I go with you?” Yaya gave Shane an impatient look, turned around, and walked to a relatively hidden bush to answer nature’s calling As soon as Yaya left the group, one of the tour pals immediately sat by Karen Joy’s side, taking over Yaya’s seat. “Little Jar, my name is Zayne. I’ve introduced myself on the ride earlier today. You should still remember me right?” She didn’t remember! She had no impression of him at all! But Karen Joy couldn’t say that. It was too offensive to say that. She nodded and smiled politely. “Yes, I remember.” Upon hearing that Karen Joy remembered him, Zayne was very happy. He quickly reached out and wanted to shake Karen Joy’s hand. “Then we will be friends from now on.” Looking at his hand, Karen Joy hesitated… She may look like an easy going person, but she inherited some of her father’s fastidious character. She would not shake hands with just anyone Burly witnessed what was happening, reached out his hand and held Zayne’s hand. He said with a forced smile, “Bro, this is my girlfriend.” Burly claimed that Karen Joy was his girlfriend, but Karen Joy still smiled and did not object. Since she did not object to it, it would mean that she had tacitly admitted to it. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know. This will not happen again in the future, I promise.” The tour pal who came to flirt with her left with embarrassment. As soon as the guy left, Karen Joy whispered in Burly’s ear, “Burly, thank you!” Burly patted his chest and said, “Little Jar, you are one of us. When we are together, as the most masculine guy in our group, if I don’t protect you, do you expect that sissy Shane to protect you?” After receiving Shane’s supercilious look, Burly still couldn’t care less and continued, “I’m not praising myself. If there is nobody you like, your first choice must be me, how can it be that kid?” Burly really wasn’t praising himself, he was just being a loyal friend. He had feelings for Karen Joy, but after knowing that she had a guy that she liked, he only treated her as a friend. Since she was his friend, it was natural that he wouldn’t allow anyone to take advantage of her. He was always looking out for her. Karen Joy also felt that the biggest gain for coming to Country A this time was that she got to know friends like Yaya, Burly, and Shane. Although the three of them had different appearances and personalities, but they were all very straightforward and kind people. When she was with them, she could be herself and didn’t have to be wary if they would be plotting against her. Ah..! Suddenly, Yaya’s scream pierced through the air. Karen Joy, Burly, and Shane immediately got off their seats and without any hesitation, they stepped forward and ran towards where Yaya was. The others didn’t react to the situation as fast as the three of them did. When they realized it, they all ran towards the source of the sound. Karen Joy ran the fastest. “Sister Yaya, what’s wrong?” she asked. Having been with Yaya and the others for such a long time, Karen Joy treated Yaya like she was her own sister, and was worried that something had happened to her. “A dead.. dead body… It looks like..” Yaya stammered as she trembled with fear. During the earthquake, they had seen many dead bodies during the rescue mission, but they had been mentally prepared. It was completely different this time, the feeling was different when it happened out of a sudden. They weren’t prepared to witness such a sight. Karen Joy quickly hugged Yaya who was trembling and comforted her, “Sister Yaya, we are all here. Don’t be afraid.” Burly and Shane also patted Yaya on the shoulder to comfort her. “Don’t be afraid Yaya. We are all here. How can a living person be scared of the dead?” They usually argued with each other playfully. But at critical moments, they were true friends that cared for each other very much Karen Joy was the youngest in their team, but she was the calmest in these sort of circumstances, When no one dared to go up to confirm whether the person in the white quilt was still alive or already dead, she was the first to step forward and volunteered herself, She said, “You guys stay here and don’t move. I’ll go and have a look first. If that person is injured, we’ll get that person out of here. If the person is dead, we’ll call the police.”

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