My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 838

Burly and Shane stepped forward and stood beside Karen Joy Kyle. “How can we let you go alone? The three of us will go together.” Karen Joy was worried about Yaya and said, “Burly will go with me. Shane, look after Yaya.” Because of the thick fog, their vision was limited. Even though the dead body that was wrapped in the white sheet was just a few steps ahead of them, they couldn’t see it clearly As they were closer to it, Karen Joy could finally take a clear look of the dead body”, it had long hair, so she should be a woman… Thinking of a woman being killed and thrown in a place like this, her heart felt so distressed that she couldn’t help but frown. Burly said with concern, “Little Jar, you stay here. I’ll go and have a look.” Karen Joy shook her head and said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” They went forward together and lifted the “dead body”. As they were doing so, Karen Joy saw the face of the dead body”. “Sister Serene?” She exclaimed. No! How could it possibly be her? Wasn’t Sister Serene with her beloved man? Why was she here? “Little Jar, do you know her?” Burly was also staring at the woman. The woman looked familiar but he couldn’t remember where had he met her. When Serene rolled down the slope, her face was injured by weeds and thorns, and her hair scattered all over her face. It was not surprising that those who had only seen her on TV couldn’t recognize her. Karen Joy immediately hugged Serene. Her body was so cold that she couldn’t feel any warmth emitting from her body. If it wasn’t for her faint breath, Karen Joy would have thought that she was dead. She glanced at Serene’s naked feet and found that there was a snare pierced into her right foot. Maybe because it was there for too long, her foot was so swollen and turned purple. “Burly, quickly remove the trap.” Damn it! Damn it! Who on earth could do such evil things to a weak woman? If they didn’t come for an adventure today, Serene would have died here. Thinking of what might happen, Karen Joy was so scared that she felt a shiver down her spine. She hugged Serene as she patted her back with one hand, trying to warm her up. “Sister Serene, you will be okay. You will be okay.” Karen Joy called Serene’s name over and over again. Karen Joy looked at Serene in distress as she tried hard to hold back her tears. Burly sat on the ground, with great effort he managed to remove the snare from Serene’s foot. “Little Jar, what should we do now?”, he asked Karen Joy. “Tell everyone that we won’t join them for the adventure. Let’s go back first. Her life is more important.” Karen Joy held Serene’s cold body tightly, took a breath as she said calmly. Burly returned to the group and was about to explain the situation to everyone when he saw a strange man approaching them. The man said, “Miss.” It was Blake White. When Karen Joy saw him, she was a little surprised and said, “Blake, let’s get her down the mountain and send her to the nearest hospital. We can’t lose any more time.” “Yes. We’ll send her down the mountain right away.” Blake was so strong that he could pick Serene up in one lift. Karen Joy followed Blake and thought of something. She turned back and said to Burly, “Burly, make sure everyone returns safely, we will go first. Also, ask everyone to keep this a secret. No one is allowed to mention anything about it. Don’t get yourselves in trouble.” Serene was still the fiancee of Mr. President, and she was previously involved in the murder case. No matter what the truth about her was, it was better not to say anything about it. With Blake’s help, Karen Joy took Serene away before the others could find out about her identity It took them half a day to hike up the mountain because they were admiring the beautiful scenery. But, with Blake’s help, and because they were rushing to save Serene’s life, it only took them slightly over an hour to reach the foot of the mountain. Blake and Karen Joy got into his car and immediately drove away to get medical attention for Serene. The rest of the group took the bus back. In the car. Karen Joy asked Blake to increase the temperature of the air conditioner in the car so that it could warm Serene’s body up. She also asked Blake to drive faster so that they could return to Coast City in the shortest time possible. “Sister Serene, no matter what happens, promise me that you will hang in there, okay? Not for anyone, but the person in your heart. If he can’t see you when he’s back, how sad will he be?” What Karen Joy could think of was to stimulate Serene’s determination to live on. “Miss, her breathing is steady, she should be fine. Don’t worry too much.” Blake was worried about his little master, Karen Joy, instead. “Mm, I’m sure that nothing will happen to her. She will be fine.” Karen Joy held Serene in her arms, reassuring both Serene and herself. While the car was travelling down the mountain, Jackie Leves, sitting inside, suddenly felt uneasy, like he had to catch his breath. He had an ominous feeling, all of a sudden However, he didn’t pay much attention to the uneasiness, he thought that it was due to anxiety. He was anxious because he had not been in a crowded place for too long. After reaching the foot of the mountain, the car drove for another hour, and the anxiety multiplied, almost engulfing him. He had never had such a terrible experience. Even when the Leves family was exterminated, the fear in his heart was not as strong as it was this time. “Stop!” He suddenly shouted. “Young Master?” Daryl Leves did not know why Jackie shouted, but he still pulled the car over at the shoulder. “Turn around, we are going back right now,” Jackie said in a deep voice. He hadn’t been afraid for a long time. He didn’t know what fear was, but at this moment, deep down he was terrified, as if he was about to lose the most important thing in his life. Daryl asked cautiously. “Young Master, don’t you want to see the President? Jackie did not answer and looked at Daryl with a gloomy face. Daryl did not dare to ask any more questions. He immediately turned the car around and drove back On the way back, from time to time, Daryl looked at his master’s face from the reflection in the rear view mirror. He saw that his face got even darker than before. Without waiting for his master’s order, Daryl sped up. It took them more than an hour to return to the villa on Misty Mountain. Before the car could stop, Jackie opened the door and got out of the car. After getting off the car, he immediately went upstairs and rushed to Serene’s room. He opened the door and did not see the woman. Crack In an instant, it felt like his heart was broken, and he could even hear the sound of his heart breaking. “Serene!” He roared! He roared! He immediately turned around and rushed into the bathroom, Serene was not there. He was so nervous that his hands trembled a little. He clenched his trembling hands into fists in order to cope his fear and panic He walked out of the door and shouted at the empty corridor, “Find her! Find her and bring her back here!” “Young Master..” Daryl was so frightened that he didn’t dare to get too close to Jackie. “Immediately send men to search the mountains. If she escaped, none of you will live!” At this time, Jackie was like a crazy beast who had lost all sanity,

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