My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 839

Jackie Leves had always known how much influence Serene Silas had on him. Even if she frowned slightly, his mood would also be affected. It was precisely because he knew about how influential this woman was on him that he had been holding himself back from being too close to her. He warned himself not to be affected by her and not to be deceived by her again. But no matter how hard he tried to restrain himself, he would always feel that something was missing in his heart whenever he could not see her, even for just a short period of time. The uneasiness that he felt when he went down the mountain today was the best proof. “Young Master, ‘ll send someone to find her right away.” Daryl Leves turned his head and ran away. Because he was going too fast, he almost fell to the ground when he tried to make turn Jackie’s eyes swept around coldly, he turned around and went to his study room on the third floor, to look at the surveillance recording. As soon as he opened the door, he immediately noticed that someone had entered his study room after he had left. He immediately looked at the desk. The photo frame and the ring, which were placed at the most obvious place, were gone… That photo was the only thing that he cherished the most. Over the past year, he had thought of destroying it, but he couldn’t bear himself to do so. He told himself that he wanted to see that face every day and so that it could remind him of the revenge, so he couldn’t destroy it. But deep down in his heart, he was very clear that he didn’t need that picture to remind his about anything, he just couldn’t make himself do it. That ring was a token of love between him and that woman. A few days ago, he felt that she was not qualified to have the ring that he gave her and that was why he took it back from her, but now they were all gone. The photo and the ring were gone. Jackie felt as if a piece of his heart had been torn off, and blood was gushing out. These things were the evidence that they had loved each other during those years. He could never tolerate it if anyone were to take them away from him. Jackie immediately turned on the computer and checked the surveillance recording. As expected, he saw Serene slide out of the door with the sheets wrapped around her. The next scene, she was at the third floor and entered his study room. She found the photo and the ring, and she shouted his name like a madman… Was she blaming herself? Was she afraid? Seeing that the person whom she had betrayed and framed might still be alive, she should be afraid, or else, what could it be? In the end, Jackie saw her leaving through the back door and escape from the backyard. She had left the prison he had prepared for her. She was indeed a vicious and cunning woman! These days, he thought that she had only stayed in the room and did nothing, but never had he expected that she had already figured out the escape route. At this time, an idea flashed across Jackie’s mind. If she had only stayed in the room, how could she have figured out the escape route? But at this time, he was in a state of extreme panic and anger that he had ignored the thought that came and went away too quickly. He only knew that as soon as he left, Serene, that vicious woman, ran away.. When he gets this woman back, he would cut off her legs so that she wouldn’t be able to escape. As such cruel words were coming out from his mouth, his mind were thinking about the dangerous environment out in the mountains. He was worried about her. How could a frail woman like Serene possibly make it out safely amidst the thick mist. When he was thinking about this, Jackie rushed out of the back door and followed Serene’s tracks along the backyard. His legs were long and he was athletic. In no time, he was already at the place where Serene was. When he saw the bloodstains on the trees, every inch of his nerves stiffened. His fear for Serene’s safety suppressed the anger that was once burning in him. “Serene, you damned woman, if you have the guts to die here, I won’t let go of your dead body.” He roared. “Young Master, I have sent everyone to search through the mountains. Whether Miss Silas is dead or alive, we will definitely bring her back.” Daryl reported the progress to his master. Jackie turned around abruptly and glared at Daryl coldly. “What do you mean by dead or alive? She must be alive and well!” Without his permission, if that woman had the guts to die, he would bring her back from her death even if that meant that he had to drag her back from the underworld. It was she who caused the Leaves family to be exterminated. She owed him more than a dozen lives. Jackie wouldn’t let her use death to escape from all of this. As he spoke, Jackie clenched his fists so tightly that it felt like he could crush his own fists. “Yes, yes, yes… ‘ll make everyone searches the whole place thoroughly. We will bring her back alive.” Daryl answered hurriedly. He wanted to leave, but he was worried that something would happen to his master if no one was there to keep an eye on him. Serene, that sinister woman, was a real trouble! A year ago, the Leaves family lost their lives because of her, and the Young Master had undergone a facial reconstruction because of her. For the whole year, he couldn’t go out to see anyone. These were all caused by that ruthless woman, but their master was still reluctant to hurt her. Daryl couldn’t figure out what was so good about that woman from the Silas family. What kind of quality did she have to deserve such commitment from his Young Master? Daryl was distracted for a short while, and when he looked up again, he could no long see his Young Master standing before him. “Young Master.” No one responded to Daryl’s call. Daryl panicked, because he knew that if Serene was dead, their master would no longer have the will to live on. There was no time for Daryl to think too much. He had to catch up with his Young Master. If anything were to happen to his master, he had to do anything he could to prevent it. Because the fog was too thick, Daryl could not see clearly. He could only tell through the swaying branches around him that Jackie was heading down the mountain. “Young Master.” Daryl called out again, but he still couldn’t get Jackie’s reply He ran around in the mountains aimlessly and son lost his way. He didn’t even know how to get back, how could he find his master? At this moment, Jackie did not dare waste any more time. He knew that time is crucial. The more time had passed, Serene would be in more danger. He didn’t want her to die, so he had to try his best to follow the tracks that she had left in order to find her. Jackie was unsure how far it was from the villa, when he found traces of someone rolling down the slope. He also found a slipper at the same place. With just one glance, he could recognize that it was Serene’s, it was that vicious women’s slipper. He was the one who ordered his men to prepare all the things Serene would need during her stay in the mountains. He was the one who handed those things to her, so how could he not recognize the slipper. “Serene, answer me!” He roared her name. His voice was so loud that it could cause an earthquake, but it was obvious that his voice was trembling with fear. He picked up the slipper and continued to charge down. Not too far away, he saw the other pair of the slipper. Beside it, there was a piece of torn cloth which came from the sheets that was wrapped around Serene, and there were thorns dangling on it.

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