My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 840

“Serene Silas!” Jackie Leves roared again. His raspy voice could make hearts tighten in anxiety This time, he rushed down without hesitation. He arrived at the place where the trail had stopped, but he did not see any trace of Serene. He didn’t see her, that meant that she must be alive… Thinking that she was still alive, Jackie was immediately at ease as he let out a breath of relief. At this moment, he realized that no matter how deep she had hurt him or betrayed him, he still could not bring himself to kill her. He would rather be tortured by that inner demon of his, and he would rather be responsible for the lives of the Elves family, but he would never be able to let her pay him back with her own life. He made her stay by his side and treated her that way because he was afraid of losing her. Because he had experienced loss and betrayal, he didn’t know how to make her stay by his side. Only during the times when he was penetrating her, could he feel that she truly belonged to him, all to himself, and that no one could ever take her away from him. “Young Master..” Daryl Leves brought over some men and finally caught up with him. “Continue the search! Keep searching!” said Jackie. He would find her and he would never let her leave again. In this life, she should never think of escaping from him! At the Coast City Hospital. Serene was grasping on to Karen Joy’s hand. She hadn’t let go for nearly two hours, as if she was grabbing something very precious to her. Knowing that Serene was afraid, Karen Joy did not withdraw her hand. She accompanied her and let her hold onto her hand the entire time. “Sister Serene, don’t be afraid. It’s all good now.” They sent Serene to the hospital as fast as they could. After the doctor’s examination, the doctor said that Serene only suffered from external injuries and they were not life threatening The reason why Serene was unconscious, was that her body condition was poor and she had suffered from hypothermia. Fortunately, she was rescued in time, that was why she survived the ordeal. “No, don’t.. Don’t touch me, get away…” Serene, who was now semi-conscious, made these desperate cries from time to time. “Sister Serene, it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be afraid!” Karen Joy patted her hand and comforted her continuously. She didn’t know what else she could say except for this. It was Karen Joy who helped Serene change into some fresh clothes. Even though Karen Joy had not been through such a situation, she still knew exactly what Serene had suffered to get these scars. Moreover, having listened to Serene’s words, Karen Joy was sure that Serene must have been sexually assaulted by a man. Who on earth was that horrible bastard? Karen Joy gritted her teeth. She would definitely hunt the man down, strip his skin, and make him kneel before Serene and beg for her forgiveness. “No, no.” Serene shouted while still lying on the hospital bed. In the next moment, her painful expression suddenly became relaxed. “Jackie, is it you? Have you come to save me?” But soon, the expression on her face became ferocious. She said with her teeth chattering, “Jackie, don’t go. Take me and our baby with you, okay?” Serene was crying, and she was crying in her dreams. She cried so helplessly, like a baby who had lost her mother. “Sister Serene..” Karen Joy wanted to comfort her, but she was so dejected that she couldn’t say anything. Her heart felt so heavy that she couldn’t breathe properly. She didn’t have many interactions with Serene before, but she could see that Serene was a kind and generous girl. She thought to herself, if she wasn’t involved in their relationship, would Serene continue to be Brother Lionel’s fiancee? Then she wouldn’t have gotten into this murder debacle and then get kidnapped by someone else. To think that Serene was so badly hurt because of herself, Karen Joy couldn’t take in another breath. She bit her lip and held Serene’s hand even more tightly. “Sister Serene, you have to be strong. No matter how difficult it is, you must hang on. Even if you don’t want to live for yourself, think of the person who loves you. He is still alive, and he will definitely return to your side.” “Jackie, Jackie..” On the bed, Serene’s voice gradually became weaker. It seemed that she was too tired and finally fell asleep. Karen Joy reached out and wanted to move away the sweaty hair on Serene’s forehead, but as soon as her hand moved, Serene was immediately frightened and held her hand even tighter. “Sister Serene, I’m not leaving, don’t be afraid!” Karen Joy did not pull back her hand and comforted Serene patiently. Karen Joy could see all kinds of expressions from Serene in such a short time. Previously, she had been living a happy and sweet life with her Brother Lionel. But what about Brother Lionel’s real fiancee? Serene was kidnapped and they didn’t rescue her in time. She was tortured to such a near-death condition. Because of the self-blame, Karen Joy’s heart ached as she thought that she was responsible for Serene’s misfortune. Her nose twitched and tears rolled down uncontrollably from the corner of her eyes. Suddenly, the door was pushed open. Karen Joy took a deep breath to calm herself down and said without looking back, “I told you not to come in. Why didn’t you listen to me?” She thought it was Blake White. However, the man behind her walked towards her and hugged her tightly. “Karen, don’t be afraid!” Yes. She was afraid. She was afraid that something bad would happen to Serene. She was afraid that she had taken away Brother Lionel’s heart and she had taken away all of Brother Lionel’s attention from Serene, which led to Serene’s current situation But others couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Although Brother Lionel couldn’t see her face from behind, but he could tell that she was afraid just by listening to her voice. She felt a little awkward and wanted to break free from his embrace, but Nathaniel Cooper held her even tighter and said, “Karen, don’t move.” Just as she was unwilling to let him get closer to her, he buried his head next to her ear and said softly, “What happened to Serene has nothing to do with you. Don’t think too much.” How did he know? Was he a mind reader? He could understand precisely what she was thinking. “But…” Karen Joy still couldn’t let it go. If it wasn’t for her, the relationship between Nathaniel and Serene would look fine in the public’s eye, and Serene wouldn’t have been kidnapped. “No buts.” Nathaniel lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “Silly girl, don’t blame everything on yourself. You’ve never done anything wrong to anyone. You’re the only one in my heart. This is something that has never changed.” Nathaniel’s words were like a calming draught, which tranquillised Karen Joy’s impetuous heart, she no longer felt so troubled. She looked up at him and asked, “Brother Lionel, how did you know that I’m here?” Immediately, she realized that it was a stupid question. Her Brother Lionel was such a capable man. How could he not know where she was?.

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