My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 841

It was just a casual question but it made Nathaniel Cooper slightly stunned. He didn’t know how to answer Karen Joy Kyle at that instant. Could he tell her that all this while he had sent his men to follow her? That he knew about her every move? Of course not! Although he had sent his men to follow her with the reason to protect her, she might thought that he was controlling over her life. Karen Joy was so focused on Serene Silas that she ignored the unusual expression on Nathaniel’s face. “Brother Lionel, Sister Serene was injured and she’s been having nightmares and was constantly shouting “Jackie” ever since she was here. Is Jackie Sister Serene’s lover?” “Yes.” Nathaniel nodded. Jackie Leves had made an appointment with him today, but he stood him up. At first, he didn’t know the reason, but now he knew that the reason must be because of Serene. “Brother Lionel, didn’t you say that he took Sister Serene away? Then why is Sister Serene so heavily injured?” Karen Joy couldn’t think of a reason, so she could only ask the omnipotent Brother Lionel. “I will send someone to investigate this matter.” Nathaniel glanced at Serene who was lying on the bed and said, “Don’t ask her anything when she wakes up. If she is willing to speak, let her, if she doesn’t, don’t force her.” “Brother Lionel, do you think i’m still a child?” Of course, she knew that she shouldn’t force Serene anything that she didn’t want to. She would definitely not make her remind of her tragic past. “Of course not.” Nathaniel rubbed her head and sighed. “My Karen has already grown up before I even knew it.” She was a graceful young lady, like a bright star in the night sky, catching all the attention of the men. There were so many men around her who wanted to hit on her. She was no longer the little chubby girl she used to be. “No matter what I become, I am still your Karen.” Karen Joy really wanted to say this to him, but she couldn’t say it because Serene was still lying there on the hospital bed. Nathaniel and Serene were the engaged couple that the public knew of. If she said those words, she would be confessing her love to another woman’s fiancee. If this happened in the ancient times, stones would be thrown at her, she would be deemed a homewrecker! “What if..” Karen Joy didn’t dare to hypothesize about it. She only hoped that Jackie would come back soon and protect his woman. Nathaniel took her hand and said, “Karen, come with me.” “No, Sister Serene.” Karen Joy wanted to say that Serene was holding her hand, but she didn’t realize that her hand was grasped by Brother Lionel. Seeing that Serene did not respond, she nodded and followed Nathaniel out. As soon as they walked out of the door, Karen Joy plunged into Nathaniel’s arms and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. “Brother Lionel, I’m so scared.” She was afraid that the person whom Serene was waiting for would not come back, and she was afraid that she herself could not be with her Brother Lionel. She was not a timid person, but she was afraid that she could not be with Brother Lionel forever. Occasionally, she would have this kind of thoughts running in her mind, which would make her feel extremely depressed. “Karen…” she could feel Nathaniel’s warm kiss on her earlobe. He kissed her softly and gently and said “Brother Lionel is here, don’t be afraid!” “Brother Lionel, please help Serene to find Jackie as soon as possible. I will feel guilty if she doesn’t get her own happiness.” It was not Karen Joy who snatched Serene’s lover, but as long as Serene was not happy, Karen Joy would not be able to openly receive the love from Brother Lionel. “Okay, I’ll send someone to find him.” Nathaniel patted Karen Joy on the back, only to see Jayden Elias Kyle coming from the other end of the corridor. Their gaze collided with each other, as if there was ammunition in the air, if there was a spark, they would already have been ignited. Karen Joy, who buried her head in Nathaniel’s arms, also felt it. When she looked up and saw Jayden, she could not help but frown. Why was he here again? Without saying a word, Jayden stepped forward and threw a fist at Nathaniel. Nathaniel held Karen Joy in his arms and leaned to the side, dodging Jayden’s attack. “Jayden, what are you doing?” Karen Joy was very angry. This person was too much, he even wanted to hit Brother Lionel to “I’m just testing my future brother-in-law, do you have to be so upset?” Jayden smiled, but his eyes were cold. “What do you think, future brother-in-law?” Nathaniel stood straight with a smile on his handsome face. He smiled without saying anything, showing the self restraint of the leader of a country should have. “Mr. Kyle, you are not welcome here! Please leave!” There was no need for Nathaniel to speak. His bodyguard, Horatio, was already driving him away on his behalf. Jayden stood still. He glanced coldly at Nathaniel and Karen Joy’s hands that held were together tightly and then said with a smile, “Karen, Dad asked me to pass you a message. Next time when he calls you, if you don’t pick up, he will come over personally and bring you back home.” After saying what he had to say, Jayden left. Karen Joy quickly took out her mobile phone and found that there were several missed calls, and all of them were from her father. Oh no! Her father was a petty person. Now that she didn’t answer his calls, he would probably ignore her for the next few days She hurriedly dialed back, but no one picked up. Just as she had expected, her father was a petty person. If she did not answer his call, he would punish her in the same way. It was no wonder that her mother would sometimes say that Director Kevin was getting more childish. What a childish father! She suddenly felt so annoyed by his behaviour! If it was possible, could she get a new father?” As soon as she had this thought running in her mind, Karen Joy felt a chill down her spine. If her father knew that she ever had this thought, he would definitely ignore her for a year, so she had better stop thinking about such nonsense. It was already noon the next day when Serene finally woke up. She opened her eyes and looked at the room that was painted in white. For a moment, she thought that she was in heaven. In her imagination, heaven should be in pure white, warm, and with the person she had been missing all the time. “That’s great!” she murmured to herself. There was no need to be locked up in the cold, cage-like prison anymore, and she would no longer need to suffer those disgusting and cruel torture. It was as if the Sun was shining on her body. No, there was really sunshine beaming through the window, shining on her body, which made her feel warm and happier. The heaven had sunlight, the fragrance of the beautiful flowers, and beautiful angels… Maybe she could see her Jackie here too. “Sister Serene, you’re awake!” A crisp and sweet voice interrupted Serene’s thoughts. She turned around and saw a young girl walking towards her with a meal box in her hand and a smile on her face. This girl must be an angel. She was so beautiful and her smile was so sweet that she couldn’t help but want to get close to her. She came to her side and said sweetly. “Sister Serene, I’ve asked someone to prepare some vegetable stew for you. It’s still hot. Take a few mouthfuls while it’s still hot.”

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