My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 842

In the past, Karen Joy Kyle was always the one that was taken care of, be it food or clothing. This was the first time she was taking care of someone else. Although she was a little clumsy, she was very careful. She prepared the vegetable stew and some appetizers, she couldn’t let Serene Silas go hungry. “Are you an angel?” Serene stared at her and asked carefully She was worried that if her voice was a little louder, she would scare away the beautiful angel in front of her. Karen Joy was stunned. What was wrong with Sister Serene? Was it possible that Sister Serene injured her head because of her falling down the slope? If that was the case, what should she do? “Are you an angel?” Serene asked again, persistently “Sister Serene, I’m not an angel. I’m Karen Joy.” Karen Joy stretched out her hand and touched Serene’s forehead. She didn’t have a fever. Did she really damage her brain and lose her memory? Serene looked at her from head to toe. Under Serene’s gaze, Karen Joy added, “Sister Serene, have some stew first. When your body gets warmer, your head will clear up.” It was not that easy for a person to lose their memory. Karen Joy guessed that Serene just couldn’t recall who she was for the time being. Karen Joy thought that Serene had either suffered a major impact on her mental health, or she was still not yet fully awake after being unconscious for so long. “Karen Joy?” Serene looked at Karen Joy with some doubts, but she still took the stew she handed to her and ate some of it. The vegetable stew was warm, just the right temperature and it was aromatic. It was like a comfort food, which could drive away all the fatigue in the body. Serene ate two more mouthfuls. She felt that her body was getting warmer and her body started to function a little bit better. As she finished the stew in the bowl, she looked up and saw a delicate face not too far away. She was a little surprised. “Karen Joy?” “Yes, Sister Serene, it’s me, it’s me.” Karen Joy took the empty bowl from Serene’s hand. Seeing that Serene finally recognized her, she smiled from the bottom of her heart and said, “Sister Serene, is this stew delicious?” “It’s delicious.” Serene still didn’t know what was going on. She stared at Karen Joy and looked at her repeatedly. She wanted to say something but didn’t know how to. Karen Joy held her hand and said sweetly, “Whenever I was sick, my Mom would accompany me and take care of me. She would personally cook this stew for me. I thought it was very delicious, so I arranged for someone to cook some for you. If you like it, I can ask them to cook it again.” “It’s delicious. Karen Joy, thank you!” Serene nodded and thanked her How could a person who had only met her twice be so kind to her? What about her family who was supposed to care for her? Where were they when she needed them? “Sister Serene, you said that I can treat you as my sister, so you don’t have to be so polite to your own sister.” At the beginning, because of Serene’s identity as Nathaniel’s fiancee, Karen Joy did not want to call her sister’ out of spite. But now she could say it so comfortably. Perhaps it was because her identity in Karen Joy’s heart had changed. Without the awkward feeling in her heart, who wouldn’t want to get close to such a kind and beautiful young lady like Serene? “Karen Joy… Why am I here?” Serene still remembered that she had escaped from that hellish place, and then stepped into a trap that they had set up for her. She was injured, and she could vaguely recall that she had fallen onto the ground but she didn’t remember what happened afterwards. She thought she would die of excessive blood loss or she would be frozen to death on that cold mountain. She did not expect that she would live. Fate was really such a ridiculous thing. For so many times, she was mentally prepared to die but there was never once that she could Did fate pity her or was it playing tricks on her? She didn’t know “Sister Serene, you were injured. My friend and I found you during a hike, so we saved you.” Thinking of what happened yesterday, Karen Joy’s heart twitched again. She was glad that she joined the adventure hike and found Serene. She was glad that Serene was still alive. “Karen Joy, thank you!” Serene thanked her again, but there was no joy in her eyes even after she was rescued. It was as if living was a very painful thing for her. She might as well die so that she could be relieved of the pain. If she died sooner, she would be able to see her Jackie in the other world. To her, death would be a relief. “Sister Serene..” Seeing Serene’s disheartened look, Karen Joy’s heart ached again. “Brother Lionel has gone to find Jackie. He will bring him to you soon.” “Jackie? You said Jackie?” Hearing the word “Jackie”, Serene’s body shook, and her eyes instantly shone brightly. She held Karen Joy’s arm tightly with her arm and asked with a mix of emotions, “Karen Joy, is it really him?” Was her Jackie still alive? Was he really still alive? But… But as the thought of herself being sexual assaulted by that devil made her bright eyes dim a little. Even if Jackie was still alive, how could she face him? She was no longer the Serene who only belonged to him. “Sister Serene, don’t worry. Brother Lionel said that he is still alive, so he will definitely bring him back.” Karen Joy thought that Serene was worried about this and tried to comfort her. “He’s still alive! He’s alive!” She said repeatedly as she burst out of tears. She had gritted her teeth and endured for so long. She even had a fake engagement with Nathaniel so that she could wait until the day he comes back. After waiting for such a long time, she finally received the news that he was still alive, but she was no longer qualified to go back to him “Sister Serene, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. It will be fine.” Karen Joy hurriedly took a tissue to wipe her tears, but she couldn’t wipe all of them away no matter how hard she tried. As she looked at the grief-stricken Serene, she could not help but cry along with her. After a long time, Serene had finally stopped crying and said sorrowfully. “Too many things had happened in the past year. Nothing can make everything return to like it was before.” Why didn’t he come back earlier? Why didn’t he appear earlier? If he had appeared a month earlier, she would not have… Thinking of her experience in the past month and those horrible things, Serene felt so distressed that she vomited. Karen Joy was worried. “Sister Serene, what’s wrong?” Serene wiped her tears and smiled again. “Karen Joy. whatever happened, has happened… Although it’s not what we wanted, no one can change the reality.” Serene’s words were obscure, but Karen Joy understood. Because she understood, that was why she felt even more uncomfortable. She didn’t know what to say to comfort Serene, she could only hug her tightly. She thought that if Jackie really loved Serene, he wouldn’t mind it. No, he should cherish Sister Serene even more!

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