My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 843

It had been a full day that Jackie Leves had personally brought his men to look for Serene Silas, but he still hadn’t found her. Jackie couldn’t find her and her safety was unknown. He could only feel as if his soul had been taken away, wandering in the valleys between the mountains. Misty Mountain covered a vast area, it was impossible for Serene, an injured person, to get out of the forest alone… As he thought of her being injured, a thought flashed across Jackie’s mind. Just as he was trying to catch the fleeting thought, he was interrupted by Daryl Leves. Daryl had came over to report on the progress on the search. He turned around and asked coldly, “What’s the matter?” Daryl said cautiously, “Young Master, there is a call from Mr. President. He wants to meet you.” Jackie turned his head and looked at Daryl coldly. He didn’t say anything, but Daryl knew what he was thinking. He didn’t have time to see anyone before he could find Serene. In other words, nothing was more important than looking for Serene. Daryl added, “Mr. President said they have found Miss Silas.” “What?” Jackie turned around and grabbed Daryl by the collar and growled, “What did you say? Say it again?” Daryl was frightened by his master’s expression. A few seconds later, he said, “Young Master, Miss Silas must have been taken by the President’s people. He called to talk to you about Miss Silas.” When he heard that Serene had been rescued by Nathaniel Cooper’s men, he knew that she was still alive, Jackie let out a sigh of relief, but soon his anger and jealousy erupted. “Did his men take Serene back? How does his men know where Serene was?” Before this, Daryl had reported to him that Nathaniel had never sent anyone to keep an eye on Serene so how could he know where Serene was? He decided to give Nathaniel a chance to explain for himself. Now it seemed that Nathaniel’s words might not be credible. “Young Master, do you want to meet Mr. President?” Daryl asked carefully again. He shrank his neck, worried that Jackie who was in a rage, would twist his head off his neck in anger. “Of course, how could we not meet?” Nathaniel took the initiative to come to him. This is his domain, who could possibly hide from him? What else could they do if they didn’t meet? Nathaniel came to see Jackie this time as himself, not as the President, so only the driver, Jamie, and his personal bodyguard, Horatio accompanied him. The car drove slowly on the winding road, and it took them almost half an hour to get to the villa. Nathaniel had heard of the beautiful scenery on Misty Mountain and he thought that he could use this opportunity to experience it for himself. It was true that Misty Mountain was a fairyland, now that they were halfway up the mountain, it felt like they were on the clouds. “Sir, we’re here.” The one who spoke was the bodyguard, Horatio, who first got off the car and looked around to make sure that surroundings were safe before letting their Mr. President alight Horatio was particularly careful as his vision was severely limited by the massive fog. He stood close, next to Nathaniel and was constantly observing the surroundings. “Okay.” Nathaniel got out of the car and nodded. His tall body stood in the fog and looked up at the building in front of him. “Sir, this is it.” Horatio pointed to the building in front of him. Horatio frowned discontentedly because no one had came forward to welcome his master. Seeing that his master did not show any dissatisfaction, he quickly calmed down. After Jamie had parked the car, he got out of the car and stood behind Nathaniel. Just like Horatio, every nerve in his body tightened as if he was ready to deal with any sudden attacks. “Sir, I’m going to knock on the door.” Horatio informed his master and stepped forward to ring the doorbell that could be found beside the gate of the villa. After the doorbell had rang for some time, someone came out from the villa. This person was Daryl, Jackie’s most trusted subordinate He said, “My master was exhausted and he is now taking a bath. If you’re not in a hurry, Mr. Cooper, please wait in the study for a short while.” The President came in person, but he said that his master was taking a bath. To choose to take a bath at this time, in other people’s eyes, he was being disrespectful. Horatio and Jamie looked at each other and were very dissatisfied. They wanted to voice their dissent on their master’s behalf, but Nathaniel opened his mouth first. “Please lead the way then.” Nathaniel spoke politely, without a trace of anger on his face. If it were someone else, Nathaniel would definitely make him pay for taking up his time. However, this man was his best friend since childhood. Although they were not really brothers by blood, but they were closer than any real brothers could be. Besides, when the Levees Family was exterminated a year ago, it was indirectly related to him, so how could he ever get angry at Jackie? They entered the house, went upstairs, and arrived at Jackie’s study. Horatio and Jamie never left Nathaniel’s side, they were afraid that he would be in danger. “Wait for me outside.” Nathaniel gestured with his hand, indicating them to leave. “Sir, no!” Horatio and Jamie said at the same time. They were worried about leaving their master alone in this dangerous place However, Nathaniel insisted on doing so. He said indifferently, “Are you going to defy my orders?” Of course not. They wouldn’t dare to disobey Nathaniel’s orders. It was because they were too loyal that they were worried that Nathaniel would be in danger, that was why they didn’t want to leave Nathaniel had spoken twice but Horatio and Jamie was still standing by his side, like a mountain. They did not move at all. “He is my best friend. Anyone in the world may hurt me, but not him.” A man who was born at the exact same day as him, grew up together with him, and even his family was destroyed because of him. Even if that person wanted to take his life, he would let him do it. Moreover, he was absolutely sure that that person wouldn’t do that. Over 20 years of brotherhood, 20 years of going through thick and thin, he knew that person more than he knew himself. Horatio and Jamie looked at each other and didn’t say anything. They nodded and withdrew themselves from the entrance of the study room As soon as the two of them closed the door, there was a loud applause in the room. A man who was wearing a black suit and half of his face hidden under a mask said, “I’ve heard about Mr. President for a long time. You are really fearless to have come to meet me.” Nathaniel looked around and saw a man with a mask. Half of his face that was exposed was unfamiliar to Nathaniel, he had not seen this face before. His voice was also unfamiliar to him, he had never heard of it before. But the man’s figure was almost the same as the person he had in his memory. He thought that this man with the unrecognizable features was probably the man he was looking for, but Nathaniel was not sure. He just looked at him repeatedly. “Sure enough..” Jackie sneered. No matter how close they were before, he still couldn’t recognize him.

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