My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 844

Serene Silas, who used to be closest to his heart, and was even pregnant with his child, couldn’t recognize him either. Even the President, who claimed to be his best friend, couldn’t recognize him. Before Nathaniel Cooper came, he already knew who the person he was going to meet was, but he still he couldn’t recognize him. It could be imagined how thoroughly his face had changed. Jackie curled his lips and a cold sneer appeared on his face. He looked Nathaniel without blinking an eye and observed every subtle change in his expression. “Mr. President, what can I do for you?” At the same time, Nathaniel was also staring at the man before him. He was dressed in black, and the mask on his face was also black Not only that, the theme of the room was mainly black. The decorations and the furnishing in the room were all in black. In Nathaniel’s memory, Jackie hated the color black the most. Jackie often said that black made people feel depressed, which also represented the color of death. This was why all the furnishings in Jackie’s residence were always bright in colour. However, not only he was wearing black clothes now, but the decorations in the study room was also in the colour that he had hated the most. What did he suffer the past year, that not only his face and voice changed, but also his preferences? Perhaps it was not that he liked black now, but the color could hide his true feelings, which made him undetectable by the enemy as he hid in the darkness. He had no choice but to hide in the darkness. After looking at each other for a long time, Nathaniel restrained the surging emotions in his heart and shouted out the name that he was so familiar with, “Jackie Leves!” When he heard the name, Jackie’s body trembled a little, he looked at Nathaniel with a different look in his eyes. Nathaniel walked up to him and punched him in the chest, just like the way they usually greeted each other when they met. “You’re finally back.” He had been waiting for him for a year, and he was finally back! Jackie was stunned again! Nathaniel recognized him? Jackie did not hide. He was still looking at Nathaniel. He could see that Nathaniel was very certain when he called out his name. There was no a trace of doubt in his voice. Did Nathaniel really recognize him? Jackie asked himself as he stared at Nathaniel’s face to look for the answer he wanted. “I’m sorry!” Nathaniel said again. These simple words contained so much apology. A year ago, the Leaves family was exterminated because of him. Jackie had gone missing for a year, and Nathaniel hadn’t been able to find him. He had thought multiple times that Jackie might had already died in that big fire. But what he believed more was that Jackie would survive the fire, and that he was not dead. That was why he had taken care of his beloved woman for him until the day he is back again so that he could hand her over to him safe and sound. That was the only thing he could do for his brother who was willing to give up his life for him. He had been Jackie’s brother for more than 20 years, but he had made Jackie suffer so much. It was really not something that could be made up with just a mere apology. However, except for these words, Nathaniel really didn’t know what else he could say to Jackie at that instant. No matter what he said, it still wouldn’t make up to him and the Leaves family. “Sorry?” Jackie withdrew his thoughts and said with a faint smile, “We are only meeting for the first time. What is there for you to be sorry about, Mr. President?” Because he wanted to be the president, so he had joined hands with the others to wipe out the Leaves family ? Or was it because he took advantage of his best friend’s absence, and snatched his best friend’s woman? What was Nathaniel sorry for? Why did he apologize? Jackie was still curling its lips, but his smile gradually got colder. His smile was like a poisonous sharp sword that could pierce through a person’s heart. Did Nathaniel really think that what had happened more than a year ago could be forgiven by saying “I’m sorry”? Of course not! Was he stupid or too naive? Perhaps both He thought of these, thought of the dozen of lives of the Leaves family, and thought of the living hell he had gone through the past year. Jackie threw his fist at Nathaniel’s face. He sneered and said, “Mr. President, how does this fist taste like? Is it good?” They practiced martial arts together ever since they were children. Not only was Nathaniel smart, but he also worked harder than anyone else. At a young age, he was already much more capable than his peers. In the past, when the two of them fought against each other, Nathaniel would win every time. Jackie would rarely win. Therefore, when Jackie punched, Nathaniel would be able to dodge it easily, but he did not. He owed more than a dozen of lives to the Leaves family, and Jackie had only punched him. When the two things were put side by side, this punch was nothing, He did not dodge, which made Jackie even angrier. Jackie swung his fist again and it landed hard on Nathaniel’s face. Nathaniel’s face was bruised from the punch and his teeth were almost shaken loose. However, Nathaniel still did not dodge any of them Nathaniel didn’t dodge any of his punches nor did he fight back, which provoked Jackie even more. Jackie continued to punch him at the same place as his anger multiplied. His face was punched a several times and he could taste the blood in his mouth while the corner of his lips was bleeding. Although he was punched for so many times, he did not waver at all, he even looked at Jackie with a smile. “Nathaniel… Don’t think that I don’t have the guts to kill you!” Jackie was even angrier than before. He swung his fist again, but this time, his fist did not land on Nathaniel’s face. He couldn’t do it, then Nathaniel smiled again. “No matter how long has it been, no matter what you have become, you are still the brother who grew up with me.” If Jackie wanted to take his life, he would not have used his fists only. Nathaniel would have already been gunned down once he stepped foot on the mountain. “Brother? He he…” Jackie sneered, and his eyes were red, like a mad beast. ” Nathaniel, are you sure that you have regarded me, Jackie Leves, as your brother?” He was angry with Nathaniel and even angrier at himself. He was angry at himself because he could only bring himself to give him a few punches on the face but couldn’t do anything else to him. “You’re my brother! You’ll be my brother for the rest of my life!” Nathaniel said every word clearly and carefully as he watched Jackie gritted his teeth. Jackie stared at him with his fierce eyes. It seemed like he was sizing Nathaniel up, as if he wanted to swallow Nathaniel up at once. Did Nathaniel really regard him as his brother? So Nathaniel really didn’t collude with anyone to commit the the massacre of the Leaves family? Jackie had doubts in his heart, but he chose to believe in Nathaniel. Otherwise, just like what Nathaniel had said, Jackie would not have only used his fists to solve the problem. If he really wanted to harm Nathaniel, he could have used a gun. Guns were the best weapon to take a someone’s life since the opponent might not be able to fight back. Both of them were very clear about this.

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