My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 845

Bang Jamie and Horatio barged through the door. They were worried for their master’s safety as they could hear the commotion that was happening in the room. They couldn’t care about their master’s order anymore, so they crashed the door open. Horatio was ready to take any action against Jackie Leves when he saw that Nathaniel Cooper’s face was covered in bruises and stained with blood. At that instant, he heard Nathaniel shouted, “Get out!” At usual times, their President looked gentle and refined. Even if he wanted to kill somebody, he wouldn’t even say anything harsh. Upon hearing this, Jamie and Horatio were both stunned. They suddenly didn’t know what to do. “Do you need me to escort both of you out?” Nathaniel raised his eyebrows as he said in an authoritative tone, like how a President would speak. After receiving the cold gaze from Nathaniel, Horatio and Jamie did not dare to stay any longer and retreated from the room. The room was left with only the two of them again. Neither of them spoke. For a moment, they were so quiet that they could even hear each other’s heartbeat. Both of them looked at each other. After a long pause, Nathaniel took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “I will make those who hurt you pay a thousand times of the price for what they have made you suffer in the past year.” “You’ll make those who hurt me pay the price?” Jackie raised his eyes and stared coldly at Nathaniel. His eyes were still as cold as ice. “Aren’t you the one who should take the blame for what I have suffered?” Nathaniel couldn’t refute. Jackie was right! If it weren’t for the fact that he, Nathaniel, fought others for the position of President, and if it wasn’t because the power of the Leves family wasn’t on his side, the Leves family wouldn’t have been exterminated. When he tracked the source, even though Leves family was not killed by him personally, but it was also because of him that they died. He was indeed the culprit. Nathaniel did not retort, which meant that he had tacitly admitted to it. Upon seeing Nathaniel’s response, Jackie frowned, and the anger in his chest rose. “Nathaniel, do you want me to shoot you to death?” As soon as he finished saying that, Jackie pulled out a gun from the inner pocket of his jacket. He raised the gun and aimed it at Nathaniel’s forehead. It felt like if Nathaniel didn’t give him a satisfactory answer, he would really shoot him at the head so that he would not have another chance to speak again. Nathaniel did not hide nor panic. He looked calmly at Jackie’s partially covered face. He changed his face, changed his voice, and changed his personality… What kind of life was he living in the past year? There was no need to think about it. Nathaniel knew that the days that Jackie had spent in the past year were far beyond his imagination. Click! It was the cocking sound of the hammer of his gun. This was how Jackie warned Nathaniel. He wanted Nathaniel to give him a satisfactory explanation, or else he would immediately shoot him to death. He narrowed his eyes slightly and asked in a cold voice, “Nathaniel, is there nothing else you want to tell me?” Nathaniel wanted to say so much to him, but when he finally saw him, he didn’t know what to say. How did Jackie survive the past year? If he asked this, wouldn’t it just remind Jackie of his painful past? What use could it do? What he needed to do was to make the people who did that to him to pay the price for making Jackie live like this. Therefore, after thinking for a while, Nathaniel gave Jackie a very simple answer. “I’ve already said what I wanted to say.” “Nathaniel Cooper! Do you really think that I won’t fire the gun?” Jackie roared as he raised his hand and shot at the ceiling. Bang When the gunshot sounded, Horatio and Jamie, who were outside the study room immediately barged into the room again. This time, they also held guns in their hands, and they were aimed at Jackie. When they saw that their master was safe, they did not pull the trigger. This time, Nathaniel glanced at both of them coldly and they left the room obediently without another order from their master. In the end, deep down in Jackie’s heart, he was willing to believe in Nathaniel. He took the initiative to meet with Nathaniel, because he believed in him and was willing to give him a chance to explain for himself. However, Nathaniel didn’t explain anything. How could he not be angry? “Jackie, Serene is waiting for you. She needs you.” Nathaniel said to Jackie after they had stared at each other for a long time. The name “Serene” had a great impact on Jackie. It was not easy for Jackie to calm down a little, but as soon as Nathaniel mentioned Serene’s name, his emotions became unstable again. “Isn’t she your fiancee, why would she wait for me?” It was sarcastic and rhetorical. But in the end, Jackie still wanted a clear answer. Nathaniel frowned. “Don’t you know why she became my fiancee?” Jackie sneered and asked, “My President, do you think that a nobody like me would know why did Miss Silas become your fiancee?” Because Jackie had been hurt so badly, Nathaniel was not surprised that he would be so hard headed. He patiently explained, “Jackie, I know that you have lived a very miserable life during the past year. But have you ever thought about Serene? What kind of life has she lived?” Jackie clenched his fists, his mind was filled with a mixture of emotions. D*mn! What an a**hole! He was scolding himself. The evidence of what Serene had done was right in front of him. At this time, he was still hoping that Nathaniel could tell him that Serene had never betrayed him, nor had she ever done anything to betray him. If he wasn’t an a**hole, then what was he? Nathaniel sighed. “Not long after the Leaves family was killed, Old Master Silas wanted to marry Serene off to a person who she doesn’t like. It was Old Master Silas’ arrangement and do you think that Serene could do anything to go against him? They all knew too well what kind of person Old Master Silas was and they knew that he always had a way to get he wanted. If Old Master Silas wanted Serene to marry someone else, of course Serene would oppose to it, but her fight against Old Master Silas was useless. No one in the Silas family could ever stop Old Master Silas from doing the things he wanted. Jackie was speechless. He also understood this. Nathaniel added, “The Silas family only regarded her as a pawn. They wanted to make use of this pawn to its greatest potential.” Jackie snorted and did not reply to Nathaniel’s words. The Leaves family’s destruction should be Serene’s proudest work, Jackie thought. Old Master Silas asked her to do it, and she completed it so perfectly, without any flaws. Not knowing that Jackie had already misunderstood him, Nathaniel continued, “Serene became my fiancee so that this identity can protect her, so that she will no longer be threatened by the Silas family and so that she can wait for you to come back in peace.”

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