My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 846

Waiting for him to come back, in peace! These few words to Jackie were more destructive and powerful than the explosion of an atomic bomb. During the past year, whenever he was in a surgery, on a hospital bed, or back on Misty Mountain, he would always imagine the scenes with Serene Silas. He would imagine that Serene would be there waiting for him. She would smile at him, snuggle into his arms, and tell him with her warm voice, “Jackie, I will be your wife for the rest of my life. Unless you don’t want me, if not, I will never leave you.” In the past, she used to be so arrogant in front of him. Sometimes, she would even be a little domineering. When she was unhappy, she would glare at him, secretly pinch him, and even curse him with her mouth pouting. But just when he was finally back, and brought her back to his side, everything has changed. He changed His appearance changed. She also changed. Her personality changed. She became silent and he could no longer see the smile that she used to have when they were together. The saddest part was that she no longer recognized him. She couldn’t recognize him. But when he heard that she was waiting for him to come back, he regained hope. It felt like the extermination of the Leaves family never happened. She was still the Serene, who was simple, kind and innocent Jackie was a little confused and muttered, “She was waiting for me to come back?” Then why did she take away so many lives of the Leaves family? Could it be that the evidences were deliberately fabricated by someone else to cause a discord between the two of them? Jackie looked up and stared at Nathaniel. He stared at him but at this time without the fierce look in his eyes, his gaze became softer. Nathaniel’s heart ached again as he could see the traces of his sworn brother in Jackie’s eyes. Nathaniel’s mother, his sworn brothers, and his whole family had suffered such catastrophe because he was not capable enough at that time. If he had been powerful enough at that time, there would not have been such a tragedy. Nathaniel felt that he had said enough about Serene. The misunderstanding between the two of them had to be resolved by Jackie himself. The more he talked about it, the worse it would get. He stepped forward and patted Jackie’s shoulder. “Not only was Serene waiting for you to come back, I was too. Come back to Coast City with me. Don’t stay in this dark place anymore.” “Dark place?” Jackie, who had just calmed down, became emotional again after hearing this sensitive word, “Oh… The current Jackie could only stay in the dark. Where else can he go except here?” The things that happened already happened, he could never go back to the past. Jackie knew it too well. Even if he said that he was Jackie, no one would believe him. He didn’t want to appear in the eyes of the world with another identity, but he couldn’t return to the Leaves family to continue his life as Jackie. He was put in a difficult situation. “You can also wait here, wait till I finish off those people, and then I will come and get you.” Nathaniel wanted to bring his brother back majestically. Jackie was still Jackie, and no one could change that. “Wait for you here?” Ridiculous, if he chose to come back, he would not just sit there and wait for death to arrive. He would take out those people one by one and slice up their bodies. Nathaniel continued, “I’ve said what I was supposed to say. I’ll go now.” “Where is she?” In the end, the person that Jackie cared about most was Serene. Even when he was chatting with Nathaniel, all he had in his mind was Serene. He wondered if her injuries were severe? He wondered if she had caught a cold when she walked barefooted in the cold mountain? He thought of all kinds of possibilities in that short period of time, but it was all immediately denied, because Nathaniel’s men took her back, so she must be fine. He still asked even though he knew that she was fine. “Coast City Hospital, Block 1, Level 2, Room 809.” Nathaniel replied. Nathaniel knew all too well how it feels to love somebody. Sometimes he restrained himself from thinking about her. He would pretend to ignore her, but he could not help but to observe every slight change in her facial expression, Even if that person frowned, he could not bear it. Perhaps, this was love. At Moon Bay Karen Joy Kyle couldn’t stand Serene begging her. Finally at Serene’s request, Karen Joy secretly took Serene home. Karen Joy, who had never done any house chores, cleaned up the guest room by herself and let Serene stay in it. She poured a glass of warm water for Serene. “Sister Serene, you can feel safe to stay here. Although it is not as secure as the Silas home or the North Palace, it is still not that easy to take a person away from here.” “Karen Joy, thank you!” Serene laid on the bed, took the warm water from Karen Joy and took a sip to wet her throat. “Please don’t tell them where I am. Give me some time to think.” “Sister Serene, don’t be so polite with me. As I said, I will respect any of your decisions. If you don’t want to see them, I will block them out for you.” Karen Joy was not bragging, After observing her for a while, she gradually understood that the number of man her petty father had sent to protect her was not petty after all. Not only could the White family protect her, but they were also like an encyclopedia, if she had ever wanted to know about something, it wouldn’t take long for them to deliver the information to her. With the three of them by her side, she felt that it was much more convenient, seeing that they could fulfill any of Karen Joy’s request. Speaking of the three of them, Karen Joy felt that her father was the most powerful one. The White family was very capable, and to be able to make such a capable family loyal towards him, it was certain that Karen Joy’s father was even more powerful. “Karen Joy, you are really a kind person. You deserve to be cared for by Nathaniel.” Serene said sincerely. “Sister Serene, I’m sorry…” Although she knew that Nathaniel and Serene’s relationship was only contractual, Karen Joy still felt a little guilty when Serene mentioned about this matter. After all, no matter how she looked at it, it was not justifiable for her to be together with Brother Lionel. It was as if she had taken away Serene’s fiance. “Silly girl, why would you be sorry?” Serene curled her lips and showed a faint smile. “The person whom Nathaniel loves is not me, and the person in my heart is not him. We were engaged because he wanted to protect me. Speaking of which, the person who should really apologize now, is me. It was I who took the place that belongs to you.”

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