My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 847

To talk about it, Karen Joy Kyle was already in Nathaniel Cooper’s heart since a long time ago. It was indeed Serene Silas who took over the position that should have belonged to Karen Joy. Serene knew clearly that Nathaniel had someone in his heart. If she had not been driven into a corner by the Silas family, she would never have gotten into contractual engagement with Nathaniel. She thought that it was due to her incompetence that she had no choice but to do so. This made her think of the time how she was imprisoned by that man in Misty Mountain, being forced to do what she didn’t want and yet she couldn’t fight back. Thinking of everything that had happened the past year, Serene could still feel the pain, as if she was being torn apart alive. It was like she had lived in hell and couldn’t extricate herself from it. Most of the time, she couldn’t remember who she was, she felt like a wandering soul. She had no home and no one to rely on. She only had herself. She could only endure and keep herself going, hoping that the person she had missed so much could come back to her side. Today, she heard that the man she had looked forward to see every day was still alive and he had came back alive. She was obviously very happy, as if she had found the soul she had lost. However, this excitement was quickly overwhelmed by the fear in her heart. She was no longer the clean and pure Serene of the past, how could she have the audacity to face Jackie Leves? So she asked Karen Joy to help her escape and so that she could buy some time to think about it. Then maybe she could think of a way to save herself. “Sister Serene, you don’t have to say that.” If we continue like this, it would take us the whole night.” Karen Joy took Serene’s hand and said, “Sister Serene, let’s not talk about this in the future. Let’s forget about the terrible past and live a good life together.” “Okay.” Serene nodded heavily, but her heart felt extremely heavy. Even if Jackie was still alive, even if he had really came back, could she really forget about the past and live a good life with him? She didn’t know. Her mind was in a mess and she didn’t know how she could live her life in the future. “Jackie, can we really be together?” Serene asked in silence. She was asking him, but actually, she was asking herself. She was still entangled in her emotional trauma. Even if Jackie wouldn’t mind what had happened to her, she still wouldn’t be able to be with Jackie like she used to. Seeing that Serene was not in good spirits, Karen Joy added, “Sister Serene, get some rest first, ‘ll wake you up later.” “Okay. Karen Joy, thank you very much!” If it weren’t for Karen Joy, she might have died in Misty Mountain. If she didn’t die, it was very likely that she would be taken back to that horrible place. “Sister Serene, just make yourself at home.” Karen Joy took Serene’s glass from her and helped her lie down. She covered Serene with the quilt and went out once Serene had fallen asleep. As soon as she arrived at the living room, there was a phone call from Brother Lionel. Karen Joy answered it quickly. Before she could speak, she heard Brother Lionel ask anxiously, “Karen, I didn’t see you in the hospital. Where have you been? “Brother Lionel, I’m home.” Karen Joy answered as she scratched her head. “Brother Lionel, did you find Jackie? Have you met him?” “Where’s Serene?” Nathaniel asked, completely ignoring Karen Joy’s question. “Isn’t Sister Serene at the hospital?” Karen Joy knew that she shouldn’t have asked the White family for help to avoid Brother Lionel’s men from noticing that she was taking Serene home. But since she had done it, she must hold on to it, she mustn’t betray Serene. “Karen Joy Kyle, I’m asking you, answer me properly.” From his voice, she could feel that Nathaniel was very anxious, that was why he called her by her full name. After realizing that Nathaniel was so angry, Karen Joy was also anxious. “Nathaniel, were you looking for me or Serene at the hospital?” Knowing that he had gone too far, Nathaniel softened his voice and said, “Karen, please don’t fool around!” Karen Joy twitched her mouth and said with a little grievance, “When you are in a good mood, you will call me Karen. When you are in a bad mood, you will call me Karen Joy Kyle. What are you talking about? Who is fooling around with you? Do you think I am a three-year-old child? Do you think if you tried to be good to me then I will be that obedient child who would listen to everything you ask me to do?” “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” Nathaniel apologized. It was indeed his fault, because he was anxious about Jackie not being able to see Serene, that was why he yelled at Karen Joy. “You, don’t yell at me anymore, i’ll forgive you this time.” Karen Joy made a mistake, she was not being persistent enough. Once Brother Lionel had admitted his mistake, she forgave him immediately. “Where did you take Serene?” Nathaniel asked again. Although there was no evidence that Karen Joy took Serene, Nathaniel was almost certain that Serene was taken away by Karen Joy The White family was the best at being unnoticeable. To take away a living person with so many bodyguards keeping a watchful eye on them, Nathaniel could only think of the White family. “Isn’t sister Serene in the hospital?” Karen Joy opened her mouth widely, acted as if she was very surprised. “Her injuries have not recovered completely so she wouldn’t have been discharged from the hospital yet, will she?” Yes, fortunately, she had been learning some acting skills from her Little Aunt ever since she was a child. Sometimes, she would be a cameo in her Little Aunt’s drama. Her acting skills were quite commendable these years. She thought that Brother Lionel would not be able to tell that she was lying. “Karen Joy Kyle!” “Nathaniel, you’re yelling at me again.” “Be obedient, then I won’t yell at you.” Karen Joy said in a hurry, “Nathaniel, what you want is an obedient girlfriend isn’t it? Then you can find a doll, dolls are obedient. You can do whatever you want to it. Besides, I’m not your girlfriend. Why should I listen to you?” “Karen Joy, what nonsense are you talking about?” This little girl really deserved to be punished, Nathaniel thought as he clenched his fists. “I’m talking nonsense, but what does it have to do with you?” As soon as she finished speaking, Karen Joy hung up the phone. D*mn it! D*mn it! Brother Lionel dared to yell at her again. This time, she would not forgive him easily. Hearing the disconnect tone, Nathaniel glanced around and finally looked at his personal bodyguard, Horatio. Horatio was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. He did follow Mr. President to Misty Mountain, but Miss Silas’ disappearance had nothing to do with him, why did the President stare at him like that? In his heart, he was begging that the President would not look at him like that. It was really scary, he thought. Just as Horatio was feeling extremely uneasy. Nathaniel looked away, turned around and left, which made Horatio let out a breath of relief. As soon as Nathaniel left, Horatio swept across the row of bodyguards like how Nathaniel would always do. “Mr. President sent you here to take care of Miss Silas. Miss Silas had went missing, and none of you knew anything about it. Tell me, how should I deal with all of you?”

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