My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 849

Looking at Jayden Elias Kyle’s arrogant look, Karen Joy Kyle gritted her teeth in anger. “If he wants to bully me, i’ll let him bully me. What does it have to do with you?” “Very good then! You really are the biological child of our parents. Your personality is different from ordinary people.” Jayden smiled gently and said, “I hope you can always be so firm and confident. I believe that the man who you like is the best in the world. But keep in mind that not every man can love his own woman like how our Dad dotes on Mom. You have to prepare yourself for that.” Karen Joy stared at Jayden and asked, “Jayden, make yourself clear. What do you mean?” “It doesn’t mean anything. I just wish the two of you can be together as soon as possible. When the day comes, I will definitely give you both a huge gift to show my blessings.” Jayden turned to look at Nathaniel who was next to Karen Joy and smiled again. “Mr. President, look after your treasure carefully. Don’t start crying if someone steals it.” Jayden said sarcastically. “Thank you for your reminder, Mr. Kyle! Of course I will look after my girl. Anyone who wants to steal her from me, can stop thinking about it.” Nathaniel looked directly into Jayden’s eyes and said calmly, as if Jayden’s provocation didn’t affect him at all. “Okay, I believe that you will look after your girl well, Mr. President.” Jayden looked at Karen Joy again and said, “Karen, remember to eat well and sleep well. Gain a bit more weight so that your family won’t worry about you.” “Jayden.” Karen Joy felt like there was something in Jayden’s words, but she didn’t know what was it. She wanted to ask, but Jayden had left. “He is your brother…” a deep voice said as her hand was grabbed by someone. The next moment, she was forcefully held in Nathaniel’s arms. “Karen Joy, you are my girl. I will get angry if you think about other men in front of me.” Karen Joy struggled. “Who’s your girl.” Nathaniel, “Hmm?” He only snorted softly, and his gaze at Karen Joy was particularly sharp. Karen Joy’s voice became softer, and before she could finish her words, she lowered her head in fear. Nathaniel said in a deep voice, “Why did you stop talking?” Karen Joy: “..” She knew that she had made him angry, and if she went on like this, he would definitely punish her. Karen Joy was not stupid, so she dared not say anything. Karen Joy did not speak, and Nathaniel did not intend to let her go. He pinched her chin and forced her to look up at him. “Did you say ‘who’s your girl?’ Hmm?” Because of his anger, Nathaniel’s action was not very gentle, The strength that he had used to pinch Karen Joy’s chin was a little too strong that it almost felt like he was going to pinch her chin off her face. “Nathaniel, you’re hurting me!” Karen Joy was in pain. She suddenly raised her head and wanted to push off his hand, but she saw the bruise Nathaniel’s face and asked “Brother Lionel, what’s wrong with your face?” Her anger gradually subsided as she was saying these words. She could no longer be angry at him. Nathaniel looked at her with his dim eyes and said nothing. “Brother Lionel, what’s wrong with your face?” Karen Joy repeated her question and her hands were trembling. She wanted to touch the bruise on Nathaniel’s face, but before she could, Nathaniel held her hand in his palm. He looked at her with his deep eyes and said with his horse voice, “Who are you to me? What does anything about me have to do with you?” “Brother Lionel, don’t fool with me! Let me see your wound first.” As soon as she saw the wound on Nathaniel’s face, her anger was overcome by her concern for him. Nathaniel was still holding her hand to prevent her from touching his face. He repeated the same question, “Who am I to you? And who are you to me? What does my injury have to do with you?” Karen Joy roared, “Then who do you think you are to me? Who do you think I am to you?” She was not angry with him anymore so why was this man still being so stubborn with her? Karen Joy bit her lips and glared at Nathaniel. She was trying hard to restrain her tears from rolling down her face. It was Nathaniel who didn’t give her a proper identity as his girlfriend, how could he treat her like this. How could he bully her. Did he really think that Karen Joy was just a push over? If she didn’t like him, would she just follow him like this? “You’re my Karen. You’re the girl I’m going to marry. You’re also the girl I’ll protect for the rest of my life. Who do you think you are to me? Who am I to you?” He was very angry with this little girl, but when he saw that she was about to cry, his heart softened. He could not help but say these words. These words have been deeply embedded in his heart for a long time. He had always wanted to say it to her. Karen Joy pursed her lips and said as if she was wronged, “I I don’t know..” Nathaniel rubbed her head. “You really don’t know?” “You are my Brother Lionel” Karen Joy took a sniff and crept into his arms. “Let me deal with the wound on your face first. Let’s talk about it later.” Nathaniel grabbed her hand and said, “Make it clear first.” Karen Joy was a little confused. “Didn’t I already make myself clear?” Nathaniel shook his head. “That’s not enough. That’s not what I want to hear.” What he wanted to hear was that he was the man that she wanted to marry and that she had recognized him as the man that she would live with for the rest of her life, and that she didn’t want anyone else, except for him. However, Karen Joy, who was usually quick-witted, still hadn’t understand the relationship between a man and a woman. She didn’t think about it that comprehensively Karen Joy scratched her head and blinked her innocent big eyes. “Brother Lionel, what do you want to hear?” He could just tell her directly. She was willing to tell him whatever he wanted hear, as long as he would let her treat the wound on his face. “You really don’t know what I want to hear?” Nathaniel asked. I don’t know.” Karen Joy shook her head foolishly. As soon as she finished her words, Nathaniel’s warm lips was already on hers. He kissed her pink lips passionately, Karen Joy’s mind went blank because of his overwhelming kiss. After coming back to her senses, she realized that they were quarreling the minute before, she didn’t know why they had ended up doing what they were doing right now. After a long time, Nathaniel let go of her and massaged her red and swollen lips. He asked, “Have you recalled what I want to hear already? Karen Joy who was still in a daze answered, “You are my Brother Lionel.” Seeing that Karen Joy still couldn’t answer him, the President who looked gentle and elegant, but in actual fact was a wolf in sheep-skin, kissed Karen Joy again. Since she couldn’t tell him who he was to her and what he wanted to hear, this was his way to make her realize so? Karen Joy asked herself.

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