My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 850

He wanted to tell her that in this life, no one could kiss her and love her like this other than him! However, Karen Joy Kyle did not seem to understand. She was struggling hard trying to break free from his embrace, not letting him to kiss her as he wished. However, no matter how hard she struggled, she still couldn’t escape from him, she could only let him do anything he wanted to her. Karen Joy whined in her heart. Was her Brother Lionel treating her like a delicious meal? She guessed it right! In the past, whenever Brother Lionel kissed her, he would only kiss her on her lips and neck. Today, he actually went beyond that he was getting more and more excessive. Ah.. As Nathaniel Cooper got further down, Karen Joy was frightened and she quickly reached her hand out to push him away and took two steps away from him, trying to keep a distance from him. She looked at him and saw his bloodshot eyes, it looked terrifying, as if he was going to eat her. Karen Joy had never seen this look on Nathaniel’s face before. She was so scared that she shrank her neck. “Brother Lionel, you… L…” She stuttered and didn’t know what to say. She stopped. Her mind was blank and she couldn’t say a thing. Nathaniel did not say anything. He just looked at her with his deep eyes. After staring at her for a long time, the bloodshot look in his eyes dissipated a little. “Brother Lionel, I..” Karen Joy was so nervous that she had to swallow before continuing her sentence. In the past, she had never been so timid. It was unbelievable that the person she was afraid of now was her Brother Lionel. She liked Brother Lionel very much. Whenever she saw him, she wanted to stay with him. But today, she retreated repeatedly, hoping that her Brother Lionel would disappear from her sight as soon as possible. “Hmm?” Nathaniel said. His expression did not change at all. No one knew what he was thinking. “Brother Lionel, let me have a look at the wound on your face first.” Karen Joy seemed to have forgotten why Brother Lionel had kissed her and why she was afraid of her Brother Lionel, but she still remembered that Brother Lionel’s face was injured. Nathaniel raised his eyebrows. “You still care about me?” Karen Joy frowned and said “Of course I care about you.” Nathaniel adjusted his emotions and stared at Karen Joy with a serious look on his face. “Do you know how much trouble it will bring me if you secretly take Serene away from the hospital? “I..” She didn’t mean it. She couldn’t ignore Serene’s plead, so she took her out. Karen Joy really couldn’t lie when Nathaniel was constantly staring at her, so she could only keep her mouth shut. After all, Karen Joy had promised Serene that she would not tell anyone where she was, so she couldn’t go back on her words. “Karen, tell me, why did you take Serene away?” Nathaniel stared at her and asked in a softer voice. Karen Joy was definitely not a girl who was capricious and reckless. She definitely had her reasons and she would have thought of the consequences too. “Because… because… Brother Lionel, can you not ask me?! don’t want to say it.” Karen Joy lowered her head with her hands clasped together. She was so distressed that she bit her lips tightly Nathaniel patiently guided her. “Then tell me, where is Serene? I’ll send someone to find her.” It seemed that even if Brother Lionel had no evidence to prove that Karen Joy did it, he was very certain that she was the one who took Serene away. And that was the fact. Karen Joy took a deep breath, straightened her body and she was ready to let it all out. “Brother Lionel, something happened to Sister Serene. She doesn’t want to see Jackie now. I hope you can give her some time to think.” “She doesn’t want to see Jackie?” How could that be? Nathaniel didn’t quite believe what he heard, but when he thought about it and how Serene was rescued by Karen Joy and the others, he seemed to have understood something. Perhaps something had happened between Jackie and Serene, but he didn’t know exactly what was it. The truth could only come from Jackie and Serene themselves. “Brother Lionel, just let Jackie know.” Karen Joy decided to protect Serene, and would not force her to do what she was unwilling to do. “If he really loves Sister Serene, ask him to give her time. Don’t force her.” “Okay, I know what to do.” Nathaniel nodded and rubbed Karen Joy’s head. “If you ever want to do anything in the future, do let me know, don’t make your own decisions again.” Karen Joy smiled and threw herself into Nathaniel’s arms. “Brother Lionel, will remember it. I will definitely discuss with you first if there is anything in the future. won’t make decisions on my own ever again.” “Then go into the room and ask Serene whether I can go in and talk to her for a bit?” Nathaniel said again. “Brother Lionel, you knew!” He actually knew that Serene was in the room. She was being so careful and yet Brother Lionel still knew. How did he do that? “Go ask, i’ll wait for you here.* Sometimes, this girl was smart but sometimes, not really. Karen Joy was the one who brought Serene out from the hospital. Serene had nowhere else to go and she couldn’t just make Serene stay in anyone’s house, so she had decided to let Serene stay in her house. That was the place where Karen Joy thought was the safest for Serene to live in. “Nathaniel, Karen Joy, I’m so sorry that both of you fought because of me!” Serene’s voice suddenly came from behind. They looked back and saw Serene standing at the door of the guest room. She stood there quietly, she looked so weak as if a slow breeze could blow her away. It was sad to look at her. “Sister Serene, your wounds haven’t healed completely. You can’t get out of the bed and walk around yet. Hurry up and lie down.” Karen Joy rushed over to help Serene. “I’m fine.” Serene held Karen Joy’s hand and patted it gently. “Can you let me talk to Nathaniel?” “Okay.” Karen Joy was very sensible. She left the living room and went back to her room. She returned to the room but she was curious about the conversation between Serene and Nathaniel, so she left the door ajar and stood behind the door to eavesdrop. “Nathaniel..” Serene called out to Nathaniel’s name, and then took off the ring that was on the middle finger of her left hand. “Please give this ring to Jackie for me. I think he will understand. “Serene, what happened between the two of you?” Nathaniel did not ask why Serene was doing this, but he went straight to the point and asked Serene what had happened to her during that period of time. “What?” Serene’s face turned pale, and her voice was trembling. She thought that no one else knew what she had gone through during that period of time. How did Nathaniel know about it? Nathaniel and Jackie were so close with each other, if Nathaniel knew, that would probably mean that Jackie knew about it too.

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