My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 851

“What happened between you and Jackie?” Nathaniel Cooper did not know what Serene Silas was worried about, so he repeated the question. Serene said, “I..” She looked at Nathaniel and felt puzzled. She didn’t know if Nathaniel knew that she had been imprisoned and even raped while held in captivity. Serene hoped that no one would know about this unspeakable thing, but she knew that would be impossible. There were so many people under Nathaniel’s command, hence she believed that the news would get to him eventually. Naturally, Jackie would know about it too. She didn’t care what others think. The only thing she cared about was how Jackie would think of her if he knew about it. Nathaniel sighed and said, “Serene, I’m afraid that both of us can’t even imagine what Jackie has suffered this past year. If he does something unfathomable, let’s refrain our judgements and not blame him.” “How could I blame him? I’m just.” She blamed herself for being unable to protect herself and present her best self to Jackie. Nathaniel continued, “We are the only family Jackie has in this world. If we don’t help him get rid of the trauma in his heart, who can he count on?” Serene took some time to digest his words, and she may have understood his implied meaning. “Nathaniel, what’s happened to Jackie? What did he go through? Since he didn’t find us this year, he must have his reasons.” “You don’t know?” Nathaniel asked. As soon as he asked, he soon figured out the key to the problem. Serene hid away and didn’t want to see Jackie because she didn’t know of Jackie’s real identity, not because something happened between them. “Nathaniel, what on earth has Jackie been through? Please tell me, okay?” Thinking of the suffering Jackie had gone through, Serene was blaming herself so much that she really felt like stabbing herself with a knife. “A year ago, Jackie was seriously injured… But fortunately, he was lucky enough to have come back alive.” Nathaniel said lightly so Serene could remain calm. After all those things were in the past. Jackie was alive now, hence they should move on instead of dwelling in the past. Even if the Jackie had changed his face, he was still their Jackie, a person who was closer to them than their real family. “He must be very sad.” Serene had a hunch that he was injured and was in hiding, but it was still painful to hear his explanation. Serene’s heart ached so much she could barely breathe. “He is fine, and you don’t have to worry. Take some time to think thoroughly. then maybe you can see him after.” Nathaniel hoped that Serene could be braver. “After such a long period of time, the person he wants to see the most must be you.” “I want to see him!” She could disregard the fact that she couldn’t present her best self to him as she was desperate to see him. She wanted to see with her own eyes that Jackie was still alive. She needed to know that he returned to their side. “Serene, I’m not forcing you to do what you don’t want to do. You don’t have to make a decision so soon.” If Jackie didn’t see Serene, he might be suspicious again. But Nathaniel would find a way to explain to him anyway, so he still hoped that Serene could calm down and think about her next move. He was willing to respect her decision. “I know, I want to see him, the sooner the better.” Serene took a deep breath as she looked out. “I have been waiting for him for a year. I have been looking forward to him every day. Now that he’s finally back, how could I say no?” “Sister Serene, whatever your decision is, just be sure that you’re content with it.” Nathaniel didn’t understand what Serene was worried about, but Karen Joy understood. She stood behind the door and eavesdropped for a long time. She even forgot that she was eavesdropping. As she felt sorry for Serene, she couldn’t resist interrupting. “No one’s forcing me. From now on, no one can force me to do anything I don’t want to do.” Serene smiled faintly and she looked confident, Who she wanted to see was the person she missed all this while. She wanted to see him so much. Now, he was finally back. With him around, no one would be able to force her to do things anymore. Yes, she firmly believed in Jackie’s feelings for her. The capital of Country A, Coast City was located hundreds of miles away from the Misty Mountain. This city was the central area for politics, entertainment, and tourism of Country A. It was also the place where Jackie, Nathaniel, and Serene were born and raised. Jackie had been living in this city since he was born, for 29 years. This was his home, and also the place where he vowed to give back. However, a year ago, a conspiracy took away all the lives of the members in the Leaves family. While he survived, he was gravely injured. A year later, after returning to the city, the city seemed to have changed so much, especially the main road in front of the North Palace. The main road in front of the North Palace used to just be plain and serious-looking. However, the road was expanded and renovated with a lot of greeneries. Beautiful flowers and walkways were constructed around the area. It became one of the eight famous attractions in Coast City. Although a year had just passed, the swift development of the city rendered Jackie speechless. He could barely recognised the city. He felt like a foreigner, but he did live in this city for the past 29 years.. “Young Master, we’re here. Do you want to go in and have a look?” The car arrived at the hospital’s parking lot for half an hour, but Jackie did not get off the car. Daryl Leves interrupted his thoughts. After a long time, Jackie did not answer. He was looking ahead at something, and he did not know what he was thinking about Since Jackie did not answer, Daryl did not dare to ask anymore questions. He sat quietly in the driver’s seat and looked in the direction of Jackie’s gaze, but he did not see anything. “Let’s just leave.” After a long time, Jackie finally spoke. “Where, where are we going?” Today, they left the mountain to visit Miss Silas in the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital, their master didn’t get off the car and he wanted to leave. Daryl couldn’t figure out what their master was thinking. “Anywhere is fine,” said Jackie softly Anywhere, besides this hospital. He didn’t know how to face Serene yet.

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