My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 852

Anywhere was fine? Daryl Leves felt that his master was playing with him. Coast City was not a small city. There were so many places they could go! If you asked him where to go, he wouldn’t know where to go too. He secretly glanced at his master from the rear-view mirror and saw that his master’s eyes were still quietly looking into the distance. However, he noticed that his gaze appeared sullen. In an instant, Daryl understood that their master was afraid of meeting Serene Silas. He was afraid of seeing her, as her long lost Jackie Jackie had been hesitating in the parking lot for so long. In the end, he still did not have the courage to meet Serene. Compared with Serene’s betrayal, he was more afraid that Serene would look at him coldly. He wouldn’t be able to deal with her cold and heartless gaze. He was afraid, so he ran away in a hurry. He wanted to hide in a place and continue to hide from her. Human beings were such strange animals. They loved each other, but they hurt each other. They would be so afraid to love deeper, as they were afraid that they would hurt each other even more. The car left the hospital’s parking lot. When they got out of the exit, there was a car parked next to the entrance. A few people got off that car. One was Nathaniel Cooper, who had his light disguise on. Then, there were also Karen Joy Kyle and Serene Silas. She looked so thin and fragile under her clothes and looked like she could be blown away by the wind. She was not only waif-like and weak, but also had injuries on her face and feet. She didn’t walk very steadily and asked Karen Joy to support her. As he looked at Serene, Jackie clenched his fists and said in a low voice, “Stop the car.” Daryl quickly stopped the car and looked back at Jackie, then he saw what Jackie saw. It was Serene. “Oh no!” Daryl cried in his heart. When their young master saw that Serene was injured, he would definitely find out about the escape. Then, what Nina had done would definitely be exposed. Nina grew up in the Leaves family and was their half child. She did her best to serve the Young Master. She was devoted to the Leaves family and their Young Master. But the Young Master’s eyes were blinded by Serene. There were so many women in the world, yet he could only see her. For him to live a normal life, Serene needed to disappear from his world. However, he didn’t expect that she got so lucky. Not only did she not fall into the trap, but she was also accidentally rescued. Damn it! However, she shouldn’t let her guard down. The trap was just the most superficial way to kill her, and there were still many other ways. No matter what, they had to think of a way to prevent the Silas girl from returning to their Young Master’s side. They could not allow the Leaves family’s extermination to happen again. Daryl looked at Serene who was not far away. He looked cold and stern, and he wanted to kill her just by looking at her But soon, he packed up his emotions. If the Young Master knew what they were thinking, he would kill them before they killed Serene. It didn’t matter if they died, as they would drag Serene down with them anyway. Daryl looked away and saw that Jackie was still staring at Serene. He plucked up the courage again and said, “Young Master, do we go now?” Jackie did not look at Daryl. He watched as Serene and the two others as they entered the hospital, and he also got out of the car and went up with them. Most of the time, his actions were not under his control. Wherever Serene went, he followed. “Sister Serene, don’t worry. Brother Lionel said that Jackie will visit you, so he will definitely come to see you.” As she saw Serene lying in the hospital bed and nervously clenching her fists, Karen Joy immediately comforted her. “Yes, he will, he will definitely come.” Serene nodded. She was more certain than Nathaniel that Jackie would come because she knew how much Jackie cared for her than Nathaniel did. “Okay, that’s right. Anyway, you take good care of yourself and I’ll accompany you to wait for him.” Then, Karen Joy thought of something, “Sister Serene, please wait for me. I have something to say to Brother Lionel.” Brother Lionel had just left, so it was not too late for Karen Joy to catch up with him. She rushed out of the room and called him immediately. As soon as the call got through, he heard the Brother Lionel’s ringtone ringing in the next room. Didn’t Brother Lionel leave to work? Why was the phone ringing next door? Karen Joy was confused and opened the door. Then, sure enough, she saw Nathaniel. In the room, besides Nathaniel, there was another strict looking man dressed in black. As Karen Joy broke into the room, the two men looked back at her at the same time. When Nathaniel saw her, he changed his expression immediately. “Aren’t you accompanying Sister Serene? Why are you here?” Karen Joy did not answer him, but she noticed the other man’s gaze. It was not a pleasant look. Nathaniel walked up to her immediately and spoke gently. “Karen, I need to talk about something. You should go out first.” “Brother Lionel, who is this person?” Karen Joy poked her head out from the side of Nathaniel’s waist and looked at the Jackie. “This person is Jackie, isn’t he? He is the one who hurt you, isn’t he?” Besides Jackie, Karen Joy couldn’t think of anybody else whom Brother Lionel would have time for. In addition, Karen Joy could only think of a person whom Brother Lionel could willingly let down his guard for. Karen Joy also couldn’t think of anybody else whom Brother Lionel would allow to beat him up. Even Karen Joy did not enjoy this privilege Therefore, without their answers, she was sure that this man was the man in Serena’s heart. It was just that the face in front of her was completely different from the pictures in Blake White’s documents. The pictures and the real person looked so different that she was sure no one could recognise him. Serene definitely couldn’t recognize him, especially without any hints or clues. With this idea, another possibility emerged in Karen Joy’s mind. Could there be a possibility that the person who imprisoned Serene and tormented Serene these days was the same man in front of her? Since he changed his face… Could she be right? Karen Joy was not sure. She looked at the man in front of her innocently, hoping to find the answer from him.

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