My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 853

However, Jackie Leves ignored Karen Joy Kyle’s gaze and looked at Nathaniel Cooper. He smiled and said, “This is the girl you think of as your treasure.” Although it sounded like a question, but he was sure that he was right. Nathaniel nodded. Before he could speak, Jackie added, “I used to see how anxious you were for her. I thought very highly of her then.” Jackie looked at Karen Joy again, and he scanned her from head to toe rudely. “It seems that she’s nothing special.” What did he mean by nothing special? Karen Joy really wanted to knock his head out. Was he blind? Was he special then to make that remark? In her opinion, he was worse. She didn’t know if there was something wrong with Sister Serene’s taste, and she didn’t understand how she could even miss him in her dreams. Although she was angry in her heart, when she saw that Brother Lionel’s face, Karen Joy quickly grabbed his hand and said, “Brother Lionel, as long as you think I’m special, that’s enough.” Nathaniel said seriously, “You are the best out there. No one can compare with you.” Looking at Brother Lionel’s anxious look, Karen Joy purses her lips and smiled. “Brother Lionel, of course I know my worth. If others can’t, then it’s their loss.” Nathaniel did not respond to her. Karen Joy blinked her eyes and said playfully, “Do you think I’m right?” Nathaniel touched her head lightly. “Has my Karen ever been wrong?” Karen Joy squeezed into Brother Lionel’s arms as if nothing had happened. She rubbed her face against Brother Lionel’s chest and said, “I knew it, you’re always the nicest to me.” Karen Joy did not take it to heart about Jackie’s opinion of her. She knew her worth, and she understood everyone had varying preferences. In her small world, she liked Brother Lionel, and Brother Lionel also liked her. That was already very good for her. Karen Joy was not angry, and she even countered him strongly. Jackie couldn’t resist judging her again. It was really eye-opening for him to see such brave and confident young person. It was no wonder that someone like Nathaniel would always think of the little girl. However, no matter how special she was, she was just a little girl. He was reminded of Serene and his face changed slightly He said that he didn’t want to see her, but he couldn’t control his feet and followed them into the hospital. He said that he didn’t want to think about that vicious woman, but the mere thought of her was enough to change his mind. No! In the future, he could not let that woman affect him. If he stayed away from her and did not see her again, then she would not be able to affect him. He knew he should leave the hospital immediately and return to the Misty Mountain, but he couldn’t move his feet. Even if he couldn’t look at her, he wanted to just stay near her. Karen Joy peeked at the other man, “Mr. Leves, can I speak with you alone? Nathaniel asked, “What’s the matter?” Karen Joy gave Nathaniel a push and said, “Brother Lionel, you can go to the next room to keep Sister Serene company. Go ahead. Nathaniel stood straight and did not want to leave. He looked at both Karen Joy and Jackie. Karen Joy pushed him to the door and said, “Brother Lionel, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Nathaniel was speechless. How could he be okay? Actually, he was more worried that his little fox would plot against Jackie, and he wasn’t very worried that Jackie would bully her instead. Nonetheless, Nathaniel left the room with a push from Karen Joy. Before leaving, he glanced at Jackie sympathetically “What’s the matter?” Jackie looked at her. “Mr. Leves, in your heart, Serene must be the most outstanding woman in the world.” Karen Joy affirmed. “Do you need a prize for guessing that?” Jackie frowned. Earlier, he thought that this girl was bold and magnanimous, but now she seemed as silly as some average, shallow girls out there. Karen Joy smiled and continue, “I don’t think much about that. As long as the person I like knows how to appreciate me, just like Sister Serene, she wouldn’t care about what Brother Lionel thinks about her because all she cares about you.” Jackie did not answer her, but he had to admit that this girl was right. It was true that the opinions from your loved ones matter more than others. He knew that Serene betrayed him. However, he still kidnapped her. Then, he was afraid to face her with his real identity, just because he was afraid that his image would disappoint her. Karen Joy added, “If we did not rescue Sister Serene two days ago when we went up the mountain, she may have died.” Jackie didn’t say anything, but he looked distressed. Karen Joy continued to say, “Sister Serene was seriously injured and kept shouting your name when she came back and was unconscious.” Jackie still didn’t say anything. This time, he clenched his fists tightly, as if he could crush his own fists. Karen Joy observed the subtle change in Jackie’s expression and knew that he was worried about Serene She added, “In her dreams, Sister Serene kept crying, crying, and shouting for your name. She was like a drowning child. She couldn’t find a driftwood she could grab that could save her life. After, Karen Joy heard Jackie as he tried to take a deep breath. Although he still did not speak, his expression had long betrayed him. Karen Joy continued, “Do you know why she couldn’t grab the driftwood that could save her life?” Jackie was speechless. Karen Joy explained, “Because you are the only driftwood she is willing to grab. Except for you, no one can save her from the water.” “Enough!” Jackie roared, “Such a vicious woman like her deserves to be drowned. Even if she dies, someone will pull her corpse out and whip her.” “What do you mean by this?” If someone else said this, Karen Joy would not care. But this person was Sister Serene’s most beloved person. It was common if the world treated her unfairly, but Jackie shouldn’t be one of them. He was the only support for Sister Serene to survive. If he looked down on her, she wouldn’t hesitate to end her life. “Didn’t I make it clear enough?” Jackie looked at Karen Joy coldly. His eyes were cold and frightening, as if he saw her as an enemy who destroyed the Leaves family. Jackie Leves, what do you mean by this?” Karen Joy was also nervous as she called out Jackie’s name anxiously. “I’m sure she knows what she did. Do you want me to say it here?” Jackie sneered with a disdainful smile. “You..” Karen Joy was at a loss for words for a moment and did not know how to express her thoughts. What did Jackie accuse Serene of doing? Was he referring to how she was raped?

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