My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 855

“Never forgive me?” Jackie Leves grabbed Serene Silas, who turned around and was about to leave, and looked at her with a gloomy look. “Let go!” Serene gritted her teeth as she endured the pain in her heart, and said these two words to him so coldly. A year ago, the Leaves family was exterminated, and no one heard about Jackie. She had been waiting for him to come back, waiting for him to return to her side, waiting for him to fulfill the promise he had made to her. However, what did he do to her? Serene did not dare to think about it. Every time she thought about it, her heart would ache so much that she would turn numb What did she do to make him take revenge on her in such a cruel way? Serene couldn’t understand. “Serene, who do you think you are? What makes you think you can choose to not forgive me?” Jackie grabbed her wrist so tightly that it could almost break her wrist. “Who am I? Who do you think I am?” Serene bit her lip hard so hard that it pierced through the skin, and blood seeped into her mouth. However, she still continued to bite her lips as tears welled up in her eyes. He asked her who she was? “Serene, you can’t escape from me for the rest of your life. You can only marry me, Jackie, and be my woman,” Jackie spoke confidently. It was not long before he said these words that he asked her who she was Who was he and what did he become? She did not know the answer. She only knew that the old Jackie would never torture her in such a cruel way. “Serene, your hands are stained with the blood of so many lives, and you owe me more than a dozen lives. Do you think you can leave as you wish?” She would hate him and not forgive him anyway. He wanted to just keep her by his side forever until she dies, and so both of them would suffer together. Serene gritted her teeth and asked, “My hands are stained with blood? I owe more you than a dozen lives? Tell me, how did I do this?” “Do you need me to tell you? Do you want me to show you the evidence, only then will you admit it?” Jackie sneered and told her all the evidence that Daryl Leves had found. Every word she heard, Serene’s face became pale. Jackie still held on to her tightly as he told her, but she couldn’t say a word. It turned out that he thought she drugged the Leaves family’s food, and it turned out that he thought she betrayed him and killed more than a dozen people in his family… It turned out that he had never really trusted her. If he really knew her, even if he knew just a little, he would not make such a stupid assumption. “Your face looks so upset, you are not speaking, that’s because I am right. Are you thinking of a way to refute me?” Jackie said casually, but in fact, he was nervous and sweating He gave this woman a chance. If she said no, he would send his men to investigate and find the real murderer. He was waiting for her. However, Serene suddenly smiled and said, “Yes, I am looking for an excuse to get away. But since you have seen through my mind, I don’t want to pretend anymore. You are right. On the night of the Elves family accident, I poisoned your food. They were burned to death because of me.” “Shut up!” Jackie roared. How was she so fearless? If she dared to say one more word, he would sew her mouth with a needle so that she could never speak again. “I haven’t finished speaking. Young Master Leves, you don’t want to hear me out anymore?” Serene curled her lips and smiled charmingly. “Jackie, Jackie, you are a fool. I’m just a woman, but you got fooled so easily.” “You..” Jackie was so irritated by her that he lost his mind. He wanted to slap her, but when his hand reached near her face, he took his hand back. Damn it! He had so much hate! It was not because he hated Serene, but because he hated himself. Serene, the vicious woman, admitted the fact that she had committed the crime, but he still couldn’t hurt her. He should have killed the culprit who killed his family, but he couldn’t do it. Serene smiled and said, “Hit me! Why don’t you hit me? Slap me to death, then you can avenge the lives of the Elves family. What are you hesitating about?” “Serene, do you think I won’t?” Jackie held Serene’s wrist and squeezed her bones, as if he wanted to crush her. Serene said again, “You are the Young Master of the Leves family, what is there you can’t do? Isn’t killing me what you want to do to avenge the Leaves family’s lives?” “You… really deserve to die!” Jackie pulled Serene and threw her to the wall. Then he reached out and grabbed her neck. “Serene, it’s still not too late for you to beg for your life.” “That will never happen.” Serene let out a subtle smile as she spoke up, and she slowly closed her eyes. To her, death was really not such a terrible thing. Before this, she reached the Gates of Hell several times. Every time, she was prepared to die. But every time, she never did. She hoped that she could succeed this time. “Jackie, are you stupid?” Originally, Karen Joy didn’t want to intervene, but if she didn’t intervene, Serene would be strangled to death by Jackie, that stupid man. She had to step forward. Jackie stopped, and he appeared lost. Karen Joy added, “Even an outsider like me can understand what Sister Serene just said was because she was upset. Her beloved man didn’t trust her, she was disappointed, she wanted to die, but you couldn’t hear through it. I really don’t know whether you really loved her and really understood her at all.” Jackie was speechless. Karen Joy continued, “If you really didn’t understand her in the past, please let go of her now and try to know her. See if she really is a woman worthy of your love and care.” Suddenly, Jackie had finally pieced the puzzles together. He seemed to have realized something and released his hand in a hurry.”…” He still didn’t know what to say. He just lowered his head and looked at Serene, who almost died in his hands, hoping that she could speak. All he needed from her was just a sentence. As long as she asked him to trust her, he would trust her. When Jackie finally let go, Serene breathed hard and coughed for a long time. After a while, he said, “Karen Joy. thank you for your kindness! I know you care for me and want the best for me, but for the extermination of the Leves family, I will assume full responsibility over what happened.”.

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